"The Ironmaster Mayburys"

The Ironmaster Mayburys
of Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Maryland and New Jersey

For many years researchers have believed that the Thomas Maybury "ironmaster", who died in 1747, was the first of his family in Pennsylvania. But we have recently learned that there was an older Thomas Maybury, also an ironmaster", in the same area. Their relationship is not yet established. They may have been father and son - or they may have been uncle and nephew. What is clear is that the older Thomas Maybury came as early as 1716 when he received a grant of land in Newton Townstead in Bucks County. The younger Thomas Maybury was probably born between 1700-1715. We are very grateful for the help of Dan A. Graham of Endicott, Maryland, whose research into the history of the iron industry in eastern Pennsylvania has led him to information on the Mayburys that family researchers have often missed.

To call this branch of the Maybury family "the ironmaster Mayburys" is almost an understatement. We believe that the first Thomas Maybury's father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all engaged in the iron industry in Shropshire. This Thomas Maybury was the first of four more generations of ironmaster Mayburys in America!

The following chart shows the relationships of the eight Amerncan "ironmaster" Mayburys, four of whom were named Thomas! The chart assumes that The Thomas Maybury who came to Pennsylvania by 1716 and the Thomas Maybury who died there in 1747 were father and son. But there is no evidence to prove that yet. Because researchers have often confused the four Thomas Mayburys, we have given each of them a number to distinguish him from the others. These numbers will be used in this abbreviated chart and also in the more detailed descendant listing which follows:
Detailed sketches of the above ironmaster Mayburys

Known and possible desendants of Thomas Maybury I
[Updated January 2005]

Thomas Maybury I was born in England and came to Pennsylvania by 1716 when he was granted 10 acres of land in Newton Townstead, Bucks County, Pennsylvania "for a settlement to carry on his trade". One document refers to his wife as, Elizabeth. There is at least one reference to New Town Forge. At least by 1742 he was living in Orange County, Virginia, where he signed a contract in 1742 to build a bloomery for William Vestal on the Shenandoah River in Frederick County, Virginia. While he could have travelled back and forth between Virginia and Pennsylvania, it seems likely that his residence remained in Virginia. In 1755 he received a Fairfax grant of 400 acres near the mouth of the Shenandoah River, which may be an indication that he continued to run the Vestal Furnace and needed additional land to supply the charcoal. No other records of Thomas Maybury I have been found.

