Arthur WHEELER & Annie Bell PATRICK

Husband: Arthur WHEELER
   Born: 21 JAN 1873 in Pearl, Pike Co. , IL
Married: 25 NOV 1894 in Pike Co., IL
Died: 20 SEP 1959 in Louisiana, Pike Co., MO
Father: William J. WHEELER
Mother: Mary Ann DRAPER
   Wife: Annie Bell PATRICK
   Born: 25 APR 1875 in Bee Creek, Pike Co., IL
Died: 07 JUL 1958 in Louisiana, Pike Co., MO
01  (M): Otis Virgil WHEELER
Born: 17 AUG 1895 in Columbia, MO
Died: 27 JUN 1967 in Columbia, Boone Co., MO
Spouses: Pearl Francis HOWELL
02  (F): Ruth Elizabeth WHEELER
Born: 10 APR 1897 in Pearl, Pike Co. , IL
Died: 17 FEB 1981 in Louisiana, Pike Co., MO
Spouses: Norman NICHOLS; Walter JENSEN
03  (?): Infant WHEELER
Born: 07 FEB 1899
Died: 14 FEB 1899
04  (F): Hazel Julia WHEELER
Born: 23 DEC 1900 in Bellview, Calhoun Co., IL
Spouses: Frederick BLAUTH
05  (F): Mary Lucille WHEELER
Born: 06 JUN 1903 in Pearl, Pike Co. , IL
Died: APR 1975 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO
Spouses: Orville H. JACKSON
06  (M): James William WHEELER
Born: 03 JUL 1907 in Lincoln, MO
Died: 02 NOV 1987 in Eolia, Pike Co., MO
Spouses: Grace Virginia LEWIS

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