Queries from other people reserching the name Meagher/Maher/Mahar

There is a prominent Maher family in Mandan and Bismarck. Do you have
them on your tree?

Tom Fitzsimmons, Bismarck, North Dakota.

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Thanks for the interesting reading! I have a book called 'Records of
the Four Tipperary Septs' which has about 25 pages on O'Meaghers - originally
published in 1938- reprinted 1995. Also have some Tipp Star articles but
these may be extracted from the Hayes book.Was in touch with J Richardson in
Ca & mentiones your area to him (though he may know already). Will write
again if anything interesting to say. I have a relative who has our Family
tree back to 17?? all on the same farm (my g'father was born there) in north

John Meagher, Preston, UK

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Excellent job, we enjoyed seeing Maher on www. We have just found(1 year ago)
our roots near Roscre in the north of Tipperary. The home place is still
standing, although last lived in during the 1950's. It has passed to the
Fitzpatrick family who are decendents of my GG grandfathers wife. Our Mahers
are from Ballaghmore, which is actually in county Laois, and the townland of
Barnabee. This place is a few miles from Roscre. He, William J. Maher, came to
New York around 1888. He married Margaret Cosgrove around 1892. She was from
Shinrone, county Offaly, the townland of Corolanty. Shinrone is a few miles
from Roscre also. We found the Cosgroves a year or so ago and have visited
them on three occasions. They hooked us up with cousins here in the States.

My wife and I went to Clonakenny last summer and visited what I think was the
Maher tower house. Only one wall is standing and what looks like a plantation
house is in ruin at the base of it. Next trip we will do a more detailed study.

I would recommend you get a copy of "Records of the Four Tipperary Septs"
which has just been reprinted 8/95. It has much info on the Mahers. JAG
publishing. Martin Callanan, 1938. Kennys book shop in Galway is on the www
and has it in stock. Costs about $20.00. Thats all for now. I am new to the
web and hope this gets to you.

Keep up the good work.

Bill (William J.) Maher

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Although I'm not doing any family research, feel free to add me to your page

John Maher

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My relatives are James Maher married to Catherine Curtis who was mother
to ten- first born Mary Catherine Maher born in Barrowhouse, Athy County
Kildare. My grandmother Mary Maher was born 1867, married Matthew
McGowan of Rothesay, Isle of Butte, Scotland.

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My ggrandmaa' maiden name was "meager" - or that is what was written
down. She is said to come from Cronwall (perhaps elsewhere in England),
and she was born in 1874.

Could it be that her maiden name was Meagher? Is this a common

thank you,


Gil Payson -

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or [email protected]

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Hi, I'm Phil Maher in Tarrytown NY.
Your Maher/Meagher page is pretty cool.
I sort of wish I knew about it last year for a Social Studies Genealogy Project.

My ancestors Daniel and Philip Maher came over here in 1846 because of
the potato famine, and after Philip fought in the civil war, his family settled
in the Midwest, and there are a few Mahers in Chicago now.
Keep up the good work, its pretty interesting.



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Just wanted to let you know how surprised I was to find others in the
Maher clan with similar curiosity about our common roots. And, maybe not
so surprising, it would appear the Mahers, as it is with all Irish, may
well be descended from kings!

For some Maher trivia, I have possession of a O'Meagher family crest
taken from a turn-of-the-century wall hanging with the motto "In
periculis audax" which means, if my Latin serves, "In danger we excel."

My own interest in genealogy is personal, for I bear the name of my
grandda, who was born on the Emerald Isle and saw active service in the
Black and Tan War as a teen before emigrating (against his will, of
course) to South Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1920s. As my own family
is mighty slim on details, I seek any tidbits anyone may know of the
original Caleb Peter Maher of County Cork, circa 1920.

Until next time, stay well.

Caleb Peter Maher

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believe you may be researching the name of Maher.

I am also researching that name and if below details correspond with yours,
would you like to swap information.

John Maher born 1814 Ireland married Margret ??
John died Clonmel Tipperary 1892.

They had children of John, Francis and Mary.
John married Margret Daly, Mary married Thomas Morris. Both of Clonmel.
John Maher and Margret (daly) had children of
Thomas Francis born 1885
John born 1883
Patrick Joseph born 1887
Margret born 1888

It is beleived that Margret went to America. Thomas Francis went to New
Zealand. That is who I am descended from.

Ron Maher

Jack, have Meagher's Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir areas. Early to late
1800's. Will do a PAF Gedcom and get back to you. Jim CA
James R. Barbour

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I am related by marriage to Maher's in Iowa. My grandfathers two sister
married Maher's possibly in the 1860s. I do have some additional
information if you could use it.


Theresa K. D.

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My neighbor, Bob Ryan, is researching family name Maher. We are working on
family trees. He is out to dinner right now but I have printed out your family
list and am leaving it on his porch. Ironic, we live in Bayonne, NJ. His
mother's name was Dawson and I forgot where the Maher name comes in but will be
back to you with his info soon.

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Dear Jack,

Just discovered your site - very cool. Tried to access "45 generations of
Oiliol Olum" but received an error. Am interested in investigating Meaghers
of the West Coast and Canada. Don't have a 'gedcom' file. Thanks - Shelley

Shelley Meagher

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Hello, Jack

I was amused to get your note, since I spoke to my mother on Saturday and she
told me that she believes that the relationship of our family to that of the
General was largely a figment of my great-aunt's imagination, so I don't
really care HOW you spell it!

All she knows about the family roots is that John Ford Meagher (son of
Jerimiah, b. 1836, and Catherine) immigrated from County Kerry at age 14
after his parents died and settled in LaSalle County, IL. before moving to
Mankato MN. She thinks he had a cousin in South Dakota who spelled his name
Maher or Mahar, and she recalls hearing about an argument between John F. and
the cousin that transpired in the hardware store. They were discussing the
pronunciation of the family name (we pronounced it Mayer), and the cousin was
livid, shaking his fist and shouting "It was Maher in the old country and
it'll be...." at which point he fell through an open trapdoor into the
cellar and broke his leg. My mother still pronounces it Mayer, though my
brother (who lives in Toronto) pronounces it Maher -- and I've opted for

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Just thought I'd add My Great-Grandfather Thomas Francis Meagher was
named for his Uncle The Thomas Francis Meagher mentioned in your page.

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I am just starting to learn to browse the genealogy web sites. Came
across your web site and felt the luck of the Irish with me. My Grandmothers
paternal grandfather was a Meagher as was my Grandmother. I really don't know
what I'm doing but I thought maybe you could be a start. Paternal
Grandfather's name was John Meagher born in Ireland married Maria Davitt also
Ireland. They had 2 sons Edward and John.

Please respond if you've heard of these lads
Thanks ,


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Hey Jack,

Thanks for responding. I'm sorry to say that I don't much more info on
John Meagher or Maria Davitt. I have no counties yet. There son Edward
(grandmother's father) was born in Sprinfield, Mass. If you come across
anything I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks Joanne

Dear Jack:

My husband, Robert William Meagher, b. 11-16-1922 in Deerpark, WA, is
descended from JAMES MEAGHER b. abt 1814, who died in Montreal, Canada
9-8-1905. James Meagher married CATHERINE QUINN, b. abt 1825 in New
Brunswick, Canada, who died in Montreal on 11-16-1910. Their son, JAMES
FRANCIS MEAGHER (my husband's grandfather), born 8-17-1853 in Quebec, Canada,
and died in Seattle, WA on 6-27-1934, married MARY MAHER, born 12-25-1853 in
Washington Co., NY (and died in Seattle, WA on 5-14-1939) to TIMOTHY MAHER,
b. abt 1830 in Tipperary, Ireland and MARGARET KENNEDY, b. abt 1831 in
Tipperary, Ireland. They both are buried in Belle Creek, MN. (Margaret's
parents were JAMES KENNEDY and MARY KARNEY.) Timothy and Margaret immigrated
to the US shortly before Mary's birth. (Margaret's sister, MARY KENNEDY
BECKETT and two brothers, DAN AND JAMES KENNEDY, who married HOURIGAN
sisters, went to Australia.) We believe that Timothy's father was TIM MAHER
and his mother MARY CASEY and that he had a brother, PATRICK MAHER. Mary and
Patrick are also buried in Belle Creek, MN.

So you can see my husband has Meaghers and Mahers both in his ancestry. If
the above outline information fits with anything you have on file, would you
please let me know. I use the Family Tree Maker Program, Version 3.0, from
Broderbund to track our families so if you need the above in a different
manner, please advise. I am not too computer literate, but have a son that
is, so he would help.

Marjorie Meagher

[email protected]

(San Jose, CA)


This is so neat that you have gotten this Meagher information together. On a recent
trip to Ireland a friend brought us back mugs with the Meagher coat of arms. Our family
has butchered the name so much that we pronounce it "Mayor." My dad would be
interested in any info you have. Thanks

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Dear Mr. Wilson,

I came across your address on the internet and thought I would drop a line
to see if I could meet up with any other family members out there. Please
advise me on the best way to get my queries out. Have you come across many
Maher researchers in this area of NY? Though I am no longer on AOL, I do
occasionally use the free-bee disks that I get and put an add on the
bulletin board. It has not turned up much. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Below is listed the information I have on my family that came from county Queens
(Leix) in the mid-19th century to Oswego, New York. No family stories
survived about Ireland, but there are several branches of the family who
have not been located yet. Please feel free to hand out my e-mail and
mailing address. J. Daniel Mahar, 41 Haight St., SF, CA 94102; e-mail:

[email protected].

