Madeira Exiles: Photographs and Images
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These images are organized as follows:

  • ca 1870 Tintype: Mary GONCALVES PEREIRA BAPTISTA & infant daughter, perhaps Mary PEREIRA/PRAIRIE ; Jacksonville, IL
  • ca 1890: Mary PEREIRA/PRAIRIE (later married John Devares FERNANDES) & Unknown Friend; Jacksonville, IL
  • ca 1908: Percy FERNANDES & Laura FERREIRA; possibly their wedding photo (submitted by Kim E.)
  • ca 1915: John Devares FERNANDES; Jacksonville, IL
  • ca 1910: Will DAY; Jacksonville, IL
  • ca 1936: Martha Uuanitai FERNANDES; Jacksonville, IL
  • ca1910??Family of Sam FERNANDES & Lydia NUNES; Jacksonville, IL

  • Tom & Bernice FERNANDES These are Kim Fernandes Edgerton's grandparents
  • 1950 FERNANDES clan Sitting(L-R): Floyd, Pete, Terry (baby), Thomas Sr; Standing: Richard (Kim's dad), Chris, Leona, Bernice, Thomas Jr. The wives are standing behind their husbands.

  • Annabel, Nancy, Verdie and Edna FERNANDES: 3 photos from 1912-1927 submitted by Bob Hurford and Verdell & Clarence Thompson. These girls are the daughters of Henry Sanders FERNANDES.

  • FERREIRA - Jacksonville East Cemetery John (1854-1921) and Eliza (1855-1933) FERREIRA; Antonio (1828-1906) and Mary (1825-1915); Courtesy of Kim Edgerton

  • TRINIDAD SCHOOL The Exile's one-room schoolhouse outside Jacksonville, on "Portuguese Hill"
  • NORTHMINSTER CHURCH - Exterior Formerly the Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville
  • NORTHMINSTER CHURCH - Interior Formerly the Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville

  • Map of Trinidad & Tobago
  • The Old Boissiére Gingerbread House Queen's Park West, P.O.S.; Courtesy of David H., as identified by Jo-Anne F.
  • Fort George Signal Station overlooking Port of Spain Courtesy of David H.
  • North Coast of Trinidad Courtesy of David H.
  • North Coast of Tobago Courtesy of David H.

  • The Quinta Vigia -- formerly The Quinta das Angustias- mid 1850s: If you read the Summary of Events, this is the home of the "Rutherford Ladies" which was stormed by the anti-Calvinistas. A pretty impressive place. It is now the official residence of the Governor of Madeira.
  • The Quinta Vigia -- formerly The Quinta das Angustias - 1990s: What it looks like today as the Governer's residence.
  • Machico, Madeira A view of this valley and city. Many of Dr. Kalley's converts lived in Machico.
  • Link to Madeira-Web's Map of Madeira

  • Madeira, April 1999 Photos of Madeira courtesy of Marsha & Chuck Kleber.

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