Tian's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - October 1998

Tian Uddenberg's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - October 1998

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I am hoping that the following information will jog somebody's memory. The connection to the Madeira exiles in this list is tenuous, but the situation is so unusual that maybe someone has seen a reference somewhere. I begin in Trinidad, where:

Joseph Augustus DeFraites, A Portuguese apostate (later baptized in the Anglican Church) who died in Trinidad and his wife, also Portuguese, became an apostate in Trinidad, and died a leader of "the infamous (illegible) sect".

Note: the above comes from notations in the baptismal record of their child located in St. Kitts.

Child: Joseph Augustus De Fraites, born Trinidad, 1853. Baptized in St. Kitts in the Catholic Church Oct. 1878. Married at least once, in March 1877 in St. Kitts, to Caroline Elinora DaCosta, daughter of Bento Joaquim da Costa.

Children; All of whom immigrated to New York between 1895 and 1905. In most cases, the surname was changed after arrival in the US to 'Fraites':
Joseph Augustus DeFraites, b. St. Kitts 1882. Imm. New York 1896
Virginia DeFraites, b. St. Kitts 1874
Alfred DeFraites, b. St. Kitts 1887
Albert DeFraites, b. St. Kits 1872
Caroline DeFraites, b. St. Kitts 1879
Emilia DeFraites, b. St. Kitts 1884

I myself am not a descendant of any of the above, but am helping two people who are cousins, both descendants of J.A.DeFraites born in St. Kitts. Any help re any of the above gratefully received.
Tian Uddenberg

See a connection? Please send an email to Tian Uddenberg.

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