St Mark Misson Church, Sticker


Vicarage: (01726) 72679

The little Mission Church of St Mark's is uppruacnea by a steep lane that leads from the bottom of Chapel Hill at Sticker, opposite the car park which can be easily seen in the centre of the village. As you begin to ascend the lane you will see the St Mark's Church Hall on your right. The Church is surrounded by trees that hide it from view and the entrance is through the porch on the North side.

St Mark's Church or Chapel (as it is referred to in the Faculty which was granted by Bishop Edward White on 20th June 1877) has permission for the "perfomance of Divine Service and the occasional administration of Holy Communion and Baptism". It was provided for the "convenience of the people of Sticker" who were situated at a distance from the parish church at St. Mewan. There is a report of the opening ceremony in the Royal Cornwall Gazette of 27th April 1877 which describes the number of people as "being within the sound of the church going bell" as 360. The site for the church was bought from a Mr Christopher Henry Hawkins for the sum of 17.

Since those days the Church has been in regular use. Until 1956 it had a parsonage house attached to it with a stipendiary reader who was in charge of the church. During his time St Mark's had a choir and morning and evening prayer was said every Sunday.

Today however there is only one service on a Sunday and a joint Sunday School with the Methodist Church numbering some 30 children.

The people of St Mark's are very proud of their church and are determined to keep it open as a witness in the village. Today of course St Mark's is cared for by the Priest in Charge of the parish and other parish staff.

The Church is built on a cruciform shape and has windows that have only plain glass in them. It has a small organ that could either be pedalled or pumped from the rear when there is no electricity. There is a font at the rear of the church which dates to the time of the church's construction in 1877.

KEYS during the week can be obtained from Mrs. Tippett (churchwarden ) at the Forge, Fore St. (1st on left up Chapel Street) Please phone 67675 to book a visit.

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