My ancestor Thomas Mahar (04 Oct 1834 - 21 Oct 1904) is said to have been
born in county Leix and came to the US in the mid-19th century. He appears
in Oswego, New York in 1855. He married twice, first to Helen/Ellen
(sometimes Anna) McCarthy who died between 1870 and 1875. He married
secondly Catherine "Kitty" Dunn (1845-1905), daughter of Cornelius Dunn of
Oswego. Thomas' children are as follows:

James (1860-1937) married Elizabeth Doyle and lived in Syracuse, NY
Helen "Ellen" born 1862, alive in 1870 - fate unknown
Rosa (1863-1904) married Thomas Lee and lived in Oswego, NY
John (born 1864) fate unknown
Mary Frances "Molly" (1867-1951) never married, lived in Oswego, NY
Thomas Francis (1869-1954) married Anna, corp executive, lived in White
Plains, NY
Peter born c 1872, fate unknown
Francis S. (1874-1930) married Mary "May" Fleischman, lived in Oswego, NY
Catherine "Kitty" (1878-1930) never married, lived in Oswego, NY
by his second wife Kitty Dunne
Frederick D. born 1881, fate unknown
Joseph L. born 1884, fate unknown

The Boston Pilot printed a notice from Anne Maher who was looking for her
son Thomas Maher who came to NY in 1849 aboard the "Star". Anne Maher was
from Clunculy, Upperwood Parish, County Queens. She came to the US and
settled in Voluntown, Windham Co, CT with her other children: Edmund, Mary,
Bridgit, Partick and Ann. Could she be Thomas of Oswego's mother?

Any info on Mahers in Oswego area would be of interest.

Daniel Mahar

[email protected]

Hi! Just wanted to give a big thank you for all the information! My 1st
day assignment in my English class is to learn about the history of my
last name and report it tomorrow. All that I really knew is that we were
somehow descended from the Irish "Meagher." This should make my homework
easy! Thanks again!

Kaitrin Mahar

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I am also researching the Maher genealogy in the US Mid West and Ireland.
My great-grandfather was James Thomas Maher: born April, 1852;
died on October 26, 1909; and is buried at Flint Hill, MO. According to
family information, his father came to the Mid West from Tipperary,
Ireland. Possible brothers and sisters include: Brigid, Katie Brown
(half sister), John and William. They may have been born in Ireland or
the U.S. First reports suggest James arrived in the U.S. at age two.

Let me know if you can help or need further information.

Doug Maher ([email protected])

Hi Jack, Trust all is well with you.

I found your recent updates very interesting. Note that there will be an
"Irish Brigade" monument at Gettysburg with the likeness of T. F. Meagher

I have discovered an "Irish Internet Hub" site with Irish Celtic & American
Celtic Resources. It contains a number of genealogical links to pages such as
yours. I had an e-mail from a Maher via the page so don't be surprised if you
are asked to link.

My son has been assembling our Maher info for submission. He is a young
attorney & kept very busy with the firm so it will take some time. He is a
trustee of the NJ Genealogical Society and misses the time he was able to
spend on his research before the work situation. He is also working on our
Cree side. Cree has a page based in the UK and are members of a "Single Name
Research Society" or some such named association. He has also been to Poland
and is organizing a Cemetery restoration project in my wife's family village.

I have communicated with a two of the people on your page and may have some

Keep up the great work. If you need any help I would be happy to give it a

Bill Maher

[email protected]

I located your web site and found it very interesting. I note that you have
part of my name on there - but not all. My full name is Ann Lamb.

May I make a suggestion? If at all possible, it would be nice if you could
find a way to post some of the names/dates/places of the Mahers of some of
the researchers on that list, rather than just a link to their e-mail
address. That way one could find out in advance if any are relevant. I could
e-mail you a list of about 45 people named Maher, their dates and places and
the people they married, if that is possible. It might help somebody. Or
they might help me.

Here's my first one:

Anne Maher b. 1 Feb 1822 in Doon, Co. Limerick (right on the Tipperary
border), daughter of Edward and Mary. She married George Rowles before
August 185O when they arrived in NY. Died in Goodhue Co., MN.


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Dear Jack

I wish to request any information at all which you may have on the following
individuals, my great-grandparents: Mathew (also spelled Matthew) Maher
(sometimes with middle initial J) who was born in King's County, Ireland
(now Offaly County) and died at age 65 on January 12, 1866 at his residence
on Bacchus Street near Clio in New Orleans. His wife was Cecilia Hogan Maher
who was born in Killtullagh Parish, County Roscommon, Ireland and died
November 10, 1888 at her residence at 40 Annunciation Street near Calliope
Street in New Orleans. Matthew Maher is referred to as a doctor in the birth
certificate of my grandfather, John Joseph Maher, born at the residence on
Bacchus Street May 28, 1861.

I shall be most grateful for any assistance in locating the emigration
record or relatives of my great-grandparents.

Sincerely yours,

Katherine M. Littell
20124 Forest Vista Drive
Twain Harte, California 95383

Looking for info on John Francis Maher,born c. 1880 - 1900 in NY or NJ. Also
interested in son, John Francis Maher, Jr., born 1916 in NY or NJ. Mother's
name Nellie Dalton


[email protected]

Hi, I am fascinated with your theory that my Maher's may have come from
Ireland. I guess it may have been generations back before my grandparents
so you may be right. I just found out my grandfather was Hungarian and my
uncle was German although both were born in Yugoslavia. Thanks for the tip!

[email protected]

Thank you for giving me the address of the Maher site. My family came from
Yugoslavia and most Maher's I know of came from Ireland I think. However,
I'll try your site and appreciate the tip.

[email protected]

am researching the Maher family from Ireland. Can you help me?

Rene Maher (tEXAS, usa)

Thanks for the info, Jack. I will look at the Maher homepage. You are
nice to remember. I have been off-line for a while, am back now.

Rene Maher

[email protected]


I would like to know if you came across a Patrick or James (brothers) Maher that
settled in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. They where from tipperary,
Patrick born in 1814, and james born in 1815. I'm trying to find their parents, or other

James Maher

[email protected]

Jack- Lawrie Maher from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.
Have traced Australian / Irish line to James Maher (Meagher) m Mary
Comerford, 26-2-1824- Moyne Tipperary. Son Philip migrated to Australia
aboard "Neptune " from Falmouth ?? 1852 with all family except Pierce
Maher (28-1-1884).

Any Connmections? Latter Philip was married to Catherine Mullaney m.
26-2-24 but came to Australia as a widower.
Does this cross your "line? I have the "Australian version well under

Lawrie Maher

[email protected]

I just found a rare book on the Mullallys and in it I found a couple of Mahers.

I am trying to recall you connection with the Maher name. I
sent the Kelly 1919 letter to you. Do you have contact with some
Maher researchers?

I have a 2400modem and I have yet to go surfing the net. I will
give you the information I found about Maher, could you forward it?

Here goes:

5)John Mullally (b.1827-1900)
married: Bridget Hannon

6)daughter: Bridget (Mullally) Maher (b.1868)
married: Mr. Maher

daughter: Mrs. Bergan
married: Mr. Bergan

son: Patrick

6)daughter: Anne (Mullally) Maher (b.1870-1874?)
married: Mr. Maher

son: Gerald Maher of Clonakenny
married and has children

son: John Maher (Brother Malachy) of Mount St. Joseph near Roscrea

[Note: the daughter are the fifth generation of the "Descent of the Rathnavague Branch" of
Mullallys from the book "History of the O'Mullally & Lally Clann" by D.P.Mullally,
published in 1941, St Patrick's Day, in Chicago,IL. This book takes the Mullallys to the
'royal' Irish line and then back to ca.1700 B.C." Interesting book. I have yet to find any
of my branch and have yet to check it's facts.]


If you pass the information on the the Mahers and they are interested in more information,
I'll be happy to share all I know.

Have a great weekend!


[email protected]

Hi Jack, Thomas was Meagher of the Sward. >From Waterford, His brother
Patrick was my Great Grandfather. He moved to Iowa and my grandfather was born
there(Mike). There was other children, one boy was stolen by gipsys

I don't know how many kids or names. Would like any help. Thank you, Alan

[email protected]

Do you have a Margaret MAHER m. Charles E. (D.) RONAYNE. Charles (my
grandfather) died in 1973. I am trying to see if Margaret has any RONAYNE
family heirlooms, momentos, etc. for my research into RONAYNE.

Thank you for your time.


Mike Ronayne

[email protected]

Hello Jack

Have found your page to be of great interest , I would love to hear from anyone with Knowledge of the Maher Family based in Tullow, Co Carlow. I Am thinking about researching the Family roots and would like to hear from anyone with the name "Maher" based in England who is trying to do the same.

To anyone else who cares to communicate, please feel free.

Keep up the good work.

Vincent Maher

[email protected]

Greetings from Down Under. I am researching my family tree - and I can trace most of them back until they lived in it. I am the eldest of the second generation of Mahers born in Australia. I have managed to do some reasonable research here and would be thrilled to make links with other members of the family. How should I go about it? Thanks for this Web page. It's just wonderful.

God Bless

Patrick Maher

[email protected]

Just found this page and had to add my info. I was born a Maher and we

Just found this page and had to add my info. I was born a Maher and we pronounced it both mayor and maher. My grandfather John Maher was born about 1858 in Knockbrack, Leix and died 12/25/33 in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. His mother was a Delaney and he married Maryann or Mary Ann Delaney and they had nine children. Around 1910 they moved from Knockbrack to Roscrea. The children were Edward (my father) Mary, Ellen, William, Kathleen, Joseph, Patrick, Michael, and Denis all but William and Kathleen came to the U.S. and settled in and around Massachusetts.


[email protected]

Hi Jack. I was thrilled to find your page on the Internet. I'm researching my grandfather, Patrick Henry Meagher, born 1860 in Bureau County, Il. His father was Patrick J. Meagher; his mother Margaret Aritt. They were both born in Ireland. I haven't been able to find any other information on my grandfather's family, so if anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Janet Neal - [email protected]

I have very little to go on, but here goes: I am researching Bridget Maher (Meagher) who married Denis Brereton in Ireland in early 1800's. Denis was a school teacher who was "persecuted for teaching Gaelic". The family "fled to Austrailia" c. 1860. I have found record of family traveling from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania in July 1861. It

seems that Denis may have been in Melbourne earlier than rest of family. Children include: Mary b. 1847 in Ireland m. Redmond), Julia b. 1861in Ireland (my ancestor who married James Bannon), John (m. Katherine ?), Margaret (m. Everhardt) Ellen (m. John Condon) and Thomas who drowned coming to US from Austrailia. Family only spent a couple of years in Austrailia and then settled in New Haven, CT, USA.

I am interested in any possible connections to Bridget.

