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BAPTISTA from Camacha

I'm studing my wife's and miself ancestors. They came from Madeira.

my ancestors are the BAPTISTA from camacha.

my wife's ancestors are from Funchal and estreito de Camara de Lobos. Figueira, Perestrelo, CAmara, favila, Bianchi, Pinto Correia,.... etc.

They were catholic. My GGrand mother left Madeira around 1870. My wife's family still lives there.

My wife's ggrand mother was born in georgetown, as well as her sisters and brother named:
Maria Gomes Henriques - Mi wife's Ggrand mother
Julia Gomes henriques
Virginia Gomes Henriques
Jo„o Gomes Henriques

All of them are sons of Francisco Gomes Henriques and Feliciana Gomes Henriques born in Madeira.

Maria married with Manuel Josť Perestrello Favila Vieira in Funchal

Francisco Braz Teixeira

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