Our Place in Time
Our Place in Time

This is a collection of Family Group Sheets of or Ancestor's Descendents. We have all the descendents that we currently have listed for each of the below individuals. Where there is an obvious change in surnames I have listed the common surname. If you have any corrections, additions or questions please email me. There is an email link on each page. Each page has a surname link that will take you back to the surname listing for that ancestor. There is a home link that will return you back to this page to select another family.

Ancestor Birth Date Death Date
Michael Maddigan Abt 1797 6/20/1863
William P. McCarty Aft 11/21/1872
Gilbert of Buckton (Foster) 1342
William Whittington 1616 1/30/1659
Thomas J. Davis 1792
Samuel Harwell
Christopher Mercer 1612 12/6/1670
William Abney Abt 1370
Christoffel Vanlear
Elisha Estes
William Lane Abt 1469
Gilbert De Johnston (Johnson) Aft 1249
John Gilliam 1571 Aft 1616
Mathew Pippin 1615

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