Thank you for your inquiry to the Genealogy Division of the Stark County District Library in Canton, OH. The library has an excellent collection which includes nearly all of the county's early courthouse records, as well as many other sources for the area.

On request, the staff can search any of the indexed records for patrons living outside Stark County. We answer our mail and e-mail in order of receipt. Currently we receive an average of 150 to 200 requests for research per month, so it may be a few weeks before you will receive a response. Please be patient. If you have not heard back from us within a month, please contact us again to be sure we received the request.

The library charges no fee for a search, but we do ask that you pay for any copies made, as well as postage. Currently, copies are $.25 per page for letter-size and $.50 per page for 11" x 17" paper. Paper size is determined by the library. The staff will research your request and send you any pertinent copies along with an invoice stating all charges.

To aid in our research, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

1. Be sure to include your snail-mail address [regular postal address] with all e-mail correspondence. Copies of records can not be sent without it.

2. Make your requests as specific as possible. (i.e. a marriage, census, death, probate, etc. for a specific person) As much as we would like to, we simply can't answer the "anything-you-can-find" requests on a person or surname.

3. Please limit your requests to 2 to 3 vital statistics, or one estate, per e-mail.

4. Please give enough detail to facilitate finding the records you want -full names of pertinent parties as well as the exact or approximate date of the event. However, do not include so much that we get bogged down in extraneous information.

5. Please include variant spelling of the names about which you are inquiring. Also, if the name is pronounced differently than the spelling would indicate, a phonetic spelling is most helpful.

Following is a list of the most requested Stark County records in our collection. Any further restrictions, beyond those stated above, will be included here.

VITAL RECORDS: Birth & Death 1867-1908 (both indexed); Marriage 1809-1986 (index 1809-1972).

PROBATE RECORDS: Original estate packets 1809-1920; index to all estates, with or without wills, 1809-1914; index to estates with wills 1809-1986.

GUARDIANSHIPS: Original guardianship packets 1809-1923; index 1816-1900.

NATURALIZATIONS: 1809-1852 & 1861-1903 (all indexed). We don't have all the Declarations of Intention from the late 1800s, but we do have all the Final Naturalizations for the years stated.

LAND RECORDS: Deeds 1809-1894; Index to Deeds 1809-1916; Range Records 1809-1900. We can search for a specific deed if you supply us with an approximate date, (within 5 or 10 years). We can't search for any/all purchases and sales for a given person or surname.

MILITARY RECORDS: Stark County Veterans' Grave Registrations (indexed); Revolutionary Veterans Buried in Stark County, OH (indexed); The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion (indexed, but still difficult to search, especially if requesting a common name); D.A.R. Patriot Index; D.A.R. Honor Roll (indexed); 1890 Ohio Union Veterans' and Widows' Census (Stark & Tuscarawas Cos. indexed, the rest unindexed, arranged by county and then twp., can search one twp. per letter).

CENSUS: Please indicate year and county of residence, as well as names of family members at that time, if known. If county is not known, and the name is too common, a search can not be made. The library has the following census records:

1. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: 1800-1880, indices for 1800, 1820, 1860, & 1870.
2. KENTUCKY: 1800-1880 (all counties), indices through 1850.
3. MARYLAND: 1790-1880 (all counties), indices through 1850.
4. NEW YORK: 1790-1870 (all counties), indices through 1850, 1870 for New York City and Long Island only.
5. OHIO: 1820-1920 (all counties), indices 1820-1860, scattered counties for 1870, and 1880-1920.
6. PENNSYLVANIA: 1790-1880 (all counties), indices 1790-1860, 1870 only partially indexed.
7. VIRGINIA: 1790, 1810-1880 (all counties), indices through 1870.
8. WEST VIRGINIA: 1870 & 1880 (all counties), indices for both years.

COUNTY HISTORIES: We have four Stark County histories with every-name indices that date from 1881, 1896, 1904, and 1950.

ATLASES: Our Stark County atlases are from the years 1855, 1875, 1896, and ca 1923. Only the 1875 is fully indexed. The others can possibly be searched if you supply the township of residence.

CEMETERY RECORDS: The whole county has been copied. Pre-1900 has an every-name index, post-1900 is surname-indexed only. We can search the post-1900 records if surname is not a common one. If you can supply the township of residence at death, it would help. If the name is too common, please supply the name of the cemetery, otherwise a search can not be made.

NEWSPAPERS: Only a small portion of the newspapers have been indexed. Deaths and marriages from The Canton Repository have been indexed 1815-1834 and are in the process of being indexed further. Obituaries only are indexed 1957 to the present. There are several other papers for Canton, including some in German, but they are not indexed.

CITY DIRECTORIES: Canton City Directories 1859 & 1876 to the present; Massillon City Directories 1859, 1880, 1915, 1927, 1942, and 1964 to the present; Alliance City Directories for most years between 1916 and the present. We can search these for a ten-year span per letter. City Directories were not necessarily published every year--they can run every 2 or 3 years.

As you can see, the Stark County District Library has quite an extensive genealogy collection, and it is growing all the time. We also have materials on the rest of Ohio as well as Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia & West Virginia, however, we will not have as complete a collection on these other areas as we have for Stark County. If you have any questions about the collection, or would like to receive research by e-mail, please don't hesitate to contact
Stark County District Library
715 Market Ave. North
Canton, OH 44702-1080
Phone: (330) 452-0665
Genealogy Web Page

Please include your postal address with all email correspondence. Thank you.