  1. Thomas Maybury II "ironmaster", was probably born about 1710/15. He may have been the son or the nephew of Thomas Maybury I. We know his wife only as Sophia. Earlier researchers believed she was Sophia Rutter but that is apparently not correct. In February 1742, Thomas Maybury contracted with Thomas Potts, Samuel Mickel and George Mifflin, to lease the Mt. Pleasant Furnace for 48 tons of bar iron a year. In December that year he bought what became known as "the thousand acres" on Perkiomen Creek in Philadelphia County and on it built the Greene Lane Forge (now Montgomery County). In 1744 Thomas Maybury II surveyed another 667 acres on Perkiomen Creek in Hereford Township (later Washington Township). There he built the Hereford Furnace which went into blast in 1745. The site of Hereford Furnace is in modern Berks County.
    1. William Maybury "ironmaster", was born about 1734; he married Anne Brockden. William and his siblings were heirs to Hereford Furnace and Green Lane Forge and when he reached the age of majority about 1755, he bought the shares of his sisters, Catharine and Dorothy, and his brother, Thomas Maybury III, becoming sole owner of the forge. He ran it from about 1757 until he died intestate on 10 Feb 1764. William Maybury's widow, Anne married Richard Tea on 6 Nov 1764.
      1. Thomas Maybury "the Younger" was born about 1756.
      2. Charles Maybury "forgeman" died as a young man 23 January 1787 after a short sickness. He is said to have injured himself doing heavy lifting while raising a barn. He wrote his will on 25 November 1785. He was not married. Names in his estate were his mother Anne Tea, who by then was married to Richard Tea; his sisters Elizabeth Aston and Margaret Boone and his brother, Thomas Maybury "the younger". Charles Maybury was buried in Upper Salford.
      3. Andrew Maybury died shortly after 1764, unmarried and in minority.
      4. Elizabeth Maybury married before Aug 1782 Peter Aston, Jr.
      5. Margaret Maybury was born about 1758. She married 6 Aug 1781 George Boone, son of William and Sarah Boone, in Hereford Twp., Berks County.
        1. Sarah Boone was born 10 May 1782.
        2. William S. Boone born 12 Nov 1783.
        3. Ann Boone born 21 Aug 1785.
        4. Charles Boone born 21 Dec 1786.
        5. Mary Boone born 18 Oct 1788.
        6. George Boone born 7 Aug 1790; d 30 May 1860.
        7. Elizabeth (Avton) at first called Margaret, born 23 Aug 1793.
        8. Harriet Boone born 20 Nov 1795.
        9. Margaret Boone born 25 May 1798.
        10. Rachel Boone born Feb 1801.
    2. Catharine Maybury was a minor when her father died in 1747. On 8 Jan 1752 she married Charles Jolly (d 1778) of Whitpain Twp. at Swede's Church, Philadelphia. In 1769 Charles Jolly came into possession of the "Gulph Grist Mill" which was on part of a tract of 5000 acres sold by William Penn to John Thomas and Edward Jones. When Charles Jolly died in 1778 this land and the mill were sold to Thomas Maybury III, Catherine's brother. The day after buying this property, Thomas Maybury and his wife, Rebecca, sold it to Jehu Jones, of Lower Merion, miller.
      1. Mayberry Jolly was born ca 1755 and died in 1796 unmarried. He witnessed a deed in the Charleston District of South Carolina in 1785.
      2. Margaret Jolly was bord ca 1759; married 4 Sep 1774 John Lang
        1. Ann Lang was born 9 May 1775 Philadelphia Co PA; married 19 Oct 1802 James Miller in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
      3. Ann Jolly was born ca 1760; married before 1783 Nathan Brooke
      4. Charles Jolly born ca 1765; married 4 Nov 1793 Sophia Mayberry, his cousin, daughter of Thomas Maybury III.
        1. Thomas Craig Jolly born 1797; died 15 Sep 1828 Philadelphia.
      5. John A. Jolly born ca 1771; married 3 Mar 1796 his cousin, Rebecca Mayberry, at the Reformed Church of Faulkner Swamp; died ca 1801.
        1. Mayberry Jolly
        2. Charles Jolly - killed in 1830 in a fall from a horse.
      6. William Jolly
      7. Sophia Jolly married John Elliott.
      8. Rachel Jolly ?married 27 Dec 1784 William Jones.
      9. Rebecca Jolly married 14 Nov 1788 Elisha Evan in Philadelphia.
      10. Dorothy Jolly
    3. Thomas Maybury III "the elder" was a minor when his father died in 1747. He married on 8 Dec 1766 Rebecca Warder, d/o Jeremiah Warder and Mary Head at Philadelphia Meeting House. He purchased the Green Lane Forge from the estate of his brother, William, and owned it until his death. He was at Mt. Holly, New Jersey from 1772-1776. Early in the Rev. War he was at the Carlisle Iron Works in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania for the government. Later he operated the Andover Furnace in New Jersey which was taken over by the Continental Congress, when its Loyalist owners refused to provide iron for the patriots. He was also at the Bastso and Taunton Ironworks in New Jersey during the Revolution. Thomas Maybury III died in Apr/May 1797 in Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania.
      1. William Maybury was born 3 Oct 1768; married Ann Hockley on 13 February 1796 at the Reformed Church at Falkner Swamp. Anna was d/o James Hockley and Ruth Savage. Shortly after the marriage he became the sole owner of Green Lane Forge and then sold a half-interest in it to his brother Willoughby Maybury in 1798. William and Willoughby ran the forge until 1813 when William went to Virginia where he was involved in several ironworks. Later he returned to Montgomery County where he wrote his will on 8 January 1819. He died 16 Aug 1819 leaving a large estate which mentions to his children William, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Anna and Thomas. He also left a large bequest to Catharine Zinch with whom he lived after the death of his wife, Anna. Catharine is named in the will as the mother of his son, William Maybury.
        1. Rebecca Maybury
        2. Elizabeth Maybury
        3. Anna Maybury
        4. Thomas Maybury
        5. Dr. William Maybury (CZ) was born 3 Jun 1816 in Marlborough Twp.
      2. Mary Maybury married Jacob Rex of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia
      3. Willoughby Maybury married 2 May 1799 Susanna Eckhardt, d/o Valentine Eckhardt, at Reformed Church, Reading, PA. He and his brother, William Maybury, owned the Green Lane Forge until 1813. In 1811 he and his brother, Thomas Maybury IV bought the Catoctin Furnace in Frederick County, Maryland. Willoughby Maybury died in 1830.
        1. Rebecca Maybury
        2. Elizabeth Maybury
        3. Anna Maybury born 1807; married 1823 William Alexander Harrison; died 1887
        4. Thomas Maybury
      4. Sophia P. Maybury married 4 Nov 1794 Charles Jolly, her first cousin. She was living in Philadelphia in 1806 and in Rockingham County, VA in 1831.
        1. Thomas Craig Jolly born 1797; died 15 Sep 1828 Philadelphia. He was the partner of Thomas Maybury IV in the Gibraltar Forge in Virginia.
      5. Rebecca Maybury was married 3 Mar 1796 to John Jolly at the Reformed Church of Faulkner Swamp in Montgomery County; she was a widow living in Pottstown, Montgomery County in 1806.
      6. Lydia Maybury (minor in 1797); m1 18 Mar 1803 Dr. Francis Richardson Potts, s/o Dr. Jonathan Potts, at Christ Church, Philadelphia; m2 John Rex; living in Pottstown in 1806; died 21 Jul 1858 and is buried in the family graveyard. She had one child who died in infancy.
        1. Grace Potts died in infancy.
      7. Ann Maybury (minor in 1797); spinster, living in Pottstown in 1806. Probably married a man named Ely.
      8. Thomas Maybury IV was probably born about 1780-85. By 1806 he was known as "a merchant in Philadelphia". About 1809 Thomas and his brother, Willoughby Maybury, went to Virginia to consider an iron establishments but did not do so. In 1811 Thomas and Willoughby bought the Catoctin Furnace in Frederick County, Maryland. In 1813 Thomas bought Willoughby's half interest in the Green Lane Forge, thus becoming co-owner with his brother, William Maybury. The following year, in Philadelphia, Thomas met another ironmaster, William Weaver, and the two decided to form a partnership to purchase one or more iron furnaces in Virginia. At the same time Thomas and his brother, William, sold Green Lane to Willis and Yardley. On 30 July 1814 the firm of Mayburry & Weaver (sic) was established as the two purchased several properties from William Wilson in Rockbridge County, Virginia. These included the Union Forge, which they renamed the Buffalo Forge and the Retreat and Etna Furnaces. In 1828, Thomas Maybury and his brother-in-law, Thomas Jolly, bought the Gibraltar Forge in northern Rockbridge County and built a new blast furnace which they named Vesuvius. About 1838 Maybury began buying property along Contrary Creek in Louisa County, east of the Blue Ridge. Over the following year he bought additional property there and began the building of a new blast furnace which he named Victoria Furnace. In 1839 Gibraltar Forge was sold and Thomas Maybury settled in Louisa County. By July 1840, just as Victoria Furnace came into full operation, Thomas Maybury died. Some years earlier, in Virginia, he had married a widow with children of her own. We know her only as Eleanor. Thomas had no children of his own. [see above for more information]
      9. Jeremiah Warder Maybury, a minor in 1797 was a grocer living in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia in 1806; his estate was administered by John Rex, the second husband of Jeremiah's sister Lydia Maybury.
    4. Dorothy Maybury was baptized 10 Nov 1737 at St. Gabriels Episcopal Church in Douglassville formerly Morlatton, in Berks Co., PA. She was a spinster in 1762.

