John B. WHEELER & Mary Revel Or \Margaret RAMEY

Husband: John B. WHEELER (1)
   Born: before 05 MAY 1754 in Smithfield, PA (2)
Married: 08 NOV 1777 in Swedes' Church, Philadelphia, PA (13)
Died: APR 1823 in Mayslick, Mason Co., KY (3)
Father: Joseph WHEELER
Mother: Maria HOLMES
   Wife: Mary Revel Or \Margaret RAMEY
   Born: about 1760
Died: before 1823
01  (F): Rebecca Ann WHEELER
Born: 17 MAR 1778/79 in PA
Died: 19 AUG 1867 in Mason Co., KY
Spouses: William Thos. MORGAN
02  (M): Benjamin W. WHEELER (4 5)
Born: 04 JUN 1782 in Northumberland Co., PA (6 7)
Died: 26 JUL 1840 in Pearl Twp., Pike Co., IL (8 9)
Spouses: Mary MCCARTER
03  (M): Lawrence Reuben WHEELER
Born: 1783 in Sunbury, Northumberland Co. PA
Died: 05 NOV 1832 in Sardis, Mason Co., KY (10)
Spouses: Isabelle DAWSON
04  (F): Ann WHEELER
Born: 1785 (11)
Spouses: William MORGAN
05  (M): Joseph WHEELER
Born: 01 OCT 1785 in Montgomery Co., PA
Died: 1829
Spouses: Rebecca ?
06  (M): Levi WHEELER
Born: 14 FEB 1786/87 in Northumberland Co., PA (12)
Died: 12 FEB 1863 in Mason Co., KY
Spouses: Rachel DAWSON
07  (M): John WHEELER
Born: 1788 in Northumberland Co., PA
Died: 03 NOV 1845 in Mason Co., KY
Spouses: Polly CRACRAFT
08  (F): Mary WHEELER
Born: 1791
Spouses: William MCCARTY

Additional Information


PA Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 3, pps. 909,935,938,939:
24 Apr 1785 -Capt. 2nd Co., Northumberland Co., Militia, John Wheeler
4 Aug 1784 -John Wheeler in Muster roll of Northumberland County to suppress the riot of Wioming.
19 Oct 1790 - Capt. John Wheeler is moved off and the present officers is myself (Daniel Goodman) and Garret VanCamp, Ens. our commissions expire December next, if you in your iwsdom should think me worthy of the commissin of in the room and sted of Capt. Wheeler I should be much oblidged to you for your interest. Daniel Goodman. Note: This Daniel Goodman and Daniel Goodan who married Elizabeth Wheeler are probably the same person.

PA Archives, 5th Series, Vol 3, page 131:

John Wheler, private Sept 8, 1778 Capt Doyle's 6th PA REgiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harman.
Vol. 8, page 691:
John Wheeler attested 24 June 1784.

PA Archives 3rd Series, Volume 19, page 525, County of Northumberland, Wymong Township, John Wheeler 150 acres.
pages 559-560: 1783 & 1784 John Wheeler, Wymoing township.
page 615: John Wheeler 1785, 50 acres
page 686: John Wheeler 1786, 50 acres
page 755: John Wheeler 1787, no land listed.

In the hands of Mrs. Alice Ellis, great-grandaughter of John Wheeler, preserved in a deerskin pouch, were two appointments of John Wheeler to Capt. of 2nd and 8th Company of foot second Battalion, County of Northumberland signed by James Irvine and Thomas Misslin. The latter signed the Constitution of the U. S. representing PA.
Info from James Pyles.

Contraversy over the wife of JOHN B. WHEELER....some researchers believe her to be MARY REVEL. Neither one has been fully documented and this is still an on-going research project as of Mar 1998.

JAMES PYLES thinks the wife is MARGARET RAMEY....others such as BEVERLY MARTIN and PAT SHOEMAKER tend to go for MARY REVEL?

From information via Dorothy Shannon from Evelyn Smith:
"James Pyles of Maysville,KY subscribes to the idea of MARGARET RAMEY being the wife of John Wheeler. According to the Susquehanna Papers this is supported in that a LAWRENCE RAMEY was a peer of Joseph Wheeler in Wyoming Valley. They are both with the Pennamites. John named his second son Lawrence....only circumstantial, but a good clue". Lawrence Ramey is the father of Margaret Ramey.

From James Pyles to Mary Ann Kaylor, Sept. 2000 -
"I am satisfied enought hat I am in the process of getting a stone marker put on the lot of his son, John, Jr. where there is still room and state at the bottom "buried on their farm on Blue Licks Pike". Something like this: WHEELER

Wife Husband
Margaret Ramey 1745 - 1821 Captain John Wheeler, Sr. Rev. War
dau of Lawrence and bps May 5, 1754 - Apr, 1823
Veronica (Rudy) Ramey son of Joseph and Mary (Holmes) Wheeler

I have given up hope of ever finding the marriage date."
James Pyles, Locust Bend Farm, 6230 US68 South, Maysville, KY 41056-8648

Some researchers believe that John is buried in Sardis, Mason CO KY, while James Pyles says he was buried on the old Wheeler Farm Cemetery.

Mason Co., KY Deed Book K 1807-1809 Abstracts:
#251 - 1 Jan 1810 James HUGHES and Mary his wife of Mason Co. and John
WHEELER of Mason Co.
Tr: Sale of 115 acres Mason Co. land for $388 and one third.
Desc: Part of a tract of 500 acres entered by Francis McConnel, located on a Buffalo path, by the lands of Desha, Wiggins and West.
Clerk: Marshall, KY

Mason Co., KY Order Book G, page 300 - 29 Oct 1799
John WHEELER appointed overseer of road leading from the mouth of Wiggins Branch of Shannon to David Ballingale Mill.

Mason Co., KY Order Book E, page 38 - June 1803
Joseph WHEELER appointed overseer same as above except the hands (person living on the road) were named to wit: Joseph DESHA, Garrard VANCAMP, Archebald WIGGINS (long), Archebald WIGGINS (short), and Daniel WIGGINS.

Mason Co., KY Deeds Book P, page 216 - 15 Nov 1815
John WHEELER from Joseph DESHA and wife (same 115 acres as 22 Jan 1810 entry).

Mason Co., KY Deeds Book N, page 243 - 15 Mar 1814
John WHEELER, Sr. bought a negro to belong to John WHEELER, Jr. after BOTH John Wheeler, Sr. and wife are dead.

Will Book F, pps 31-32, dated 12 Mar 1823, Probated April 1823, John WHEELER


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