Kevin's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - March 1999

Kevin Nunes' SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - March 1999

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I recently received some information from Madeira, more details from my family history. I am hoping that by posting it, I may find someone with a connection to one/some of these people. Please review, and advise of any connections.

FIRST GENERATION, my great grandparents:

1. Manuel NUNES was born on 21 July 1864 in Ponta do Sol, Madeira Island, Portugal.
Died on 8 April 1931 in Taunton Mass. He also had a sister (Maria, born 14 November 1860) and a brother (Francisco, born 12 September 1867).
2. Carlota Isabel BARBEITO was born on 20 March 1874 in Arco da Calheta, Madeira Island, Portugal.
Died on 19 July 1963 in Taunton Mass. She also had a brother (Francisco, no birth information known at this time).


3. Antonio NUNES was born about 1840 in Madeira Island, Portugal.
4. Maria DE JESUS was born about 1840 in Madeira Island, Portugal.
5. Jose' BARBEITO DE CANHA was born about 1838 in Arco da Calheta, Madeira Island, Portugal.
6. Joana DA ENCARNACAO was born about 1835 in Arco da Calheta, Madeira Island, Portugal.


7. Antonio NUNES
9. Matias ( or Mateus) DA SILVA, DE ABREU, FERREIRA
The baptism certificate of each grandchild lists a different last name. With Portuguese surname use, it could be all three. This hopefully will be confirmed in some way at a later date.
10. Maria DE JESUS
11. Jose' Joaquim BARBEITO
12. Carlota Joaquina DE CANHA
13. Manuel DA SILVA

Thank you,

Kevin Nunes in Taunton Massachusetts


There is a very old story in our family about our GG-grandmother (Jesuina DA INCARNACAO) working for Abraham Lincoln as a housekeeper. I never paid much attention to it because they also said that it was not in Washington DC, but in Springfield IL. I just couldn't figure out how or why someone would go from Madeira to IL. and back in those days. Then I saw the postings and I believe that it may in fact have been very possible for this to happen.

The other surnames from Madeira that I am researching at this point are NUNES, BARBEITO and DE JESUS. We have no "stories" about any people with any of the other names being involved in this, but you never know. Maybe the only one that was passed down was the one with the Lincoln Connection.

To this point I have found no one with the surname DA INCARNACAO recorded in any of the reference information. Please note it is a devotional name, and I am not sure when she began to use it. While in Illinois she may have used her actual surname, that was her father's name. However, I don't know anything about her parents, so I do not currently know what other surnames to look for. She married my GG-grandfather Jose BARBEITO, we believe upon returning to Madeira. I cannot say for sure if he also had been an exile, but no stories were ever passed down about him, so I doubt it.

Though I do not know where they originally came from on Madeira, they brought their children up (at least two, Francisco BARBEITO, and my Ggrandmother, Carlota BARBEITO) in Arco Da Calheta. Carlota was born March 20, 1873 and died July 19, 1963 in Taunton Massachusetts. She married Manuel NUNES in the Cathedral of Funchal, sometime prior to August 1899.

I am hoping that by giving some post "exile" information, someone somewhere may have something that will help my search.

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