Ancestry of Toni Mann - pafg13 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Toni Mettier Mann

13. Generation

5126. Ananias Todd married Bridget Thompson on 12 Oct 1581.

5127. Bridget Thompson.


5444. Henry Hulins was born about 1540. He died about 1608/1609 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England. Henry married Joane.

5445. Joane died 1613 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England.


5472. John Hiscockes was born 1 Jul 1586 in All Cannings, Wiltshire, England. He died 1629. John married Mary Franklin about 7 Feb 1613/1614 in Marlboro, Wiltshire, England. [Parents]

5473. Mary Franklin.


5484. Thomas Graves was born 1585 in Radcliffe, England. He died Nov 1662 in Hatfield, MA. Thomas married Sarah in England.

5485. Sarah was born in England. She died 17 Dec 1666 in Hatfield, MA.


5486. Samuel Smith Lt. was born 1602 in Hadleigh, Suffolkshire, England. He died Dec 1680 in Hadley, MA. Samuel married Elizabeth Chileab on 6 Oct 1623 in Whatfield, Sussex, England.

5487. Elizabeth Chileab was born 1602 in Hadleigh, Suffolkshire, England. She died 16 Mar 1686 in Hadley, MA.


5504. Living


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