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Estate of Joseph Hardy
The Estate of Joseph Hardy - Died 21 Jan 1847

Jonas Twichell administrator to sell real estate
Samuel B Jackson put up death notices at Thompson Mill, at Twichell Mill and at Jackson Mill and in the townhouse.
Named as heirs at law in estate; James Hardy, Margaret Baker wife of Levi Baker, Elizbell Logston wife of John Logston, Susan Haskins wife of Erastus Haskin, Joseph Hardy, and Lloyd Hardy, all over 21 years of age .

Margaret and Levi, Elizabeth and John, Susan and Erastus nonresidents of the state of Indiana gave oath to Robert L Douglas, March 6, 1849

List of Joseph's dept at the time of his death.
John Kilmen? on acct $1.57
Willis Haskins on acct $2.26
Walter Luce on acct $4.52
J. Nichols and Co. on acct $6.94
Fred Bowers on acct $2.50
Laurel ? H. Weyle on acct $32.00
James W Gaylord on acct$2.62
Amos ? on acct $ 6.65
L. P. ? on two notes $18.35
S. Flandus? on note $5.10
Dr M Marsh on noted acct $48.00
on all other debts probely $200.00

Joseph's estate contained many lots in Winchester, one horse, one small wagon, a bureau, cupboard and dishes, a stand and table, nine chairs, a clock, looking glass, fine togs, carpenters tools, 2 beds and 3 bedsteads, chest, wheel and flax, flour, bags, and box, kitchen furniture and lard, 2 cows and bull, 20 sheep, 27 lb. Of scrap teeth , shovel, 2 hoes, drag, bell and rings, gindstone , guinea hens and turkeys, 6 hogs and pork, wheat and winter wheat.

Appraisers: A.M. Cleaveland and Sam B. Jackson; Henry Spangle and Jacob Winch

Jonas Twichell and Robert L Douglas bound to $800.00

It appears only through the sale of land of Joseph Sr DEC. to James was the admin able to pay all the debts of Joseph Sr left after his death.

Nancy receive her 1/3 dower which ended up being 16 lots in Winchester and $150.00 in cash.


James Hardy to Madison Marsh of Jackson $25. 75 Nov 10 1848
James Hardy to SH Wright $32. March 26, 1847
Madison Marsh to Joseph Hardy Sr. $18.50 with interest Dec. 3, 1845 - Borrowed
Jonas Twichell to Henry Spangle one-day pay 7 Feb 1850
Jonas Twichell to Jacob Winch apprising 7 Feb 1850
James Hardy to J. Nichols of S. co $6.00 13 April 1847
James Hardy to Willis Haskins $2.00 due Nov 18
Joseph Hardy DEC estate to James Hardy $1.87 funeral expenses - no date
James Hardy to Walter Luce $4.50 due 17 Feb 1848
Joseph Hardy Estate Orpheus Thomson DR $25.00 Framing Barn on 4 July 1844
Orphens Thomson signed account over to James Hardy 23 March 1849
James Hardy to Joseph DEC estate. Account $10.00
James Hardy to Mivoth? Huntley use of ????? 20 June 1849
Joseph Hardy Jr. $243.50 May 1849
Joseph Hardy Estate to Nancy Hardy Widow $150.
James Hardy to James W Gaylord (due -$ 2.62 15 April 1848
James Hardy to AJ Fred Bowers (due- $2.50 11 Sep 1847
Joseph Hardy estate to Samuel Alcott for coffin $3.00 22 Jan 1847
James Hardy to Amos Letcher? $6.65 19 March 1847
Joseph Hardy Sr. Estate to Joseph Hardy Jr $243.50 for work done Feb 1845 to Jun 1847
James Hardy to John Kilmel due $1.50 22 Jan 1848
James Hardy to S.P. Gambia due $18.35 9 April 1847
Joseph Hardy Jr. to Flander $4.70 15 Dec. 1846