September 2001
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September brought a number of opportunities to enjoy time with our new friends, the Roberts (Russell, Bronwyn, Jordan and Ashley), an Australian family on sabbatical in Braga. Bronwyn and our Jordan share the same birthday so September 9th included a fun Bday celebration at the Braga Pizza Hut.

Happy Birthday to Bronwyn Roberts and Jordan Kleber!

Drex adored Jordan Roberts and begged to ride scooters with him most everyday. Big Jordan was almost as bad in wanting to play boomerang's with Russell.

We were all sad to say goodbye when the Roberts left for Italy... but we are hopeful to meet again someday, someplace.

September was quite a month for Drex. Here is his new classroom, Primeiro Ano (first grade), where he is working very hard to learn Portuguese and make friends in this new culture. We so appreciate your prayers for Drex. It has been a struggle, and the challenges continue, but we are so VERY, VERY proud of him.

On the right, is Drexel's first homework assignment. He is extremely excited about learning to write... especially because they write in cursive here in Portugal. Very lovely!

Click here to read about his First Day of School and Second Day of School.

Here is Drex talking excitedly to Ellie, his dear friend in Seattle. He loved the phone call!

SEPTEMBER 11 and HFH UPDATE: Portuguese reactions to the terrorist attacks is described in this September 11 Update . The "big" September Habitat volunteer team had to cancel their trip to Braga, though the final 2001 volunteer group was still planning to arrive in early October. As such, the houses are not completed... but Jordan is still pushing hard to try to get some families inside before the rains begin in earnest. Please continue to pray for resources, both financial and manual laborers, to complete these houses.

Austin and Debbie enjoyed two September side trips. The first to Guimarães, 40 minutes away, the birthplace of Portugal's first king. Unknown to us, it's also the location of a fun Friday market... where Austin bought some new shoes.

The second trip was an over-nighter to Coimbra, 2.5 hours away, the location of Portugal's oldest university -- where Austin would like to study. Someday. (Coimbra night photo, left.)

On the way back from Coimbra they made a spontaneous decision to visit Coinímbriga, an old Roman town. Wow! Amazing. This place is a must-see for anyone with any interest in history or BC/earlyAD Roman life.
(Feeble attempt at photographing some of the mosaic floors, right.)

May God bless you all. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.


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