Mary in Charlotte, NC,USA

[email protected]

Hi! My family and I were so happy to find your research. We have been trying to trace our maternal greatgrandmother, Margaret Maher who was born in and around 1843. She married William Popham had two children then left him in England and came to Connecticut. Any ideas on her parentage, we have no idea except that all first born daughters are named Margaret in the line.

[email protected]

My wife's maiden name is Maher. She was born Tamara Maher, her father's name is Thomas Raymond Maher. Any info on Mahers in the Erie, Pa. area would be appreciated. They say there are relatives in Michigan.Thanks,

Mark Marshall

[email protected]


I am very happy to find another resource to help with the frustrating search that I have had for my Maher line. I first find my g grf Michael Maher in Chester, Pa. about 1880. His father's name was Patrick who may be from Galway. Michael was born in 1863 in Ireland. He married Elizabeth Monaghan and, after her death, Mary Begley. The family of seven children later moved to New Castle, DE. Would like to know more about this family and also a possible brother - William Maher who also lived in Chester, Pa. and married Catherine Himsworth. Any clues most welcome. Thanks for providing this query capability. ....Mike Maher

[email protected]

Hi, greetings from Chicago. My name is Mike Maher and I think that this Maher/Meagher Home Page is really great. Many thanks to Jack Wilson for putting it together and maintaining it. If anyone out there has any info or ideas that wil help in my search I would appreciate hearing from you. Also, if you just want to talk to another Maher here I am. I know very little about my father's side of the family and can summarize the family story as follows: My grandfather's name was William Maher, he was born in St. Louis in 1885 and worked as a carpenter. He had a sister but her name is unknown. He married Alice Brown (b. 1889 in NY, NY) who had three brothers, Willam, Michael, and Richard, and one sister, Mamie. Alice Brown's mother was named Brigid and was almost certainly born in Ireland but when and where are unknown. William and Alice had four children, Margaret, Agnes, William J. (me da), and Thomas. That's as far as I've gotten to date. I hope to go to Ireland in '97 and would like to know more about my Maher roots by then if possible. Thanks again Jack.

My email address is [email protected].

Regards, William Michael Maher

This is a great page.

FYI, I'm decended from the Meaghers, Gen TF Meagher line, out of Philadelphia PA, USA. My mother was Lucy Frances Meagher (b.1917), daughter of Thomas Francis Meagher (b.1886). I'm in the process of recovering from an upgrade so my Gedcom stuff isn't quite ready yet. I suspect I'll complete it during this winter.

I met up with an Alan Meagher, a distant cousin, of Minnesota fame, I believe through this web site. Its a small internet world.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Kelly ([email protected])

John: My name is Fred Meagher. I have just scanned the Maher/Meagher information and was surprised no mention of Meagher's Grant was made. My father did some leg work in Nova Scotia and was told it was given to the Meagher family during the Revolutionary War in exchange for fishing boats commandeered by the British army. I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding this matter. Thanks.
Fred Meagher
[email protected]

Jack, I am a direct descendent of John Thomas Maher a banker in Ballinasloe b. circa 1785 and married Lucy Elizabeth (nee ?). They had at least three children Jane b.1812, John Edward (known as Edward) and my 2x great grandmother Catherine Maher b.1819. Catherine married James Forth Kempster on July 8, 1841 at St. John's Church (Church of Ireland) Ballinasloe. Both Jane and Catherine are buried at St. Matthews Cemetery in Aughrim, Co. Galway. If anyone has any information on this particular branch of the Mahers I'd be most grateful. Catherine died October 19, 1858 and Jane died November 8, 1873.

Thank you, Rory Kempster
[email protected]

G'day Jack,
Rather fortuitiously I have just stumbled across this page. I have been thinking of doing some serious research over the next year or so.

I have some research done by others in my family but it is packed somewhere in a box. However, I can give a brief outline and will fill in the details at some later stage.

I am third generation Australian having descended from John Maher and his first wife Margaret (Marra). They migrated from Tipperary some time around 1870. I do not know the town/village they came from.

John and Margaret settled in the New England district of northern New South Wales near a small village called Bendemeer. They had four sons (John, Patrick, Michael and Daniel). Margaret died and John remarried and moved to Newcastle in New South Wales; they had about four or five children. John died around 1914 after having moved to Tamworth, a large regional city near his first place of settlement.

At the time of the research mentioned above (1986) John had 486 descendents. One can only hazard a guess how many there are now!

We also believe that John travelled from Ireland on a ship named "Severn" with his brother, James (?) who may have left the ship in Melbourne.

I am have been living in Melbourne since 1979 but have made no serious attempt to trace the 'Melbourne" connection - there is a large swag of Mahers in the Melbourne telephone directory.

Would appreciate any information from any visitors to your page who can assist.

My wife is descended from the Caffery family but we know little about them.


Kenneth Daniel Maher.
[email protected]

This is a great page, Jack. Keep up the good work. Perhaps this information will help other or enable others to help me. My tree traces back to Cork, Ireland along the following lines.

My mother is Agnes Maher Ireland born in St. John's Newfoundland in 1922.
Her father was Peter J. Maher born in St. John's Newfoundland in about 1879.
His father was William Maher born in St. John's Newfoundland. I don't know the date but probably about 1850 or so.
His father was Edward Maher born in Cork, Ireland probably around 1825.
Thanks for your help.

Tom Ireland

[email protected]

Dear Jack

I visited your site in August/September this year. Now I am home again from a visit to Ireland and have a bit more time I thought I would make contact. I have had wonderful success in tracing my own family tree in Co Louth and Meath and so started on my husband's. He is Barry James Maher one of three brothers. I have quite good information on his Maher line here in Australia but have come to a temporary stop with the marriage of his Great Grandparents who were married at St Bede's Church Morpeth New South Wales on 17th January 1871. They were James Maher, Bachelor and labourer then of Morpeth and Catherine Donnelly, Spinster and domestic servant then of Ducken field new South Wales. The problem is that their marriage certificate of which I possess a copy does not show parents names nor other details. I assume that they were either immigrants from Ireland themselves or first generation Australian. John Maher and Jane Donnelly were the witnesses at the marriage. Perhaps this rather shadowy sketch may link to someone else's research. James Maher was shown as a Railway Station master in Rosewood Queensland at the time of his son's marriage to Sarah Nilan in Toowoomba Queensland in the early 1900's - I do have this information but not to hand just now. Thank you for your work on this family name

Lorrie Maher Queensland Australia

E-mail address; [email protected]

Hi, Iam searching for information on the MAHER FAMILY. Any information on Anson Adlebert Maher born in Fordham New York married Christodella Henrietta Ffoulkes. He was a correspondent with Stanley on the expedition to find Livingstone at the source of the Nile. Would like info on his mother and father etc.

Mark Maher

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Dear Jack, I`m trying to find some background on my Grandfather, Liam Meagher. He was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, around the 1890`s. He had a daughter (my Mother, Moira Violet who died just recently, 17/11/96), with "partner" Mabel Spencer Leyton-Lugg nee JONES. I say "partner" because there is some doubt as to whether they were actually married!!! We have the JONES family tree worked out back to the 1700`s, so now I`d like to know a bit more about HIS side. They were both actors... in fact my Grandmother worked extensively with Charlie Chaplin. I`d be grateful for ANY info that comes along!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Long

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I've traced my family history to a David Maher who I think immigrated from a Castle Connell, Ireland to Teetoborah, Canada sometime after the 1600s. I believe he may be related in some way to a Murphy who immigrated from Ireland in 1667.

I think David may have married an Ellen O'Brien and been the sister of a Tereesa Maher. He may have had a son named Rudolf. If anyone may help me in tracking down my family history, please e-mail me. I hope you can help.

Thank you kindly.

Joseph Frederick

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I'm very new at this, so I apologize if I'm not using appropriate format or computer etiquette! I noticed your reference to the Meagher family and wondered if I'm in the right place to share & seek info. I am a direct descendant of Capt. James Meagher, born in Tipperary in 1789. He fought with Wellington during the Peninsular Campaign, married a Portuguese wife, and came to Kingston, Ontario, in 1814. They had four sons - Jeremiah, James, John and Thomas. I'm not sure if there is a connection (cousins?) to Sir Thomas Francis Meagher. Is there somewhere that I could find out pre-1789 information? Or possibly contact other "relatives"? I'm aware that many Irish records were destroyed. Any advice is appreciated - many thanks!

Sincerely, Michele Sankar

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Just browsing the web today and discovered the Maher Web pages. I Think it is really great , keep up the good work.Here are some details pertaining to my Family which apparently came originally from Ireland ,however we have lived in Africa since 1966 and until the Internet explosion it was quite difficult to obtain information about Family trees.

James Maher Born Ireland moved to liverpool married ?. They had 4 x children
Thomas Henry Maher (My Grandfather) born in liverpool, Married Winfred Gladice Baker, had 3 children
Colin James (my Father), Barbara, Jean Maher.
Thomas Henry had a brother Douglas and 2 x sisters , Irene and Peggy Maher
Colin James Maher (my father ) married Catherine Elizabeth Holland and had 3 x children Steve , Lisa (deceased), Darren
I married Carmen Sylva Maske and Have a Daughter Jaime Alexander Maher, My brother Darren is unmarried
My fathers sister Jean married a Keith Bate and had 2 x kids Cindy and Suzy, and the other sister , Barbara married a Bill Dobson and had 3 x kids and live in Australia.

Would ,it be possible to direct this information to someone it might be of assistance to.

