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This information is organized as follows:

Illinois Records & Vital Statistics
  • Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates: Call the County Clerk (Morgan Co 217-243-8581; Sangamon Co 217-753-6700) to confirm prices/process. ** The County Courthouse has birth/death certificates from 1877/1878 to today. They have marriage certificates starting from the 1820s. Parents names were added to marriage certificates in 1878. ** Send your check and a letter indicating that you are doing genealogical research and provide as much info as possible, including approximate years.
    INFO AS OF JUNE 2003:
    Sangamon County Clerk 200 South 9th Street, Room 101; Springfield, IL 62701 (Check or Money Order) Inside USA, return postage is included in cost of certificate. $12/Marriage and Birth Certificates; $14/Death Certificate.
    Morgan County Clerk PO 1387, Jacksonville, IL 62651-1387 (Check or Money Order) Send SASE and a copy of some form of ID (eg, your driver's license). $7/Marriage and Birth Certifiates; $9/Death Certificate.

  • Naturalization Records: Call the County Circuit Clerk (Morgan Co 217-243-5419; Sangamon Co 217-753-6674) to confirm prices/process. In 1998, Morgan Co charged $4/name plus copying fees to check for naturalization records. Send letter and check with name(s)/pertinent details on ancestors. Mailing Info: Morgan County Circuit Clerk, PO 1120, Jacksonville, IL 62651.
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    Genealogical & Historical Societies
    • Jacksonville Genealogical and Historical Society 217-245-5911; 416 S. Main Street, Jacksonville, IL 62650-2904; Contact - Mary Frances Alkire. Or email them...[email protected]

    • Springfield IL State Historical Society: 313 So. 6th Street, Springfield, IL; 217-785-7930
      Call to confirm prices/process. $10/family research fee. Society has index to many resources including census summaries, cemetery summaries, marriage licenses, land ownerships, histories, biographies, etc.

    • Illinois Regional Archives (IRAD): stores original (old) documents for county

    • FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS: Some of our Portuguese ancestors were very active members of the IL Masonic Lodges, Modern Woodmen, etc. These organizations may have information you can use. I was unsuccesful with these resources, but I am sharing all the phone numbers and details that I uncovered during my research. Hopefully, it will help you.

      Please don't forget to check the ONLINE RESOURCES page.

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    Miscellaneous Information
    • Morgan County (wherein lies Jacksonville, IL) was created in 1823 from Sangamon County (Springfield, IL).

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    Related FHC/LDS Films Index

    1. Madeira Documentos Civis 1852-1881, LDS #1161277
    2. Madeira Registros de Passaportes 1830-1835, 1853-1874, LDS #1161275
    3. Madeira Documentos referentes a passapoartes 1853-1871, LDS #1161273
    4. Inventory of County Archives of Illinois, No 69, Morgan County, LDS reel #0908550 item 2
    5. Historical Encyclopedia of Morgan County 1906 - LDS #0896937
    6. All Morgan County Cemeteries - LDS #1317760 item 5, #1317761
    7. Rogers Cemetry, IL - LDS #0848591 item 2
    8. 1850 Morgan County Census - E. Gochanour, LDS #6089181, # 6089182
    9. 1860 Morgan County Census - E. Gochanour, LDS #6088048
    10. 1870 Morgan County Census - E. Gochanour, no LDS fiche. 977.3463, x29g

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