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Hi I am looking for a Nunes family from Maderia. Probably the original last name was Nunos De Viveiros. This name comes from a will probated In Jacksonville April 27, 1937. It names my father as a nephew of Charles Nunes De Viveiros. I believe he was the last of the family who came over or maybe he was born here(big ??? mark) I have been looking at the ship passsenger lists both on line (your site) and also searching other lists ofships such as the;
Ship; Date arrived in N.Y.; From: Captain
Ruth; March 28, 1849; Maderia; Cap. Jobez Stevens
Caroline; June 29, 1849; Maderia; Cap. Joseph B. Loving
Matamoras; May 8, 1850; Maderia; Cap. Warren Wass
Tentativa; May 9, 1850; Madeira; Cap. Abraro Antonio Carden
Eliza Jane; Aug.20 1850; Mederia; Cap. William H. Brown

I will be interested in any comments or other clues.

Mary Ellen Nunes Hicks - Raleigh, NC

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