Many Thanks
Steven Maher

Steve=Maher%Sales%[email protected]

Dear Jack, Just found your Maher web page, great idea, Thanks. I'm researching Matthew Maher(m. Elizabeth Fox in 1875)in Chicago.He came here approx. 1870 from either Offaly or Tipperary county. His father was James and his mother was Mary Dunnelly or Donnelly or Quelty (very hard to read death certificate) Would you happen to be able to help me with this? Perhaps you could add this to your other Querys. Matthew had 5 children in Chicago

1) James E.-1877
2)Mary E.-1879
3)Francis M.-1882
4) John J. -1884
5) Elizabeth -1887
Thanks for your help

Tim Maher-[email protected]

Hi, My name is brighid maher and I am going to Ireland in January(97) and want to find out as much as possible about my maher ancestors before I leave. The only thing I have is a marriage certificate of my great great grandparents which is from Kerrey. I appreciate any help. Thanks


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Dear Mr. Wilson,

My husband's family name is "Meager" and according to family lore someone originally a "Meagher" quarreled with his folks and dropped the "H" in a moment of passion. Or perhaps this unnamed individual was ostracised as he was transported(?) to Australia. My husband and his family are from Victoria, Australia, although I am from Virginia. Any light you may shed on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Nancy Meager (sans the "H")

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I feel really privilaged to be writing this e-mail as a Maher still living in Ireland. I was absolutely delighted to find your site dedicated to the Maher clan and I wish to thank you for all of your efforts in compiling and maintaining same. However, I felt really sad reading through all of the mail from the overseas Mahers and reflecting on the historical reasons as to why they came to be where they are. I must say that I feel a very strong yet uncanny affinity with all of these clan members.

For my part, I hail from Dun Laoghaire ( transalation: The fort of King Leary) on the east coast of Ireland. Seven generations on my father's side and three on my mother's come from this area. So I am very fortunate to have some significant roots right here.

If I can help you or any of your correspondents, please feel free to mail me and I will do whatever I can.

Thank you once again.

James (Jim) Francis Paul Maher

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I was so excited when I found this web page. This is just great. My Great aunt wrote a book about 10 years ago detailing our Maher family history. An interesting note is that when my grandfather and his brothers worked for the railroad somebody made an error on their paychecks and spelled each of their surnames wrong, so my granpa's remained Maher, but his brother's last names were spelled Mahar, Magher and Meagher. They fought to get them corrected but failed. I recently visited the family plot and saw that they all kept the incorrect spellings. I have currently been trying to research my grandfather's father, John Maher Magher Meagher (we do not know how the surname was spelled in Ireland). He was born June 1833 in Limerick and he married one Ellen Nellie Noonan born 1838 in Limerick. They were married on 28 Jan 1858 in Limerick, witnesses are said to have been a Pat Maher and Ellen Noonan. I do not have the births and deaths of their parents but John's father's name was Timothy Maher Magher Meagher and his mother's was Kate Mahone. Ellen's father's first name is unknown but her mother's name was Daughter Ryan. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have now sparked the interest of all my aunts, uncles and cousins and they are eager for some info. Keep up the good work.

Erin Maher. e-mail: [email protected]

Hello again! I love reading all the Meagher info found here and I thought I'd write again, as our email address has been changed. My greatgrandfather was George Alfred Meagher (1866-1930), a champion figure-skater. He was the son of John Meagher (b. Kingston 1816, d. Montreal 1896), who in turn was the son of Capt. James Meagher. James was born in Tipperary in 1896 and fought in the Peninsular Campaign. It was then that he met his Portuguese wife, Maria Antonia. Their eldest son Jeremiah was born in Spain or Portugal (1813), James Jr. was born in Ireland (1814), John and Thomas in Kingston (1816, 1823).

It would be great to hear from anyone who is even remotely connected, or has any info on George, John, or James Sr. I wish I knew more about James Meagher's Irish background and parentage. Hope I can also help someone out in some way with the info I do have. Take care!

Michele Sankar [email protected]

Hello Jack,

I am just now starting some investigations into my family tree and saw your name here on the web. Perhaps you can help... I am a Caulfield. My Great Grandfather George Caulfield from Galway was married to Jane Maher. The only information I have on her is that the house she was born in is still standing at Stone Park, Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary. I would appreciate any leads, cousin


Leslie Caulfield [email protected]

I have researched my family up to Edward Mahar. He was born 5/4/1883 in Val Cartier, Quebec, Canada. His parents were Edward Mahar and Margret Holden. I think they immigrated from Ireland. I would like to know if anyone has information on Edward Mahar and Margret Holden.

Greg Mahar [email protected]

Jack, please add this info to your E-mail page:

I am looking for information on my great great grandfather Patrick and I "think" his father Edmund.

Patrick: I believe born 3-8 or 10-1818 -lived on a farm at "Cullen Castle" (Tramore, Ire.) married a Catherine Doyle (in Ireland) in 1867 - with my great grandfather (Walter Maher) born in Chicago in 5-25-1868. I believe Walter's wife Catherine had a previous marriage (Michael Cummings?)and perhaps Patrick had a first marriage. (Just before Walter died he indicated he had a half brother "Tim" and a half sister "Mary" from a previous marriage of his Dad-but it may have been his mothers first marriage.)

If I am correct on the birth date then Patrick had 8 brothers and sisters and were the children of Edmund and Bridget (Kearney) married 2-10-1805.. THOMAS 12-16-1805, BARTHOLOMEW 3-6-1807, PETER 4-2-1809, BRIDGET 12-31-1810, ELLEN 7-1-1812, CaTHERINE 7-16-1814, PATRICK 2-13-1816 (who I believe died as an infant as the next son was also named PARTIRCK 3-8 or 10-1818 (MY GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER), and the 9th child JOHN 6-5-1820. I know Patrick came to the USA - farmed near Waucoma, Ia and died in 1898 I believe his wife Catharine Doyle (or Catherine)came to the US in 1849 may have spent a year in Quebec and later in Vermont then husband died and she returned to Ireland (Tramore?)

If anyone has any information on a Patrick or Edmund Maher born on or near the dates listed I would appreciate hearing from you.

David/Chris Maher

PS My dad is Richard and grandfather Leo (from N/E Iowa "Lawler)

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Mr. Wilson:

I saw your web site while browsing and would like any additional infomation that you may have regarding the Mahers. As far as I can tell from family history, We orginate in Tipperary County near Rosecrea. Most of my family comes from the Iowa area. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Larry Maher

Santa Cruz, CA
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Am looking for info on Johanna Maher, my great grandmother. She was born in Tipperary County, Ireland and married Richard Hammond, also from Tipperary County, in Troy, NY abt 1870. They moved from Troy to Franklin, PA then on to Buffalo, NY where Johanna died abt 1915. They had 8 children mostly born in Franklin PA:

Margaret Hammond 1871 - abt 1919
Michael Hammond 1872 - 1957
William Hammond 1874 - 1909
Richard Hammond 1875 - ????
Mary Hammond abt 1876 - ????
John Hammond 1878 - 1941
Ellen Hammond 1880 - 1926
Anna Hammond ???? - ????
I have much more info on the Hammond family but very little on the Maher side. Anything you can add would be appreciated

John Stone [email protected]
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My grandmother was a Maher, Margaret Ann Maher born in1872. Her father's name was Thomas H. Maher. Thomas Maher came to America from Templemore, Co Tipperary, Ireland in the early 1860's. His brother Martin Maher came here too.

Not all of their family immigrated. A brother Anthony and his family stated in Templemore and ran a general supply store and bakery. The building is still standing and is now a pub run by a Billie Collins. Both, Thomas and "Martin settled in the same area of Rural Hastings, Marshan Township, Dakota County, Minnesota. They both became naturalized citizens of the U.S.

I sure would like to here about your Maher Kin.

Write soon,

Charlotte Bzoskie [email protected]


Great job on the page, I'm trying to back trace my Irish roots and both my parents and grand parents have been long gone. What do you suggest would be the best way to find more information about my great-great grandfather: John Maher, born 1815 Ballyragget, County Kilkenny, Ireland, moved to Canada (Don't know when) and died June 22, 1882.

Brian [email protected]

I am researching the family of Clarence Maher (1891-1950) who is my wife's grandfather. He was born and died in Cleveland Ohio, the son of James Francis Maher (1864-1916) and Julia Gleason (1868-prior 1916). James F. Maher was born in Worcester, Mass. and died in Cleveland. James F. Maher was the son of James Maher and Anna Dwyer.

I found your Maher page interesting. It is an unusual format; casual enough to be homey, yet well formated for serious research. And it provides many good contacts for people of similiar interests. Congradulations.

Bob Page [email protected]

Tuesday, 7 January 1997. HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP. I am an Historical Archaeologist. I am researching the Maher family. My grandfather was John Henry Maher (Tracey) born in Thronbrough North Queensland Australia on the 29 May 1881. John Henry died in Brisbane on 29 August 1956. He was miner and a sawmiller in Herberton, Atherton and Cairns, North Queensland. John Henry married Grace Margaret Ryan in Irvinebank on 5 March 1902. Their children were:

William Henry (Tracey) b. 22 May 1901, Irvinebank, Queensland.
John Robert (Tracey) [My father] 24 January 1903, Watsonville, Queensland.
Allan Richard (Tracey) b. 1 August 1905 Irvinebank, Queensland.
Harold Alexander (Tracey) b. 15 September 1907 Irvinebank, Queensland.
Arthur Archibald (Tracey) b. 8 May 1911 Irvinebank, Queensland.
Eileen Catherine (Tracey) b. 4 February 1915 Irvinebank, Queensland.

John Henry (Tracey) was born John Henry Maher. His father was John Maher (sometimes referred to as John Maher / Marr / Clark). John Maher was born in West Maitland NSW c. 1846 and was married to or living with Anne Jane Toohey. Anne Jane was the wife of Donald McPherson of Georgetown Queensland. John Maher and Anne Jane Toohey's other children were: Jessie and Maggie McPherson (twins) b. 3 November 1873 Georgetown Queensland.

Margaret McPherson b. 16 September 1873 Georgetown Queensland.
Sarah Jane McPherson b. 8 October 1879 Georgetown, Queensland.
John Henry Maher (Clark) b. 29 May 1881 Thornbrough, Queensland.

Anne Jane Toohey was born in Dublin Ireland c. 1843 her parents were John and Mary Toohey. She married Donald McPherson, from Argyleshire Scotland, at Liverpool England on 5 June 1862. Their first child William was born at Mackay Queensland on 8 August 1824. Anne Jane died on 16 June 1881 at Thornborough. Nothing is known of John Maher after 1881. Donald McPherson was the informant for Anne Jane's death certificate. John Maher may have died at Cumberland near Georgetown on the 17 June 1887. John Maher or otherwise known as John Clark was a miner. John Henry Maher (Tracey) my grandfather was raised by Patrick Tracey and Mary Anne Ryan.