    The following Mayburys, Justinian, Sylvanus, Charles and John, lived in the same area as those above and COULD BE additional sons of Thomas Maybury I. However, no one should make that assumption until it can be documented. More research is needed.

  2. ?Justin(ian) Maybury m Anna _____.
    1. Thomas Mayberry baptized 29 Sep 1738 at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Douglasville in Berks County (sponsors were Stephen Jolly and Sophia Mayberry).
    2. Elizabeth Maybury b 22 Dec 1745; bap. 28 Apr 1746 New Hanover Lutheran Church.
  3. ?Sylvanus Maybury m1 Dorothea _____; m2 20 Apr 1759 Le Miatta deBlema; died 8 Sep 1759; resided in the Goshenhoppen area of Montgomery County.
    1. Rebecca Maybury, died 30 March 1750, at about 20 years of age and unmarried. She was buried 2 April 1750 in Upper Salford.
    2. Anna Elizabeth Maybury born 28 Feb 1738/39; died 26 May 1750 in Upper Salford Twp., Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
  4. ?Charles Maybury married Sarah _____.
    1. Joseph Maybury born 9-10-1744; married 19 Oct 1790 Nancy or Anna in Montgomery Co PA
      1. Johannes Maybury born 2 Feb 1772; married 15 Oct 1805 Maria Sheirer; died 13 Aug 1828.
        1. Johannes Maybury born 12 Jun 1807; died 1 Jun 1828.
        2. Maria Maybury born 9 Mar 1810.
        3. Joseph Maybury born 28 Nov 1811; married 25 Apr 1837 Maria (Polly) Deibert; died 25 Feb 1899.
      2. Elizabeth Maybury born 1773; married 2 Oct 1792 Phillip Livegood at the Reformed Church of Falkner Swamp.
      3. Catharine Maybury born 17 Oct 1774; married Christoph Scheffy (a widower); died 16 Sep 1823.
      4. Joseph Maybury born 1778/79.
      5. William Maybury born 30 Nov 1780; married 17 May 1807 Margaretha (Rebecca) Scheirer; died 1 Oct 1854.
        1. Daniel Maybury born 1808; died 1828.
        2. Reuben Maybury born 1809; died 1881.
        3. Wilhelm Maybury b 1811.
        4. Judith Maybury b 1817.
        5. Mary Ann Maybury.
        6. Rachel Maybury born 26 Jul 1820.
        7. Leah Maybury born 26 Jul 1820.
        8. Willoughby Maybury born 1825; died 1888.
        9. Sarah Ann Maybury born 1829.
        10. William Maybury born 1839.
      6. Maria Maybury born Jun 1783; died 22 Feb 1805.
      7. Samuel Maybury born 1789; married Elizabeth Kalb; died 22 Jun 1856.
      8. Jacob Maybury married Catharine _____.
      9. Sarah Maybury born 2 Jan 1790; married Phillip Roshon; died 28 Apr 1870.
    2. (Child) Maybury born 27 Apr 1746.
  5. ?John Meberri - born about 1732; married 2 Aug 1760 Hanna Lucken in Philadelphia with Sylvanus Maybury was a witness; died 11 Feb 1812. N.B. John is older and could have been a son of Justinian, Sylvanus or Charles Maybury.

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