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St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a whirl of hearts, candy, and good wishes in the form of red and white cards saying, "Be My Valentine."

The day derives from the old Roman feast of Lupercalia, the "lovers' festival," celebrated on February 15. However, in 496 Pope Gelasius changed the date to February 14, St. Valentine's day. The romance and fun of the Roman holiday have remained, tangled with many ancient customs and superstitions.

In England custom decrees that if a single girl walks around a certain church twelve times at midnight and says, "I sow hempseed, hempseed I sow, he that loves me best, come after me now," her true valentine will appear. In Sicily, it is said that if a young lady gets up at sunrise on Saint Valentine's day to peer through her window, the first single man to walk by, or someone like him, is the man she will marry.


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