Tedrow Family Descendants


A Direct Descendant of John Tedrow
    1 John Tedrow		
    	b: Abt. 1785/90 in PA/OH??		
    	d: Abt. 1812 in Ft. Sackville, near Vincennes, IN
    +Mary Magdalena Ely		
    	b: 11 April 1794 in Berks  Co.,  PA	
    	m: 1811
    	d: 30 September 1884 in Vermillion Co., IN
    2  John Eli Tedrow		
    	b: 1811 in PA or OH?		
    	d: Aft. 1860
    +Mary Paton/ Patton		
    	b: Abt. 1818	
    	m: 22 December 1836 in Vermillion Co., IN
    	d: Abt. 1847 in Vermillion Co., IN?
    3   Elijah Jonas Tedrow			
    	b: 29 March 1841 in Vermillion Co., IN		
    	d: 28 January 1871 in Vermillion Co.,  IL
    *2nd Wife of [1] Elijah Jonas Tedrow:					
    +Mariah M. Foster			
    	b: 12 April 1845 in Grant Co., KY
    	m: 21 April 1868 in Niantic, Macon Co., IL	
    	d: 1894 in Macon Co., IL
    4 John Allen Tedrow		
    	b: 14 January 1870 in Niantic, Macon Co., IL		
    	d: 02 October 1922 in Polk Co., IA
    +Sarah Jane Phelan			
    	b: 29 January 1874 in Grey Co., Ontario	
    	m: 06 April 1896 in Creston, Union Co., IA
    	d: November 1897 in Albia,  Monroe Co., IA
    5  	Theresa Margaret Tedrow			
    	b: 07 August 1897 in Creston, Union Co., IA		
    	d: 21 December 1988 in Decatur, Macon Co., IL
    +Coyne William Kaylor
    	m:  18 March 1917, Illiopolis, Sangamon Co., IL

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