Braga, Portugal
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Braga (pronounced BRAH-guh) is located in Northern Portugal less than an hour outside Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. With approximately 150,000 people, Braga is the third largest city in Portugal and well-established as the religious center of this proudly Catholic country.

Believe it or not, Braga averages 30% more rain per year than Seattle. Braga winter high temps are in the mid-50s, about 10 degrees warmer than Seattle; summer highs are comparable between Seattle and Braga (mid 70s). This weather page includes a 10-day Braga forecast plus a nice chart of average annual temperatures and rainfall. has excellent introductory information. At the bottom of the first page, please choose the "Porto e Norte de Portugal" link for specifics of the Porto/Braga region.

VirTourist : The first shot is of Bom Jesus, the world famous Braga shrine. It's a great picture. What follows is a rather tedious array of Braga photographs. As the religious capital, Braga is full of churches. If you love looking at old churches, you'll love this site. At the very least take a look at Bom Jesus; people are very excited about Bom Jesus in Braga.

Portuguese Castles: In Portuguese. Use the Alpha-Index to the Images (Imagens). Enjoy!

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