James Charles REESE & Mary Polly DESHA

Husband: James Charles REESE
   Born: 1756
Married: 18 SEP 1789 in Sumner CO TN
Died: 12 JUN 1830 in age74, Lincoln CO TN
   Wife: Mary Polly DESHA
   Born: about 1770 in Lower Wyoming Valley, Columbia CO PA
Died: 24 APR 1838 in Lincoln CO TN
Father: Robert DESHA
Mother: Eleanor Holmes WHEELER

Additional Information

James Charles REESE:

Researcher: Connie Ausec

JAMES REESE and CHARLES REESE were brothers and shared the same migration pattern moving from Sumner CO TN to Maury CO TN and finally Lincoln CO TN. Connie found this info in "Olde Mecklenburg Gen. Soc. Qtr., Vol 15, #2, 1997. The book "Fighting Charles Reese" by Parker C. Sams, pub 1996...well researched and documented. Charles is also referred to in the Will of ROBERT DESHA, his father-in-law. Previous research had shown MARY DESHA m JAMES REESE.

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