1851 census, Frome Somerset

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From the 1851 Census, Frome Somerset


Mathews Barton, Frome

William NAISH, 68, widower, shoe maker, b. Frome

Joseph 45, U, son, b. Frome

Mary, 27, U, dau, born Frome


Mathews Barton

William DEACON, head, 66, shoe maker, married, born Frome

Ann, 59, married, born Frome

Mary Ann 25, shoe binder

Harriet 23

Mary MILLARD, widow, visitor, 66, no birth place given


Catherine St., Frome

James DEACON, widower, 34, carpenter, born Cornwall?

Robert 11, Mary Ann 8, Eliza Jane 6, all children born Frome


Stoney St., Frome

Henry LEWIS, 27, watch jobber, born Bristol

Mary LEWIS, 28, born St. Philips, Bristol

Selina 1, born Frome

Joseph SILL, visitor, born St. Philips, Bristol


Wine St., Frome

Elizabeth HEWLETT, 10, nurse maid, born Frome

with Emanuel ASHFORD, 46, butter dealer, b. North Bredham Somerset

wife, Elizabeth ASHFORD, 42, born Sherborne Dorset

mother-in-law, Hannah JOHNSON, 77, born Sherborne Dorset


next door on Wine St.

Frederick DEACON, 29, cooper, born Frome

Mary Ann, 34, laundress, born Frome


Catherine St., Frome

Uriah DEACON, 36, butcher, employees 2 [whole family born Frome]

Emma 29, Ann 10, Alfred 9, Emma 5, Edward 3, William 1

servant, Sarah MARKS, 20


next door on Catherine St., Frome

John LEWIS, 33, general dealer, born Exeter Devon

Thirza 31, b. Devon Gt. Torrington


Catherine St., Frome

Dinah LEWIS, widow, 38, shop woman, b. Shepstone Mallett Somerset

servant, Joseph GERRAD, 15, born Frome


next door on Catherine St.

Robert DEACON, 70, carpenter, [whole family born Frome]

Mary Ann 37, wife

John, son, 38?, carpenter

Thomas 20, tailor

Sophia 10, Bettie 7, Lydia 3, Ann 10 months

Amelia DEACON, grand daughter, 6, born London [ birth reg June 45, Shoreditch 2 pg 417]


Palmer St., Frome

Benjamin HORTON, 52, cleans? cast iron, born Frome

Ann, wife, 53, born Frome


Back Lane, Frome

John DEACON, 40, laborer, [whole family born Frome]

Mary 40, John 18, Fanny 12, Caroline 9, Mary 6,


Gentle St., Frome

William WATSON, piano forte maker, 23, born Frome

Sarah A., wife, 21, born Frome

George WATSON, son, 6 months, born Shoreditch Midd


Bridge St., Frome

Samuel DEACON, 42, shoe maker, born Somerset Leighton D & D

Fanny 38, Edward 4, Samuel 2, all born Frome


next door on Bridge St.

George FORD, 35, born Wilts. Bradley

Emma 28, born Wilts. Bradley

John FORD 6, George 4, Catherine 3, Agnes 1, all born Frome

Henry SNOOK, 20, apprentice, born Wilts. Bradley

Frederick SNOOK, 18, apprentice, Wilts. Bradley


Blagdon Farm, Nunney

Jane DEACON, head, widow, 65, farmer, born Somerset, Whatley

Emily ELLIOTT, servant, 17, born Somerset, Great Elm


Nunney Catch, Nunney

Robert HEWLETT, U, 22, toll collector, b. Dorchester Dorset

4 lodgers:

Mark HILLIER, 46, servant

William WHITE, 27, musician & his wife Mary 21

Joseph PARFITT, 29, ostler


Pool House Farm, Mells

Joseph STEED, 49, farmer,

Sophia STEEDS, 46, wife

Elizabeth FORD, dau, married, 21, born Mells

John FORD, son-in-law, married, 23, born Somerset, Keliverson?


Welsh Mile Lane Gass House

Henry LEWIS, 35, gass house laborer, born Frome

Mary 33, milk seller, born Frome


[Address - forgot to note]

Charles HURCE?, 46, b. Beckington

Mary HURCE?, wife, b. Beckington

David HURCE?, 46, brother, born Frome

James HORTON, lodger, 61, widower, pauper & mason’s laborer, born Frome


Broad St., Frome

Daniel HORTON, 59, coal heaver, born Frome

Mary 42, born Witham Friary

Henry 14, Emma 11 (silk worker), Jane 9, Samuel 6, Mary 2, all born Frome


Bell Lane, Frome

James LEWIS, 31, laborer, Frome

Emma 24, Henry 9 months, both born Frome


Long Row, Frome

John WATSON, 22?, painter, born Frome

wife, Elizabeth, 32?, dress maker, born Frome


Fords Lane, Frome

John WATSON, 38, turner - wood & iron, born Frome [all children born Frome]

Jane, 34, wife, dress maker, born Somerset Hilperton?

John Gifford WATSON, 12

James illegible WATSON, 10,

Thomas Hewett? WATSON, 4

Emma MOODY, sister-in-law, 18, silk weaver, born Frome


Robins Lane, Frome

Joseph DEACON, 43, cloth worker [whole family born Wilts. North Bradley]

Ruth, wife, 49, woolen hand loom weaver,

Eliza 19, Simon 17, William 14, Emma 9


Long Row, Frome

John WATSON, 53, book binder, born Norfolk Westfield

Ann, wife, 48, laundress, born Westminster

Samuel 20, born Frome

Ann, 18, dress maker, born Frome

Alfred 15, shopman, born Frome

Edward 13, born Frome

Arthur (spelled Author), 10, born Bristol


Long Row, Frome

Isaac DAVAGE, 60, coal hauler [whole household born Frome]

Mary DAVAGE, wife, 54,

Louisa LEWIS, 22, married, needle work

William LEWIS, 19, son, unmarried, born Frome

Louse LEWIS, 9 months, grand daughter,




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