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Here's Another Bibiliography: Check Jo-Anne Ferreira's Madeira Exile Bibliography. Thanks for sharing, Jo-Anne!

* indicates personal access to publication

  1. * Ferreira, Jo-Anne S. The Portuguese of Trinidad & Tobago: Portrait of an Ethnic Minority Institute of Social and Economic Research, The University of the West Indies: St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 1994. Order from Jo-Anne at [email protected]. From the US, the cost is a total of $15.00 ($11/book + shipping/handling).
  2. * The Wolf from Scotland: The story of Robert Reid Kalley by William Forsyth; 1988 Evangelical Press - Click here for information on ordering from
  3. The Book of Trinidad Gerard Besson, Bridget Brereton; 2nd Ed. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Paria Publishing Ltd., 1992.
  4. The Gathering of the Portuguese - 4th Presbyterian Church of Springfield, IL - Wanda Warkins Allers and Eileen Lynch Gochanour.
  5. United Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville IL 1887-1900 - E. Gochanour, 31 pgs
  6. Jacksonville IL Portuguese Presbyterian Church 1900-1903 - E. Gochanour, 17 pgs
  7. 2nd Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville 1875-1900 - E. Gochanour, 107 pgs
  8. 1st Portuguese Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville 1855-1860 -E. Gochanour, 55 pgs
  9. *Passenger Ships Arriving in New York Harbor, Vol 1 (1820-1850). Precision Indexing, 1991. Chronological & Alpha index of arriving ships. Details arrival date, embarkation port, list-roll#s.
  10. * History of Morgan County, Illinois, 1878 - Donnelley, Loyd & Co; Reproduced by Unigraph in 1978; almost 1000 pages including 170 page name index. Includes history, biographies, war records, statistics, maps, occupation listings, etc. Available in Reference Section of Seattle Public Library.
  11. * Historic Morgan & Classic Jacksonville, Compiled in 1884-1885 by Charles M. Eames. 1885. Brief info on Portuguese, p 127-128. Partial Index of Names: only 2 obvious Portuguese names - H.D.Gouveia (manufactured wagons 1874), Joseph Vieria (policeman 1884-1885). Available in Reference Section of Seattle Public Library.
  12. * History of Sangamon County, IL 1881 - Interstate Publishing Company. Long article on Madeira and exiles. Name Index, especially Vasconcellos, DeVares, DeFrates, Nunes, Goveia, DaSouze, Vieria. War records. Available in Reference Section of Seattle Public Library.
  13. * "The Coming of the Portuguese" by George Rawlings Poage, Journal of IL State Historical Society, Vol XVIII April 1925, No 1. Available in Reference Section of the Springfield Illinois State Historical Society.
  14. *The Baptista Megafamily: ten centuries in Europe, Maderia, America - Oren Baptist; Family History Publishers, 845 So. Main Street, Bountiful, Utah 84010; Oren C. Baptist, 396 Montecillo Road, San Rafael, CA 94903; Includes Ferreira's/Smith's
  15. Social Order of a Frontier Community: Jacksonville, IL 1825-1870 - Don Harrison Doyle. See the Articles Page for a Link to Bob Coraor's Website. He has extracted the Exile related information from this book.
  16. Gregory, Desmond. "The Benficient Usurpers: A History of the British in Madeira" London: Associated University Presses, 1988.
  17. Menzes, Mary Noel, RSM. "Scenes from the History of the Portuguese in Guyana" William Goodenough House, London England, 1986.
  18. Ladd, Jim. Sangamon County Naturalization Records, 1840-1858. In 'The Circuit Rider' (Sangamon Co. Genealogical Society, Springfield, IL) Vol 24:1 (Jan 1992), pp 10-19. Manuel Fernandes. (PILI *4492.10)
  19. Stiens, Robert E. Passengers from Portugal, 1893. In Spanish-American Genealogy (Augustan Society, Torrance, CA). Nos 39-42 (1981) pp 705-706. Maria DeJesus. (PILI *9032.6)
  20. "Record of facts concerning the persecutions at Madeira in 1843 and 1846: the flight of a thousand converts to the West India Islands; and also,the sufferings of those who arrived in the United States" (5th edition, NY, 1850), Rev. Herman Norton, Corresponding Secretary of the American Protestant Society.
  21. * "The Exiles of Madeira" (Philadephia, n.d., copyright 1860), Rev. W. M. Blackburn
  22. Baillie, John. Memoir of the Rev. W.H. Hewitson: Late Minister of the Free Church of Scotland, at Dirleton. 2d. ed. New York: Robert Carter and Bros., 1858.
  23. Testa, Michael Presbyter. O Apóstolo da Madeira: Dr. Robert Reid Kalley. Trans. Manuel de Sousa Campos. Lisbon: Igreja Evangélica Presbiteriana de Portugal, 1963.
  24. * Testa, Michael Presbyter. "The Apostle of Madeira: Dr. Robert Reid Kalley." Journal of Presbyterian History 42 (1964): 175–97, 244-71. A two-part article.
  25. "A Story of Madeira" (Cincinnati, 1896), Della Dimmitt
  26. * "A Brief Narrative of the Original Portuguese Church" and "A Brief History of the Portuguese Settlement at Jacksonville", unpublished papers of Mr. Emanuel M. Vasconcellos.
  27. "The Immigration and Assimilation of the Madeiran Portuguese Protestants in Springfield, Illinois", by Michael E. Whitmore, December 9, 1981. (Per Bob C.: This appears to be a thesis or research paper by Michael. On the cover page it also has "The Melting Pot Reconsidered, Dr. McBride, Sangamon State University")
  28. "The History of Presbyterianism In Morgan County Illinois, 1827 - 1967" Prepared for the 140th Anniversary Celebration by the First Presbyterian Church in cooperation with the Northminster and Woodson Presbyterian Churches and The Congregational Church, Jacksonville, Illinois. (Per Bob C.: This was in the Illinois College Library in Jacksonville, 285.1773 N423).
  29. "Northminster Presbyterian Church Centennial 1850-1950", Jacksonville, Illinois. (Per Bob C.: Basically a program booklet for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the church. Bit of history, names of committee members etc. I have a copy because my grandmother had it, doubt if many are still around.)
  30. *The Cross and the Pear Tree: A Sephardic Journey by Victor Perera. Jewish origins of PEREIRA--order from
  31. * Not Recommended: History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, IL, 1876. Centennial Record. By John Carroll Powell, Springfield, IL. 1876. NO index, found NO mention of Portuguese. NO info on these: Barbeits, Day/DeFrates/DeFreitas, DeJesus, DeIncarnacao, Ferreira/etal, Fernandes, Gonsalves, Gomes, Goveia, Nunes, Pereira, Vieria. (Has a nice A. Lincoln writeup.) Available in Reference Section of Seattle Public Library.

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