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Just subscribed to the list and have just started on researching my husband's family. We just got back from visiting relatives in Jacksonville, IL, and got the following infromation from family.

grandfather: David Ferreria Lomelino
born Jan 29, 1879 Morgan IL
d April 5, 1948
married Daisy Gertrude Birdsell Jan 5, 1916 (d Sept 8, 1979)

gr grandfather: Emanuel Ferreria Lomelino
b Trindad, West Indies April 1, 1849
d Jan11, 1912
married Joaquina Correia (have found many different spellings for name) b 1844 and 1851 as birth year, Madeira;
they were married Nov 3, 1870 Morgan Il

gr gr grandfather: Joseph Ferreira Lomelino
b Dec 10, 1814 Madeira
d Feb 13, 1878 Morgan IL
maried Jozifa Nunis in Trinidad.
Joseph and family went to Morgan IL in 1851.

NEW UPDATE as of August 1999:

I am looking for information on JAKENA BAPTISTA CORREIA. Not sure about her date of birth I have anything from 1844 to 1851. She married Emmanuel Ferriera Lomelino Nov 3, 1870 and died April 25, 1932. There is a story that she came to the U.S. when she was about 8 years old. She was left in Madeira when her parents came to the U.S. because she was ill and not expected to live. The captain of the ship refused to allow her aboard because she was sick, claiming her illness would cause the ship to be destroyed by a whale. She was probably left in Madeira with a relative possibly her older brother LUIS as he did not come to the U.S. She did come later, (don't know who she came with) and may have gone to Brazil first. She came about 1859 to the U.S. and settled first in Naples, IL. Her family is believed to have been fishermen and wine makers. She had one other brother EMMANUEL who came to the U.S. Would appreciate any information.

Here is some more LOMELINO information...

Emanuel Ferriera Lomelino b. April 1, 1849 Trindad, West Indies d Jan 11, 1912 IL
m. Jakena BAPTISTA CORREA Nov 3, 1870 Morgan IL

Joseph Ferriera Lomelino b Dec 11, 1815 Santo Serra,Madeira d Feb 13, 1878 IL
m Josaphina Nunes March 28, 1848 St. Ann's Chruch of Scotland at Port of Spain Trindad, West Indies

Joao Ferreira Lomelino b. March 30, 1781 in Machico
m Mariana Joaquina de Freitas June 10, 1811

Manuel Ferreira Lomelino b abt 1748 Madeira
m. Eduarda Maria de Freitas Feb 20 ,1773 Machico, Madeira

Antonio Ferreira de Vasconcellos (Lomelino) b abt 1718
m Francisca Bernarda Bettencourt E. Freitas.

I have some children listed if anyone is interested. Also, I have not verified all of this data.

Would appreciate any information on this line and glad to share what I have.

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