Charles Alvin WHEELER & Melinda Elizabeth MOORE

Husband: Charles Alvin WHEELER
   Born: 18 NOV 1861 in Mason Co., KY
Married: 05 SEP 1884
Died: 02 JUL 1937 in Dover, Mason Co., KY
Father: George Washington WHEELER
Mother: Sarah Ann STROTHERS
   Wife: Melinda Elizabeth MOORE
   Born: 10 APR 1862 in Robertson Co., KY
Died: 16 AUG 1940 in Mason Co., KY
01  (F): Sarah Nancy WHEELER
Died: 22 JAN 1965 in Maysville, Mason Co KY
Spouses: James COOPER
02  (M): Millard Alvin WHEELER
Born: 31 JUL 1885
Died: 03 AUG 1928 in Mason Co KY
Spouses: Mary Abigail COLEMAN
03  (F): Mary Elizabeth WHEELER
Born: 23 APR 1890
Died: 01 JAN 1972 in Maysville, Mason Co KY
Spouses: Lee MORGAN
04  (M): Forrest Webster WHEELER
Born: 11 AUG 1895 in Mason Co KY
Spouses: Vivian May WHALEN
05  (F): Minnie May WHEELER
Born: 21 MAY 1898
Died: 04 SEP 1985 in Maysville, Mason Co KY
Spouses: Lige HARTLEY
06  (F): Jessie Thomas WHEELER
Born: 17 JAN 1902
Spouses: Orville DOYLE
07  (F): Matilda Alice WHEELER
Born: 16 FEB 1904
Died: 1960 in Sardis, Mason Co KY
Spouses: Lacey DOYLE

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