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I am so pleased to meet you and have a chance of meeting others with similar interests. I tend to ramble on, but here goes.

I can remember my father telling me of his grandfather being imprissoned during the challenging times in Madeira. He was in a dark cell and so to follow the text while reading his bible he ran his finger along the text line. Dad said that he erased many lines just by repetitively mmoving his finger along. At Xmas and Thanksgiving when we had the wonderful turkey dinner Dad would always do the carving, and every time he would call the turkey's rear end the "popes nose." I think that was an unkind remembrance of those days passed on through the generations.

My grandfather and grandmother were about seven years old on the trip over. They later married. I can remember my father saying that his dad was with General Sherman in the march through Georgia. There is no one left to ask why the delay in passage to America. (from 1846 riot to 1853 emigration)

Emanuel [Matta] DeFreitas
Manuel and Domingas arrived at Port of New York on Nov.18,1853 on Dow Bark "Millie and Rachel."
Born 15 Sept 1805, Santa Cruz, Madeira
Died 07 March,1893, Jacksonville
Burial Jacksonville East Cemetary,plot 150

Domingas DeFreitas
Born Aug. 1805

Antonio M. DeFreitas, Baptzed Santo Antnio DeSerra Church, Ribera De Joco
Born Aug. 1846
Gonsalves, Santa Cruz,Madeira, Santa Cruz
Pvt. Co. A 10th Reg't. Ill Infantry
Died,Sept. 1902
Jacksonville East Cemetary,Jacksonville

Wife Mary E. Gouveia
Born 10 May 1852 Madeira.
Married Mar. 1852

Rebecca,Robert Kelly, Adeline,Rosabela,Charles E.[my dad], Grace,Mary Ellen.

If I have any relatives out there please speak up.


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