I would appreciate any information on the Maher, Toohey, McPherson or Tracey and Ryan family that would assist the research into my family.

Michael MacLellan Tracey, Canberra. ACT Australia. [email protected]

Hey Jack!!

I found you on the 'net at the O'Meagher/Meagher/Maher page. This whole geneology thing has just snowballed since [email protected] e-mailed me after a directory search found my name.

My name is Michael Alan Meagher, Jr. I am from Houston, TX and my dad's side of the family hails from Shreveport, LA. I didn't see a name or a group researching Meagher's in the South. We pronounce it May-er by the way...

If we fit into anyone's research, please let me know. I'd like for our branch to be represented on this Family Tree I am also online at NYCTex@aol, but it's best to reach me here @ WAVRLYBOYZ...

So, If you don't know about the Southern portion of the family, I'd love to tell you what I know, which isn't much, unfortunately. I'm having a blast learning about the Michael who emigrated to NYC, especially since I live here myself now. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you soon...

Michael [email protected]

Hi Jack,

What a wonderful project this is you've taken on.I just finished all the info i have on my Meagher family tree by using "The Family Treemaker" 3.0 . I was about to embark on a search through the latter day saints(Morman) research center,we haone here in Plainview ,L.I.,N.Y. but I see you've done very well for yourself.The last few days I've gotten several e-mails from fellow Meagher's and am sending them info via snail mail as they don't have a genecological format for viewing my records.I am now in the process of gathering many photo's that one of my cousins has and will try to gat them on a kodak disc format so I can add them to the file before I upload them to you.My Uncle Joseph W. Meagher,who is an author living in NYC has done most of the reasearch and i'm formatting it and adding what i can learn.I have all the records concerning Michael J. Meagher,who was born in Tipperary in 1840.He emigrated to Brooklyn,N.Y. in 1860 and became very successful in the Porter buisness at the time.He was able to afford to bring his entire family over in the 1870's ,including his father John Meagher ,born in tipperary in 1812.and his mother Anna Dalton,who was born in 1813,in Ireland ,but I don't know where? He also brought over 10 brothers and sisters starting with Thomas F. meagher, b.1871,Minnie Meagher, b.1873, John J. Meagher, b.1874, Twins-Will & Mitch Meagher, b. 1880, Etta Meagher, b. 1890-1905 ,Joseph Valintine Meagher ( my grandfather) b.1891-1964. By his 2nd wife Agnes Nugent, b. 1883-1960 ,James Meagher, b. 1883-1993 and Margaret Meagher, b.1882-?.His first wife was named Catherine O'brien, b. 1845-1887 she had the 1st 7 children. It seems after they all came over they had problems with the names pronounciation and they changed it to Maher.But my Great grandfather didn't like it so he changed it back to the original spelling.Michael J. Meagher changed to the saloon buisness and did very well owning many properties and then building a brick home for $6,000.00 in 1875.he then became Pres. of the N.Y. Liquor dealers Association for 30 yrs. He was also a democratic district leader in Brooklyn durring the Tammany Hall ( Boss Tweed) administration.I have several Narratives on the family with some interesting stories,One of which is Gen. Thomas francis Meagher being the Godfather to his first child of the same name.I'de be happy to share this with all ; I just need a little time to compile those photo's and then figure out how to upload it all for you.In the meantime any help you can give me in picking up my roots past to the parents of John Meagher and Anna Dalton who were born in 1812 & 1813 respectively. He in Tipperary and she I don't know where ??Catherine O'brien was born in Ireland in 1845 and emigrated to USA in 1867.

Thanks for any help you can lend.Soon you can add my GEDCOM files along with the rest.Again:thanks Jack and keep up the good work!!!!!!

Gary E. Meagher(krautmeat1 @ aol.com) [email protected]

Hi my name is Daniel Maher. I am writing from Montreal, Canada. In the province of Quebec there are about 2000 french speaking Maher families. The only information I have from the Maher families is that my grand father was boarn in Montreal, Canada in 1891. I am not sure were to search espescially in other contries to find more information about he Maher`s. Thanks in advance. Daniel, Maher

[email protected]

Dear Jack.

Just to avoid confusion I am using my husbands email address (Robert Bunce). I am trying to find any info at all about Henry Desmond Maher (Danny). He was born in Dublin approx 1925. He came to London (Camberwell Green) in the 1950's. His occupation was Plastic Machinist although I have been told he may have spent some time in the Irish or English Army. He also spent a short spell down in Devon during the 1950's in Exmouth. This is all the info I have relating to him. I would be very grateful for any assistance you could give me in locating him or anyone knowing his whereabouts.

Jane Bunce (Nee Maher) age 39 living in London - England.

[email protected]

Dear John

I am Charles Francis Meagher. Born in Killarney, Ireland. Fathers name - Edward.
Grandfather - Charles
Will get back later.

Charles [email protected]

Hi, I will add yet another Maher family to the list. My line starts with the common name of Michael Maher who was in Queen's Co., Ireland. He married Kate Conroy. It is known that they had at least 3 sons - James, Michael, & Thomas. In 1831, James was married and had a family. He & his brother Micheael planned on coming to the US but the wife of James decided not to go. Michael left & was in New York where he married a Mrs. Anna Ryan. Their ch: John, Edward, Stephen, Thomas, James, Dennis, Michael, & Maria. Michael worked on the Michigan Canal. They lived in Cook Co., Ill. & Stephenson Co., Ill. Michael was killed in some type of dispute. His son Edward was reared in Stephenson Co., Ill. Edward took his family, after the Civil War enlistment, to Sacramento, Cal. Edward later came back & settled in SE Ks. in Neosho Co.

I would like to find the descendants of his family. Edward married Harriett Higginbotham. Their ch: Frank 1871, John, Edward, Anna.

[email protected]

Dear Jack,

Would like to add my GGM to your list. Mary Maher (pronounced Mahr), was born in Ire. probable Queen's (Laois) Co. about 1820. She married Patrick Dunne from townland of Leagh, Queen's Co abt. 1842. Daughter Anne born abt. 1844 and daughter Mary born Nov. 1845. She was baptized 11/16/1845 in the Parish of Portarlington, Queen's. Godparents Thomas Maher (maybe brother of her mother) and Mary Thompson. Mary, Patrick and their two daughters immigrated to Salem, Mass. about 1846 and settled in Bucks Co. Pa. where she lived the rest of her life. I have been researching for a number of years and would love to make a connection on my Maher line. This is my first time on internet and I am delighted I found your page. Only when I signed on I just found all the answers to your page and don't know how to back it up to read your original entry. Thanks again

Anne Dunne Watson [email protected]

My Grandfather William Maher immigrated from Ireland c.1860s and eventually settled in Omaha, Nebr. His wife was Catherine McShane. I would appreciate any info or connections to delve into his or her ancestry. I know she was from Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, in Northern Ireland, and I have visited her home site. I can't find further info so far on my grandfather.

I can be reached at (e-mail) [email protected], (must include the underscores) or at 4606 Sutley Circle, Papillion, NE 68133. My day phone is (402) 232-3087 or (402) 291-1550 in the evenings or weekends. I'd be glad to provide any info I have to anyone interested.

Mike [email protected]

My name is Brian Mahar and I'm from Connecticut. I'm going to school in Virginia now, but I would like to find out a little about my ancestors. If anyone has any information about the Mahar family from the Albany, NY area got there and where they came from. Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa Mahar did not leave any stories about our forefathers.

This is a great page and I'm glad to see that there are so many Mahars/Mahers/ Meaghers out there.

Brian Mahar [email protected]

My name is Marty Maher, and my family is very hard to research. If you could please send me info on Maher's in Missouri, particularly in the St.Louis are. My email is [email protected]

[email protected]


My mother was a Mahar, the great-granddaughter of Henry Mahar. The first record I have of him is in Hardin County, Tennessee, in 1843. He was reportedly one of four brothers who came to the US shortly before that date. Another Mahar, Joseph, was in the same county at the same time. The other two brothers have not been identified. Very few records of Henry remain, just a photo of his wife and a Masonic ring. Naturally I would like to find out anything that I can about him. If you ore any of your readers can direct me to any sources that could help me learn about him, I would greatly appreciate it.

[email protected]

I am interesting in finding more about my Maher relatives. My great- grandfather was named William Maher and he lived in Baltimore MD until he was about 15 or 16, when he left for Texas and ending up in what is now Owyhee County, Idaho in 1863. He built a successful ranching business and passed it on to my grandfather Ambrose and his brother Bill upon his death in the early 1900's. My Grandfather, Ambrose, died in Boise in 1954 or 1955.

Can you help me?

Tony Maher [email protected]

Dear Jack,

Thanks for the great website!
It is a wonderful opportunity for us all to connect, no matter how we massacre the name!

My descendents, great/great grandparents, left Tipperary in 1837 or 1840, and settled in Marysville, Ontario- the Bay of Quinte area. Their names were William Meagher and Ellen Sweeney, and they came with three young sons-James, Thomas, and John.

I have often wondered what prompted them to leave home, it was before the famine. If anyone can shed more light on this branch of the Meaghers, I would be so appreciative.

Marcia Meagher [email protected]

Dear Jack:

Congratulations on your Maher webpage. It is very nicely done. My question; To the best of your knowledge, has anyone conducted any research regarding the Maher family of County Carlow? My 3rd great-grandmother is a Julia Maher from Carlow.

Also, in a book entitled "'98 in Carlow", author Peadar MacSuibhne outlines the tragic story of the murders of the three Maher brothers who were residing in Ardristran, Tullow Parish, Carlow by Crown forces.

Any information that you have on County Carlow Maher's will be appreciated.

Thank You,
Ed Callahan [email protected]


I was told about your page by a friend, Tom Meagher. Great job! I'm trying to further my Maher line. My grandmother, Eleanor Maher, was born 12 Jan 1896 in Ohio. Her parents were John Maher, born Aug 1860 in Ohio, and Catherine Walsh, born Jan 1864 in Ohio. If anyone has these folks in their files, I would love to hear from you.

