Katy's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - November 1998

Katy's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - November 1998

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FERNANDES, GOMES, Baptista, Ferreira, Lomline/Lomelino, Vieira, Rodrigues, Martin/Martines

Joze/Joseph A. FERNANDES
(c. 1829 Madeira - 8 Mar 1895 Jacksonville, IL)
(16 Aug 1833 Madeira - 16 Aug 1913 Springfield, IL - she died on her 80th birthday)
Their children:
1. Daniel H. (c. 1854 IL - 1915 Guthrie, OK)
md. Clara, had son Winfred, daughter Grace

2. Jessie (Jezuina?) (1856-1921)
md. Joseph J. SMITH(FERREIRA) 1876 Jacksonville
children: Edward, Irvin, James W., Joseph E., Howard T, Lottie

3. Belle (c. 1858-1881/1885)
md. Anderson S. SMITH (DELOMLINE) 1876 Springfield
children: Laura B., Nellie M., Lizzie

4. Samuel A. (1859-1942)
md. (1) Sarah A. SMITH(FERREIRA) 1886 Jacksonville
md (2) Katherine TOOMEY 1890 Lincoln, IL
daughter: Lucille

5. James H. (1861-1930)
md. Nora L. SMITH 1896 Jacksonville
children: Elvia, Lonnie, Vermeta, Armenta

6. Mary (c. 1862-bef Mar 1899)

7. Joseph W. (1864-1947)
md. Isabel VIEIRA 1888 Jacksonville
children: Laurence J., Cleolla, Hubert, Beulah

8. Florence (1867-1925)
md. John R. RODERICK(RODRIGUES) 1890 Springfield
children: Jessie, Daniel, Wilbur, Ada, Granville, Fred, Augusta, Ralph

9. Sophia (1868-1909)
md. Rufus H. VAUGHN 1889 Jacksonville
children: Rufus, Estella, Sophia, Mabel, Herbert, Goldie, Walter, James, Pearl

10. Justin/Justinia (born Sep 1869)

11. Gertrude M. (1870-1940)
md. Benjamin HENSON

12. Jennie M. (1872-1943)
md. Silas B. HILL 1892 Jacksonville
children: Elsie "Faith, Zada "Carol", Frances

13. John C. (1874-1910)
md. Nettie SMITH
children: Orville "Don", Olive, Lillian

14. Edward G. (1881-1937)
md. (1) Mary Ann CONDON
children: Albert E., Lucille, Russell A.
md. (2) Bertha

15. Mabel D. (1882-1882)

In 1858, Joseph & Mary FERNANDES are listed on two deeds in Morgan County with another couple, Manuel & Antonia FERNANDES.

After Joseph's death, Mary married Frank MARTIN(MARTINES) in 1899.

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