"New research on the early Maybury family in Sussex"

Continuing research
on the Maybury family

Our research on the Maybury family did not end with the publication of The Mayburys in 2011. Therefore, we have set aside this section of our web page to summarize new information we hope will be helpful to those who will continue research on the family both now and in the future. The information below relates to the family of our common ancestor, John Maybury of Sussex. Other sections contain new information on on "The Mayburys of County Kerry", "The Iron Worker Mayburys of America", etc.

The Mayburys of Sussex, England

  1. New films and/or transcriptions have been examined for the parishes of Mayfield, Etchingham, Brightling and Burwash. As a result, it seems likely that Joan and Nicholas, the eldest children of John and Margaret (nee Bourder) Maybury, were likely baptized, not in one of these parishes, but in another location.
  2. The name of Bartholomew Mayberys (sic) appears on the list of a coroner's jury that heard a drowning case in Bexhill, Sussex on 15 April 1581. [Sussex Inquests, p. 57, #260]. This is the first time we have encountered the given name, Bartholomew, in the Maybury family. It is potentially important because of the burial record of John Maybury at Bexhill on 15 May 1593. It has been our assumption that the John Maybury buried at Bexhill was the illegitimate son of John Maybury of Sussex.
  3. Was John Maybury of Sussex born in England or did he come from France? Our tentative conclusion, based on the presence of a few earlier Maybury records in England has been that the hammerman, John Maybury (ca1540-1618) was probably born in England. However, future researchers will also want to consider the following recent reflection by John Tanner, that John Maybury may have come from France:

    The evidence of earlier English Mayberys seems to me to be weak: they are few, scattered and with no evidence of being ironworkers. If he was English, I would expect there to be evidence of earlier ironworkers as well as other later ironworkers not descended from John. Then consider the naming pattern of his children. First child Joan named after Margaret's mother. Then Nicholas. I think it likely that Nicholas was named after John's father or another very near relative. What I had not realised before is that Nicholas is much more a French name than an English one.

November 2011