If anyone is interested, my GEDCOM is online at www.whiteoaks.com/genweb/Dennis/Dennis.html Pam Jones [email protected]

hi can i get more information on the Maher's of ireland? Trying to do a family tree and doing research to find ancestors. My fathers name was John Dennis Maher, His dad's name was Joseph Maher and his Mothers name Catherine Carroll. My father was born in 1931.

If you have any information E-Mail me at [email protected]

I'm just starting out on this side of my tree. I'm trying to find out where in Ireland we originated and reading these letters I see many Mahers came from Tipperary. I'm looking for line of Catherine Maher born in 1840s. She married Michael Pendergast and had son John in 1864. John eventually came to U.S. and settled in Mass. If anyone has a connection please email me

[email protected] [email protected]

Peter MEAGHER researching Family Tree in the State of Victoria Australia.

Contact can be made via his father Patrick at [email protected]

I'm looking for information pertaining to a Michael Meagher b Ireland 1830. He was married to a Margaret Murray b Ireland? 1834. Children; James, Joseph, Margaret, Bernard, John, Thomas, Mary. Possibly more children. I am descended from James. Thanks for any info you might be able to provide.

[email protected] [email protected]

Hi Jack and thanks for the opportunity for input. I'm in the process of trying to find out any info regarding my grandmother's father and mother. His name was John Meagher and he had married a woman by the name of Julia Quirk from Sutton Ireland. She died in 1938 and he died in 1912. They had 11 children. Theodasia, Madeline, Helen, Kathleen, James,Betty, Marguerite, Jack, Ruth, Tom, and Ginevra. As far as I know my grandmother Kathleen (their daughter) was born in Deseronto, Canada in 1898.

If anyone has any connections or info, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks so much everyone.

Doug Vensel
12 Center St
Malone NY 12953
[email protected]

Jack: I found your Maher site very interesting.

I am descended from James MAHER (b. 1813, Ireland-d. 1856, Cormac, Renfrew Co., Ontario) and his wife Mary BRODERICK (b. 1811, Ireland- died. 1894, Cormac Renfrew Co., Ont.) I have been unable to find where they came from in Ireland.

Their oldest daughter, (my gr.grandmother,) Ann MAHER, was born in Ireland in 1837. She married Thomas Ritchie Plaunt in Sebastapol Tsp, Renfrew Co. in 1863.

The family came to Lanark Co., Ontario about 1840. Two sons, Mathew MAHER (1844-1893) and Thomas MAHER (1847-1875) were both born in Lanark Co. Daughter, Jane (MAHER) Parks (1849-1922) was alos born in Lanark Co. Lived in Eganville, Renfrew Co. Youngest child, Bridget (MAHER) Sunstrum (1850-1942) was born at Lake Clear, Sebastapol Tsp., Renfrew Co. Lived at Mattawa, Nipissing District, Ontario

I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching these names, and am particularly interested in finding out where in Ireland they came from. Contact: Bruce Taylor, P.O. Box 1568, New Liskeard, Ontario P0J 1P0, or e-mail at [email protected]

[email protected]

Hi! I'm working on my (step) Dad's genealogy as a gift for my (step) brothers. I love your pages! I stumbled in here accidentally & found so much interesting info. Thanks, what a wonderful job you are doing!

I'd appreciate any help or info anyone could give me. I'm trying to connect back to Ireland. Here is the limited info that I have:

Philip Thomas Meagher Married Sarah Potter
Philip Thomas Meagher Jr. Born 5/23/1885 Maryland, USA Died 5/29/1961 Baltimore, Maryland
Married Lillian Elizabeth Smith Born 11/25/1887
Philip Jr. & Lillian had a daughter - Dorothy Margaret MEAGHER Born 11/4/1912 Baltimore,Maryland
Dorothy married George Bernard DORBERT 10/24/1936 Elkton, Maryland
They had 2 sons: (My Dad) George Philip Dorbert Born 11/04/37 Baltimore,MD Died 12/30/94 Stewartstown,PA
Louis John Dorbert Born 12/10/40

Thank you for allowing me to post this. Please feel free to contact me.

Trena Anderson [email protected]

Wonderful Website! Thomas Maher m: Bridget {all in Ireland} their son: CORNELIUS MAHER b~1865 Ireland m: CATHERINE "KATE" HANSBURY (b May 1870, Ireland) dau. of MICHAEL HANSBURY & BRIDGET DORSEY. Cornelius &Kate m: 13 Jan 1891 in Lawrence, Mass. USA their son:

RICHARD JOSEPH MAHER (14 Feb 1892- d@ Lowell, Mass.) m: BERTHA I. BALDWIN (b1899 New Bedford, Mass-d @ Lowell, Mass) dau of RICHARD M. BALDWIN & ALICE PENNINGTON (d~ 1915) Their children :

THOMAS F. MAHER (19 July 1920-Sep 1965)
GERTRUDE MAHER (b 9 Dec 1915 Lowell, Mass)
RICHARD JOSEPH MAHER JR (8 Apr 1918-3 Aug )m: Marie Rose Lavoie

Please email any much-needed help thanks , Diana

LAH [email protected] [email protected]

Judith Meagher Pelletier, of St. Louis MO, born 1944; father Arthur James Meagher of St. Louis MO 1921; grandfather James Francis Meagher of St. Louis MO; greatgrandfather Thomas Francis Meagher; daughters Jessie Karen Pelletier and Rebecca Lynn Pelletier

[email protected]

I am the great-grandson of John Maher, who was, unfortunately, born in Liverpool while his parents were emigrating from Templemore, Tipp, to the USA in 1849. He always regretted being born on other than Irish soil. His son John Stuart Maher,(b. 1871), married Gertrude Cunningham, b. 1872) in Boston; they moved to Portland, Maine, where my father, James Cunningham Maher, was born in 1906, the eldest of 7 brothers and sisters (James, Gertrude, Stuart, John, Christopher, Eileen, and Agnes). My parents continued the line; James C. married Michelle Vaillancourt of Montreal in 1941, and proceeded to give a start to my sister Michelle in 1941, Marielle in 1944, and me in 1947. The line runs forward, since my wife, Maria Elena Gamboa Jison (we met and married in the Philippines) have had James C. Maher III (b. 1977) and Jason (b. 1983).

I have some other background on the Mahers and Cunninghams (from Manor Hamilton, Leitram, if anyone is interested.

Jim Maher [email protected]

My name is Michael Martin my materinal grandmother name is Veva Fleming her maiden name was Veva Maher(Mahar).Her father was William Maher from County Cork.Any info you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Michael Martin(Martyne) [email protected]

Hi there my name is Janet.

My mother is a Maher (maiden name) her father was William Arthur Patrick and his father's name was Patrick (sorry don't know his other names; if any).

Can you please let me have any information that you may have on these people. My great grandfather and greatgrandmother imigrated to South Africa in the early 1900's.

Sorry that is all the information that I have to hand.

Janet [email protected]

Dear Jack

In the search for my husband's family I have photocopied all the Maher entries on the Pioneer Index 1822-1888 for New South Wales, Australia. I have had great success in creating 'happy families' from the index and particularly many of that surname who were congregated around Maitland and Morpeth which are mining towns. Should any of your visitors wish me to look up Maher entries and/or rovide register numbers so that birth, death and marriage certificates and information can be sought.

Best wishes
Lorrie Maher (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) [email protected]


Ed Lalor here. Are you aware of or any of your audience aware of any ties.

I am looking for the name of a daughter of a KEDRAGH O'MEAGHER WHO MARRIED A JEREMIAH LALOR ( MAJOR ) IN THE 1600'S.

MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS [email protected]

Thanks will visit again soon.

I am starting to research my grandma's family. She was Bridget Maher. Her parents were Martin and Marrae Maher. She had a sister Kate, and brother Martin who I believe stayed in Ireland , there may have been more siblings. Bridget came to the US with sisters Winifred and Mary. She was born in 1877 County of Tipperary. She came to US in 1893, met and married Thomas Mcmanus and lived in Providence RI. I will be visiting Tipperary this July looking for more info. If anyone can be of help please mail me at

[email protected]

Thank you Elaine

Hi Jack, came across your web site and found it to be of great interest. I was told by my father that we are descendents of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher. I have not done much research so it would be very interesting to find out some info on this. My grandfather was Joseph T. Meagher (b. around 1900) and my father was Robert Bruce Meagher Sr. (b. 1922).

Again, thanks for a great web site.

William Meagher

Do you have any information about the Maher family in London. William Maher, Neil Maher, Sean Maher.William Maher came over to London in the 1950's and is now about 50 years old. His 2 sons are 21 and 22. Thanks, [email protected]

Great Site!!!

I just got started chasing down my father's mother's family, Marie Maher. Her 100th birthday would be next month and I wanted to do something for the family. So this should be a great help.

James Maher, my G-grandfather

Born: 26 Aug 1862 Marshan Twnshp, Dakota Co., MN
Marr: 11 Feb 1896 Hastings, Dakota Co., MN
Spouse: Ann Jane Judge
Died: 19 Sep 1951 Hastings, Dakota Co., MN
Children: 6 Boys, 4 Girls (see Marie below, 3rd eldest)

Marie Maher

Born: 21 Apr 1897 Marshan Twnshp, Dakota Co., MN
Father: James Maher
Mother: Ann Jane Judge
Marr: 15 Oct 1920 Hastings, Dakota Co., MN
Spouse: Eugene McNamara
Died: 20 Feb 1979 Hastings, Dakota Co., MN
Children: 7 Boys, 3 Girls
Grandchildren: 45
G-Grandchildren: Hundreds
Please let everyone know about this and I will try to comply with any requests for information. Thanks!

Bruce D. McNamara
[email protected]
850 Connell Lane
Lawreneceville, GA 30244-6123
(770) 979-8520

Noonan Maher(born 1954)is the father of Krista(1977), Stephanie(1980), and Ryan(1983)Maher. We were all born in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada. Anyone is welcome to add our names to their tree but we are not reaserching our own tree. Noonan Maher [email protected] or
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Peter L Maher IV, and my father Peter L Maher III would like to know if you could help him in the right direction to finding any information on Thomas Maher, born on or about May 24, 1847 in Ireland. his parents were Peter Maher and Mary Welch, & they immigrated from Kilkenny Ireland in 1866. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Pete [email protected] [email protected]
-- Peter L Maher Starving Artist http://home.earthlink.net/~glom/

Mr. Wilson,

My husband, Chris, and I loved the Maher/Meagher web site. Boy, Meaghers are really proud of their heritage and name. (Aren't all irish people?)

