Mystery Mayburys

Charles and Susan Mayberry
of Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Another New Jersey Mayberry about whom we know very little is Charles Mayberry of Hunterdon County. He was probably born about 1781. He married Susannah A. Miller. Hunterdon County is just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania. This suggests a possible relationship with the iron working Mayburys who lived in both Philadelphia and Bucks counties, some of whom also had connections in Trenton, New Jersey. The date of Charles’ death is usually given as 1 Aug 1849 and the place as Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He and his wife, Susannah, are both said to be buried in Swackhammer Lutheran Churchyard, near Lebanon in Hunterdon County.

Charles and Susannah Mayberry had eleven children, whose records we have. We believe that their eldest son, Frederick Mayberry, who was born about 1807 and married Catherine McDaniel in 1838, was probably adopted. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that the DNA signature of one of Frederick’s descendants does not match that of the Maybury family. However, we have another DNA report from another of Charles and Susannah’s sons, Daniel, and it does match the signature of the English Maybury family.

If you have information that might help us to further identify Charles Mayberry of Hunterdon Co NJ, please contact Don Collins

August 2014