Braga Hotels
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Braga Hotels
[Updated January 2002]

All amounts are in EUROS. Excepting the Youth Hostel, all prices are for two people/night and include breakfast, private bath, telefone, and elevator.
As these are high season rates, prices from October to March will probably be slightly lower.

NOTE: When you check-in, the hotel will ask to keep your passports. This is normal.
Hotels are required to fill out government paperwork which requires your passport information.

If you want...

...budget accomodations: stay at the Residência Avenida - but remember that parking is not included.

... accomodations for children: A double room at Hotel Carandá gives the best combo of cheap and clean but if you want something that is "Portuguese" then try a suite at Senhora-a-Branca. This lovely, but small, hotel is located at the quiet end of the Praça de República (playground, fountains, McDonalds, etc)... and perhaps the mini-frig, tiny sitting room and separate bedroom are worth the extra cost. (What price sanity?)
No matter where you stay, bring your scooter. Adults can stroll through Historic Old Braga at their leisure, while the kids roam ahead on their scooters.

... something fancy, located outside the city: Hotel do Elevador/Hotel do Parque. Bring a suitcoat.

... a pool (summer only): Hotel Carandá guests can use the outdoor pool at a sister hotel, one block away. Then again, Braga has four municipal pools available for everyone to use... and an ocean-full of beaches just under an hour away.

For two people, the youth hostel is not much cheaper than the Residência Avenida.

LOCATION: Close to City Center. 10 minute walk to Klebers.

COST: about $12/person - but this does NOT include breakfast.

Great location. Hotel is definitely rundown yet full of funky antiques. Parking NOT included but available nearby at approx $5/day. (Or aquaint yourself with the city by searching for street parking.)

LOCATION: Heart of Historic City Center. 6 minute walk to Klebers.

COST: $32/double. Some of the double rooms are quite large with two full-sized beds, to accomodate families. Extra bed in room=$5.

Great location for this charming little Portuguese hotel. Suites have balconies and small living room with mini-frigerator. Views of Braga countryside.

LOCATION: Historic City Center. 6 minute walk to Klebers.

COST: $45/double; $60/suite. Parking included. Suite with 2-3kids=$85.

Clean, modern and priced-right but, unfortunately, very bland. There's more of Peoria, than of Portugal, about the place. Access to outdoor pool and parking, one block away at sister hotel.

LOCATION: Main Braga street. 9 minute walk to Klebers.

COST: $42/double + $3.50 for parking.
Children 0-2 years old are free; 3-12 years have 30% discount.
For example: family of four with two children (aged 6 & 2) sharing this double (photo) = $48/night.

These are Braga's most expensive hotels, with fine furnishings and sweeping views. Parking included. Restaurant onsite.

LOCATION: Both hotels are nestled with Bom Jesus (photo--far right) on a mountaintop overlooking Braga. 10-15 minute drive to Klebers, plus time required to find local street parking.

COST: $88/double; $126/suite. (Kids 0-8 free in parent's room.)

Hope to see you soon!

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