We have an annual Meagher reunion every year in Wisconsin. This year, it is going to be held at Milwaukee's Irish Fest, at the lakefront, in August. We plan to rent a tent.

We don't know much about the family history. Chris' father and grandfather were both named Joseph E. Meagher. Joe Sr. lived in Indiana, Illinois, and finally, Madison, Wisconsin. Joe Sr.'s father's name was Patrick. Patrick came from Ireland. We understand that many of the family history documents in Ireland were destroyed. We were wondering if anyone recognizes anything familiar about our family.

Chris' family lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Has anyone heard of the music store called "Forces-Meagher" in Madison. Chris's dad, Joe, and brother, Casey, run the place.

We look forward to hearing from you and visiting your web site again. It is very creative.

Linda Meagher
[email protected] [email protected]


I want to begin by commending you on your research and the web page you created, It's fantastic!! I spent the last couple of hours going through your stuff and matching it up to the reasearch my g.grandmothers family did generations ago. I'm trying to pick back up the research and trace it back further. I was wondering if you have any more information on John O'Meagher b. 1772, d. 1844, of the 42nd generation in your research. I have traced my family back to a John Bassette Maher, who was born in Ireland around 1801. He came over to the US at an unknown time, married an unknown, but raised two children, John Bassette Jr. and Mary Charlotte. The Wife was listed as being from Mass. John Jr. was born in Conn. (1834?) and Mary born in VA (1837?). He is listed in the 1850 census for Elizabeth City County, Virginia. If you have any info. is would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

John E. Poplin [email protected]


Just had a chance to spend some time again on the page. I have changed e-mail addresses and was wondering if you had a any helpful hints on doing this research. Most of my Maher family history dates from Iowa in the Cosgrove/Iowa City area. Beyond that, all I am aware of is that our family comes from Rosecrae are of Tipperary County. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Larry Maher Santa Cruz, CA [email protected]

Hello, and thank you for providing a great service to those of us researching MAHER roots. I believe I am descended from JOAN MAHER, who was married to JAMES HART. They had at least two children, BRIDGIT HART HAYDEN and THOMAS HART, emigrating in 1820. Both of these children settled in Perry County, Missouri upon their immigration to America. Before this immigration I know pitifully little of the HARTS or the MAHERs.

Thanks, all readers for your attention and any correspondence.

William Hart, St. Louis, Missouri email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]

Jack, My name is Todd Meagher. As I trace my family tree my aunt tells me my great grandfather's name was George Mahr and he was born in Ireland. As I reviewed your Meagher surname page the only close referenece to this is Maher is there any connection? With my name being Meagher now I am trying to find out if Mahr is related to Maher or Mahar? My aunt says that the schools here in the US had something to do with the new spelling. Does this mean I as a Meagher am not related to the Meaghers from Ireland? My Greatgrandfather was from Ireland, where should I go for answers? I am going to Ireland in a week and would like to find out which name to research.


Todd [email protected]

Hi, just a line to congratulate you on the Maher page. My daughter, who is 15 and very interested in her Irish/English background, brought you to my attention. I know nothing of my family roots but now that I have got this far I may well do some work on it.

Regards, Mike Maher...Australia ex UK

[email protected]

Mary Maher Shaw - researching Maher's from the East Coast & Ireland [email protected]

Great page! Looking for connection to James Patrick MEAGHER, b. 24 Apr 1859 in Tipperary (possibly Emly). Married Anastatia HAYES, b. 11 Jul 1868 in Hospital, Limerick. Married in Tipperary. Emigrated about 1902. Children were: James (1891), Grace (1892), Catherine (1894), Anastasia (1896), Mildred (1898). James remarried in US; had sons who entered the priesthood in NYC area. Any info would be appreciated. E-mail, please

[email protected]

Dear Jack

My great grandmother was a Grace Patients Maher, who married a Samual Woods in Widnes (I believe)Cheshire England. Grace's parents eloped from Thurles to widnes after permission was refused for them to marry. The story is shroaded in family myth but I beleive that her reluctant father-in-law was a Gerry Maher, "from a well to do family in Thurles" I am sort of assuming her maiden name is Patients but this is only speculation. I have no idea when these events took place but I guessing they must have been around 1880-1900.

Can anybody cast any light on this story. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Kevin Smith

[email protected]

Hi there.

I'm so excited to stumble upon this! I've done a wee bit of research, which I'll now go look for (I've forgotten the details)... I know my own great-great grandfather, John Maher, was christening children in the 1860's in Placentia, Newfoundland (now in Canada). (He appears to have married a local girl: though I can't find the marriage record, I did find a corresponding birth record for her in that town.) I wasn't able to go any further back in the Newfoundland record. I wonder if there are any others who've traced to Newfoundland?

Anyway, I'll dig out my records, and certainly revisit this spot. We went to Ireland 2 years ago, with the knowledge that most Mahers originated in Tipperary. We're going back next summer ('98); hopefully I'll be better informed this time!

Thanks for putting together such an exciting spot!

JoAnne (Maher) Noel
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

[email protected]

Hello again.

I had another look through the research I did in Newfoundland. There are a few Mahers there still, but as far as I know, they're mostly in the town of Argentia and also in St. John's. (How many were closely related at the time I don't know, though they show up independently in the 2 towns.) I believe I found references to the St. John's Mahers before the turn of the 19th C., but I couldn't swear to it. I know many Newfoundlanders emigrated to "the Boston states" in the latter part of the 19th C and the first part of the 20th C., so that may be a missing link for some Irish-Americans. (After Newfoundland became part of Canada in 1949, they started emigrating to other provinces of Canada, but that recently is still in living memory.)

I am the 4th generation of my branch born in Newfoundland, that I can find. I suspect my great-great grandfather was born in Ireland, but I haven't been able to get back beyond the birth records for the generation following him. Here's what I know.

John Maher and Mary Roach had
- a son John in Argentia in 1857. (There's no prior record in that area of John Sr., that's why I assume he's the immigrant. Mary Roach was born in Argentia, Newfoundland to Patrick Roach and Elizabeth English in 1836. Given Mary's age I suspect John Sr. was born around 1830, but he's not in the Argentia parish records around that period.)

They also had
- a daughter Theresa born 1861
- another son John 1863 (so the John b. 1857 must have died)
- a daughter Catherine, 1868

John (b.1863) m. Bridget Duke in Argentia in 1889. They had
- a son Daniel, 1891
- a son, Michael, 1893
- a son, (yet another) John, 1895

Daniel (b. 1891) m. Gertrude Jackman in Curling, Newfoundland, in 1915
- Their children, Daniel, Wilfred, William (b. 1923, my dad), Doreen, Ernestine, Ilene, James. (I don't have all the details of my dad's generation, but it's in the family bible).

I have some peripheral stuff around my grandmothers, great uncles, etc., if it's of any use to anyone, though I've been focussing on the patralineal.

I'd love to know about anything that can help me track down John before he was having babies with Mary in Argentia in the late 1850's.


JoAnne Maher Noel
(we say "Mar", mono-syllabic)
Victoria, BC, Canada
[email protected]

My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth (Libby) Maher who was born in1845. She married Daniel J. Hannon in January 1866. This took place is Oswego, NY. They moved to Harrison County Iowa in 1870.

I am hunting for information about parents, siblings of Elizabeth(Libby) Maher.

[email protected]

Julie Barwick


What a great service you provide to descendants of Mahers and Meaghers!

My maternal grandmother was Mary Meagher. My grandmother married Chester Williams and had five children, including my mother, Kathryn. Her father was a Thomas Francis Meagher (a fairly common name, it seems!), who died in or near Kansas City, Kansas, in 1925.

My grandmother had sisters, Ethel (McNellis), Helen (Fink) and Margaret "Marge" (Burgess). Ethel had several children. Helen had no natural children. Margaret had one son.

My grandmother had brothers, Joseph "Joe," who administered the jail

in Kansas City, Missouri, and Thomas "Tom," who had a hunchback. None of the brothers had children.

There may have been other sibling, but I'm confident the name of Meagher in my family died (unfortunately) with that generation.

My grandmother's mother was Nannie Lowe. When I was a student at Santa Clara University and visited my Great-Aunt Marge in Kansas, she told me that her mother (Nannie Lowe Meagher) was from Santa Clara, California. I believe my Aunt Ethel, the eldest sibling, was born in Oakland, California. The family evidently moved East from California to Kansas and Missouri (roughly some time between 1880 and the early 1900s), generally near the Missouri River and then, two generations later, my branch of the family (the Terrys) moved back to California in the 60's.

If anyone reading this has a connection to my family history (I hope I've got most of it right!), please email me or post your testimony here.

Mike Terry

[email protected]

My name is Angela. I am the great gr daughter of Thomas Francis Meagher and I am looking for his lineage from his father and so on like1,2,3,and so on I think his father was Thomas as well his mother maiden name was Quain well known business man and a member of parliament

I need the history his 1 wife was Cathrine Bennett, his 2 wife was in n y usa Can you help in this matter i need records from St. Patrick's in Waterford Ireland, Roman Catholic section. I amnot sure how to get this information my self .

Thank you for your help

angela c meagher

reply to this e mail address.

[email protected]

Jack, you've done a great job with your Meagher Web Page. I stopped by in honor of my dear friend Rhea Meagher (pronounced Ma-HAR'), who lived in the Buffalo area, Erie Co., NY for many years. She was from a large family from Simcoe, Ontario, Canada and there she was buried in the 1980's. This information might help another Meagher researcher.

As an example of a Meagher, Rhea would do you all proud. She was splendid and funny, wise and independent. She had some struggles in life but carried them valiantly. She ran her own employment agency in Williamville, N.Y. and it was there I met her. She got me my first job when I was 14 years old. I miss her very much. Rhea was a lovely person. I admired and loved her. I always took my children to visit her in later years.

