Jo-Anne's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - December 1998

Jo-Anne's SURNAME & RESEARCH STATUS - December 1998

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Hi, everyone!

Just joined the mailing list, and it's great not to be on my own any more!

My name is Jo-Anne Ferreira, and from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. (Lots of touristy and cultural websites I can send if anyone's interested!) On my father's side, I am descended from Madeirans who migrated to Trinidad and Tobago at varying stages over the last 150 years. On my mother's side, my ancestors were Amerindian, Irish, English, West African (possibly Nigerian), Canary Islanders, Venezuelans, and possibly Dutch. Quite a mix, or a callaloo, as we say (a wonderful, tasty soup of many different ingredients blended together). As you see, I am interested in ... my family forests! :-)

On my Dad's maternal side, our surnames are
*Vasconcellos and
*de Souza.

On his paternal side, we are
*de Freitas and

My granny's father, Manuel Vasconcellos de Souza and his sister, Cristina de Souza, migrated from *Machico in Madeira this century. The Vieiras and Ferreiras also came directly to Trinidad, while the Sabinos and de Freitases came via Guyana (then British Guiana, or Demerara). My grandmother, who is 92 now, and my grandfather (now deceased) twice passed through Madeira, and Granny used to keep in touch with one of her cousins, *Georgina Correia.

I am currently finalising my Ph.D. thesis at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus. My research interests are many, but right now I'm focussing on the LANGUAGE and SOCIAL HISTORY of the PORTUGUESE community in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (T&T), which includes both Catholics and Presbyterians. I published some of my findings in 1994, in a book entitled "The Portuguese of Trinidad and Tobago: Portrait of an Ethnic Minority." If anyone is interested, please feel free to write, and I will be happy to supply details on distributors in the US and Caribbean, etc.

I think you all might be interested in this:
It's the editorial from the Trinidad Guardian from Tuesday, 2 December 1997, all about the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Madeiran Presbyterian refugees in Trinidad. Yes, folks, there are Presbyterian Luso-Trinidadians around today. Some of their names are Mendes, de Nobriga, Cabral, Ferreira and others. I myself am not descended from the Madeiran Presbyterian 'refugees' (most people in the States call them 'exiles'), but I am completely fascinated by their history. So far I've visited four churches founded by the exiles - one here, one in Jacksonville, IL, one in Funchal and one in Rio de Janeiro, as well as several Luso libraries, including ones in Madeira, Lisbon, the US and Brazil. I love my work!

Well, guess that's enough for now. I wish there were more of us in Trinidad doing similar research! Look forward to 'meeting' you all. Feel free to ask any questions about my work and/or about the community here. Hope I can answer!


See a connection? Please send an email to Jo-Anne.

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