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Hi to all,
I was only going to lurk about when I first joined the list about a week ago, but too many familiar names are being discussed and the bug bit again. Katy, I am Jim McAulay's daughter, Virginia. He speaks of you often and delights in hearing from you.

To the rest of the list I am a gr gr grandaughter of Joseph A. Fernandes and Mary Gomes. It has been a few years since I researched in Jacksonville, but I have collected quite a few pieces of info, which I will start digging out and posting as time allows.

I have been working on that McAulay (Scotch) line very diligently this spring but of course it will take me back to the Fernandes research eventually.

The Fernandes line is:
Joseph A. Fernandes/Mary Gomes
Sofie Rosetta Fernandes/Rufus Harlon Vaughn
Estelle Hortense Vaughn/George McAulay
James Orlan McAulay/Myrtle Cecelia Shields(my parents)
Virginia Lee McAulay

I hope I will find something new to all of you to contribute soon.
Virginia Payne

See a connection? Please send an email to Virginia

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