Best regards,

Karen Mohr
[email protected]
Mohr One-Name Study

I just recently found out I am a Maher. I was sidetracked by adoption for 42 years. My grandparents were born in Ireland around 1900. GF Russell Michael Maher and GM Catherine Maher lived in whitestone, NY Family was in the grocery business at some point. They had 5 children Maureen, Jack, Michael Russell, and Dennis. All alive today except for my dad, Michael Russell.

Please email me at miller782@msn.com if anyone has additional information. I have a brother Russell in upstate ny who lived on Long Island most of his life

age 37 Thanks Susan

Great page on the Maher name. Here is some information on my Maherancestors.

Ellen (MAHER) LYNCH, my great-grandmother, was born in 1876 in the Townland of Tincurry, Tubrid Parish, County Tipperary (near Cahir). She came to the United States in the late 1890_s, settling in Boston. She worked a while as a housekeeper and was a dressmaker at the time of her marriage to James LYNCH, my great-grandfather, in 1907. They had 4 sons (including my grandfather) and 1 daughter and lived in various locations in South Boston and Dorchester. She was widowed in 1926 after my great-grandfather was struck by a motor vehicle while working at a subway construction site. She lived the rest of her life in Boston and died in 1963. I was 2 years old when she died and don't remember her, but I do have a couple photographs of me with her.

Her parents were Michael and Margaret (WALL) MAHER. They were married in 1875. They were enumerated in the 1901 Irish Census along with their 3 youngest children as residents of Whitechurch (Townland and Parish). His age was listed as 60 and hers as 50. My great-aunt remembers being about 18 when her grandmother died in Ireland, which would have been around 1935. She also guesses her grandfather died around 1915.

My great-grandmother had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Like her, the 3 oldest siblings emigrated to Boston. The 3 youngest ones either stayed in Ireland or lived in England, and apparently they all died in the 1920_s (the information I have on them is sketchy). My great-grandmother_s siblings were:

Mary (1878-1965), who married Patrick TOBIN in 1912. They had no children.
James (1880-1962), whose wife_s name was Beatrice. They had a daughter.
Bridget (1882-1961), who married Richard WALSH in 1912. They had 4 daughters and 2 sons (including 2 sets of twins).
Michael (b. 1884). According to the birth index, a Patrick MAHER is recorded on the same page as Michael; possibly he was a twin brother who died young.
Margaret (b. 1888), whose married name may have been PURCELL. She had 3 daughters and 1 son.
Edward (b. 1891).

In searching through 1901 census records, I came across the following Maher families (listed ages are in parentheses):

John (70) and his wife Catherine (50) in Kilcoran, Tubrid Parish.
Patrick (30); his wife Mary (20); mother Mary (65); and children William (4), Johanna (2) and Kate (1) in Tubrid (Townland and Parish).
Pat (60) and his wife Mary (58) in Shonbally, Shanrahan Parish.
Thomas (60); his wife Johanna (60); and children Patrick (29), Ellen(25) and Thomas (23) in Kearah, Mortelstown Parish.

The e-mail address ([email protected]) is a company address, so any correspondence should be directed to me.

Dan Schwendenman

Albuquerque NM

My e-mail address is [email protected] My father is Michael Joseph Maher son of Michael Maher. He is one of 7 children born in Philadelphia during the 1920's. Both my grandfather Michael Maher and his wife Rose Melia Maher died in the early 1940's of TB. I'm not too clear about any of my Maher relations although I remember hearing about my grandfather staying with the Coleman family (some kind of relation) around 1914 at their funeral/family home in west Philadelphia. Don't know where to go from here for more information. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

Mary Rose Margaret Asher nee Maher

[email protected]

My mother's maiden name was Maher. She was born to Patrick and Louie (Johnson) Maher of Ft. Worth , Texas in 1913 or so. I once read a letter written by my great g-dad to my great g-mother before they were married, and he'd just arrived from Ireland, but I don't know from where. If anyone out there has any info, I'd sure like to hear from you.


[email protected]

Hi Jack, many thanks for the web page. I am a Maher from County Carlow. My parents came here to Albany NY in 1897. and remained here. They are buried here. I have done extensive research on the Maher family and have traveled to Ireland and visited the homeland of my ancestors. If anyone would like info on the Mahers from County Carlow and County Kilkenny, they may email me. I would be glad to provide what info I know.


[email protected]

Hello! My name is Suzanne Maher. I live in Western New York and am new to the Internet. I was glad to see that there is a place where I can make contact with other Maher's. Maher is my maiden name. I became interested when I visited the Maher page and found the same coat of arms that is in my parents home. I will be visiting this page more often to read about other Maher's around the world.

It is very interesting!!

[email protected]

My sister and I are researching our Maher tree. We know our great grandfather came from Ireland when he was between 5 and 16 years old. His name was John Maher. He was to join his family in Pennsylvania but did not. He ended up in Joliet, Illinois and married Margaret Hassett. He died in Emmett, SD on March 15th, 1915. He had 9 children born in Jolliet, Mayme, Elizabeth, Thomas(died as infant), John, James, Theresa, Irene, Daniel, Rose(died as infant). James married Florence Evelyn McIlvenna Jan. 20, 1920 in Beresford, SD. John married Elsie Spielmann Jan 20th, 1925 in Hartford, SD. His sons John and James(our grandfather) homesteaded in Souix county in North Dakota. Mayme married Ike Brunner. Elizabeth became a nun(Sister Joan). Theresa married John E. McIlvenna June 20th, 1920. Irene married John P. McEneaney Feb. 7th,1922 in Watauga, SD. Daniel married Ruth Selma Peace May 4, 1930 He was a policeman in Peoria, IL. James had 3 children; John, Mary, and Don. John is my father who lives in Mandan, ND.

We are having trouble finding the link to our Irish ancestors of John.

[email protected]

Hi, I am trying to find out about my family. All I know is that my Mother is Catherine or Kathleen Obrien, born 9th nov 1947 who married Thomas Maher, born September or October 1946{i think}. Thomas Maher has a sister Moira Maher. I was born in Donnegal in 1971 and now live in England. I don't know how to start looking for my relatives. I have no family I can get info on and don't possess a birth certificate to be able to get started. Is there any one who can help me as it is very important to me. Thanks for reading this.

Antoinette Maher. Email: [email protected]

My grandmother was Gertrude Ellen Meagher. She was born in Port Angeles, Washington and raised in Sumner, Washington. She had brothers and sisters in the Bay Area, California

Wm Seán Glen
2920 E 40th St
Tacoma, Washington

from [email protected] Judy Bishop, Yuma, AZ

What a wonderful surprise, to find the Maher page! I have been searching for information about my Irish greatgrandfather for about 6 years. His name was Thomas Maher, b. abt. 1830 in Ireland. He came to the U.S. abt. 1855 and settled, first, in Muscatine Co., IA. His naturalization papers are there,dated 1860. He didn't serve in the Civil War, so no help in military records. He married Eliza Jane (Reynolds) Simpkins in 1864. They moved to Johnson Co. IA, according to the 1870 census. I have found no family mentioned except that Daniel Maher signed his oath for citizenship as a witness. Daniel is buried in Marengo, Iowa Co. IA. Thomas and Eliza Jane moved to the Marengo area abt. 1890. I have found no death date or burial information for him.

Do you have a data base, which you put on the net? Several people mentioned,in their messages, that they had found connections in your information. If it is something you can share, I would appreciate receiving it. I have a Gedcom, but am a novice on the net and don't know how to send it via e-mail.

With instructions, I would be happy to try. I use PAF and Family Origins for my genealogy information.

Thank you for your work in making the Maher page available. I look forward to making some connections with other Iowa Mahers. (Pronounced Mayor by our family).

Mr. Wilson

I stumbled across your page and rekindled my intrest in my family's roots. The furthest that I have been able to trace my roots is a Joseph Maher, born in Ireland and immigrated to the US in the mid-19th century, settling in Iowa. His grandson, John Patrick Maher (b. 1913?- d. 1983? Colorado Springs, CO) was my grandfather. His wife Elsa Maher has done a bit of her own research. I was surprised to see that there are other Mahers in the Twin Cities. I came here from the DC area to go to school. I can't believe that no one has made mention of perhaps the best-known Maher, Bill Maher of Politically Incorrect Fame.

Colin Patrick Maher

[email protected]

Hi Jack,

This is conrad maher at: [email protected] I am one of a family of 15. Father Thomas Maher whose father was James Maher. They first settled in Monroe Wisconsin and later many of the family lived in South Dakota in the Vicinity of Brookings. My father had an Uncle named Tom Maher whom I met as an elderly gentleman in Souix Fall, S.D. in 1951. My father had brothers, Frank, Steve, John, Bernard and Jim as well as several sisters. One of Steve's daughters is apparently researching this branch of the Maher's.

My father told us that when his grandfather came to the U.S. at the time of the potato famine, he did not say goodbye to his parents because he left in the middle of the night. This was done because the parents did not tell them how old they were as they had to be 21 to indenture themselves for the passage to the U.S. The GG Dad who left Ireland at that time stood outside his parents bedroom and cried because he knew he would never see his mother again. What is so sad is that they became so busy making a go of it in the new conditions, I don't think many of them ever communicated with the parents left behind by mail. When they came to the states they came with first cousins named Cudahay who went into the meat packing business in the Chicago area and became quite successful. My grandfather James was a successful farmer in South Dakota where he and his sons farmed more than 600 acres of land(under plow) with up to 50 head of horses. They plowed in the fall until the ground froze with 8 horse teams, stopping to change teams at mid day. When the ground froze, they picked corn until the ground thawed in the spring and the remainder of the plowing and then planting was undertaken. More some other time. You can also reach me through my son

Conrad Christian Maher: [email protected] I will be visiting him in the near future and he will want to know some more about his ancestors.

If you would like to add your Query (sorry Maher, Mahar, Meaghers and variants only) to this page, mail your query to Jack Wilson . Please include your e-mail address in the message. Sometime they don't appear in your e-mail header. I will try to add it as soon as possible but it could take up to a month, please be patient.

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