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"Ohio Lands - A Short History"
Table of Contents

Introduction by Jim Petro, Auditor of State

Prehistoric Man and the Indians

European Explorations

Claims to the Northwest Territory and State Reserves

Virginia Military District

Connecticut Western Reserve

Fire Lands or Sufferers Lands

Congressional Control of the Western Territory

Northwest Ordinance

Statehood and the State Capitals

Federal Rectangular Survey System

Land Sales under the Confederation

Ohio Company Purchase

Donation Tract

Symmes Purchase

Federal Land Offices and Sales in Ohio

United States Military District

Michigan Survey

Moravian Indian Grants

French Grants

Refugee Tract

Zanes's Tract

Dohrman Grant

Other Grants to Individuals

Federal Military Reservations(Forts)

Fort Washington

Twelve Mile Square Reservation

Two Mile Square Reservation

Grants to the State of Ohio

School Lands - Section 16

Ministerial Lands - Section 29

Canal Lands

Wagon Road or Turnpike Lands

Salt Reservations

Swamp Lands

Ohio University

Miami University

Ohio State University


Ordinance of July 13, 1787: An ordinance for the government of the territory of the United States northwest of the river Ohio

The Northwest Territory

The Origin of Ohio's County Names

National Archives

Bureau of Land Management

Deed Records

Deeds from the State of Ohio

Additional Reading (Bibliography)

Section of Land (Grahic of 640 acres)

Ohio's Major Land Surveys (Federal land offices in Ohio, years of operation, and successor offices)

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Eighth Edition - September 1996

"Ohio Lands - A Short History"
ReTyped & Graphics Rescanned December 1997
by Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman
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