Husband: Joseph WHEELER
   Born: before 04 SEP 1726 in Kingston , Esopus,  Ulster Co., NY (1)
Married: 04 SEP 1748 in Smithfield, Bucks Co., PA
Died: NOV 1790 in Northumberland Co., PA
   Wife: Maria HOLMES (2)
   Born: 1733 in Smithfield, Bucks Co., PA
Died: after JUN 1797 in nr Blue Licks, Mason Co., KY
01  (F): Eleanor Holmes WHEELER
Born: about 1749 in Bloomsbury, Northumberland Co., PA (3)
Died: after 06 MAY 1816 in Sumner Co., TN (4)
Spouses: Robert DESHA
02  (F): Elizabeth WHEELER (5)
Born: before 29 SEP 1751 in Bucks Co., PA
Spouses: John DRAKE; Daniel GOODAN,Sr.
03  (M): John B. WHEELER (6)
Born: before 05 MAY 1754 in Smithfield, PA (7)
Died: APR 1823 in Mayslick, Mason Co., KY (8)
Spouses: Mary Revel Or \Margaret RAMEY
04  (M): Samuel WHEELER (9 10)
Born: 13 JAN 1756/57 in Smithfield, Northampton Co., PA
Died: 18 JUN 1818 in Nathan's Ferry, Clermont Co., OH
Spouses: Hannah Elizabeth DRAKE
05  (M): Benjamin Joseph WHEELER (11)
Born: before APR 1760 in Northampton CO PA
Died: 13 SEP 1779 in Rev. War (12)
06  (F): Ann WHEELER (13)
Born: 12 NOV 1762 in Columbia CO PA
Died: 1832
Spouses: Joseph SALMON
07  (F): Mary W. WHEELER
Born: 02 APR 1765 in Easton, N'ampton Co PA (14)
Spouses: Jeremiah OAKLEY
08  (F): Phoebe WHEELER
Born: about 1766 in PA
Died: 1825 in Christian Co., KY
Spouses: Benjamin PATTON; Thomas DWYER
09  (M): Levi WHEELER (15)
Born: about 1780 in Northumberland Co ? PA
Spouses: Mary FOSTER

Additional Information


Information from Dorothy Shannon through Evelyn Smith:
"Young Joseph and Maria Holmes Wheeler purchased rights to land from the Indians as members of the Susquehanna Company. Joseph is listed in the Susquehanna Papers, Vol 1, as going with the "Connecticut People" to Wyoming. This appears to be about 1762. In Vol X of the Susquehanna Papers, Joseph was found at "Shawnee Flats about 6 miles from Wilksbarre, a settlement there under Pennsylvania early in the Spring of 1769. Joseph Wheeler, 2 of the Van Campens, Joseph Sheer(?), Bob McFree(?) and one or two more had houses and ploughed and planted. Witness helped to survey twice, one Lot called #20 and another #21. Obviously, Joseph had switched sides in the interim, is no longer with the Yankees, but with the Pennamites. Many references in the Susquehanna Papers support this."

In Will of Joseph Wheeler, date 2 Nov 1782, Fort Wheeler is mentioned, which was located on his land. A complete account of Fort Wheeler may be found in "Frontier Forts of PA". Vol. I, though refers to him as Mr. Isaiah Wheeler of New Jersey, this is in error. Joseph Wheeler served as a Lieutenant in Braddock's Army and a private in the Invalid Regiment during the Revolution. He is buried near the Fort which was built on his farm in 1778 - Source: James Pyles (See below)

Joseph Wheeler Will - Page 72 Will Book #1, Northumberland CO PA

In the name of God Amen, I Joseph Wheeler of the County of Northumberland being weake in body but sound in memory blessed be God to this day November second in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty two, make and publish this my Last Will and Testament. In manner following--that is to say, after all my lawful debts be equally levied. First, I give my son JOHN WHEELER all that message of land laying on the west side of Fishing Creek only reserving that pease of timberland laying between clearing and the creek for use of all the Plantation until the timber is off and then the land to remain the property of my son JOHN WHEELER. Next my wife MARY WHEELER I bequeath all my land on the east side of the creek with the moveables to remain her property during her widowhood for the soport of herself and the three younger children and at her decease it belonging to the two younger sons SAMUEL WHEELER and LEVY WHEELER to be equally divided only observing that LEVY is to have ye old homested with the buildings and if my son SAMUEL WHEELER should marry and chose a labour for himself my wife may allow him the lower part by the old fort with the buildings all laying in Wioming Township on Fishing Creek and if either of my sons should die without an heir his part of the land shall belong to the other two and after the estate being clear of debt my sons to give my daughter ELLEN one cow and likewise one cow to my daughter ELIZABETH and to my daughter ANN, I bequeath twenty pounds, likewise to my daughter MARY W. forty pounds and my youngest daughter FEEBY WHEELER

forty pounds and if an;any of my daughters should die before their legese be paid their part is to be divided with the other children. And if any of my heirs disagree and will not perform according to my will and testimony they shall forfeit their part of the estate. And I make my loving friends ANDREW CAMEL and GEORGE OMAN overseers of this my Will to take care and see this same performed to my true intent and meaning. In witness whereof I the said JOSEPH WHEELER have to this my last will and testimony, set my hand and seal the day and yeare above written.

WILL Recorded 22 Nov 1790

Death date by Mary Ellingson is Feb 1787 in Wyoming Twp., Northumberland Co PA

Resources: Marilyn Forgey - by email = [email protected]; Beverly Martin; James Pyles; Pat Shoemaker; Dorothy Shannon;


Mary Ellingson has Maria born in Minisink, Orange Co NY in 1733.


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