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"Ohio Lands - A Short History"


The National Archives and Records Administration, Suitland Reference Branch (NNRR), Suitland, Md. 20409 has original land entry records in its Record Group 49-Records of the Bureau of Land Management. Major record series within this group are: Credit and Cash Entry files (Final Certificates), Bounty Land Warrant Records and Warrants exchanged for scrip. These records often contain more information than the U.S. Patent. The cost is reasonable with no research charges. To access the Credit and Cash entry files, send the entry data provided by the State of Ohio Archives, 1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497 to the BLM, Eastern State�s Office. Request BLM to provide you the type of file and the land entry file number listed in their Tract Books for the entry. Send the combined information to the National Archives Suitland Reference Branch.

Federal Bounty Land application files are found in Records Series 15, Records of the Veterans Administration, write National Archives, Military Reference Branch (NNRM), Washington, D.C. 20408, for request forms and current charges.


The State of Ohio Archives does not have copies of U.S. Patents or warrants. However, the State Archives will provide the entry information needed to obtain these records. To obtain a copy of the U.S. Patent issued for land in the Virginia Military District, first write to the National Archives, Suitland Reference Branch (NNRR). Provide them the entry/survey number, date of entry/survey, warrant number, warrantee, and name of assignee. Request the patent volume and page number which is on the entry record. With the information National Archives provides, write to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Eastern States Office, 7450 Boston Blvd., Springfield, Virginia 22153-3121. A copy of a U.S. Patent costs $15.

U.S. Patents for land designed by Range, Township, and Section, should be requested directly from the BLM Eastern States Office. Be sure to provide BLM the entry data and legal description.


The county recorder in each county maintains deed, mortgage and lease records. Ohio�s 88 counties evolved over a period of 63 years. Researchers may have to search the land records of several counties for real estate transactions prior to 1851. It is not unusual to find deeds filed 20 years or more after the purchase date.


Copies of nearly all deeds for lands sold by the state of Ohio, from 1837 to the present day, are recorded in the Auditor of State�s Land Office, which is the office of Record. Included are deeds conveying school, ministerial, swamp, salt reservations, canal lands and miscellaneous. Index is alphabetical by surname, given name, and contains about 23,000 cards. Write the Auditor of State�s Land Office, 35 E. Gay Street, 1st Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Map of Ohio Land Deed Sections

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