The Mabrys in America
A Maybury Family Timeline

Events, Leaders, etc.
The Maybury Family

1538 First Parish Registers kept in England
1540 Birth of John Maybury (approximate)
1540-42 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado travelled through what later became Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas
1547 Death of Henry VIII; Edward VI became King
1553 Death of Edward VI; Mary became Queen
1558 Death of Queen Mary; Elizabeth I became Queen
1559 Church of England established
1564 William Shakespeare born
St. Augustine founded in Florida by Spaniards
1565 John Maybury married Margaret Bourder in Sussex
1568 First bottled beer
1572 Last Inca Emperor executed
1576 John Maybury "hammerman" married Alice Fuller in Sussex
1580 Montaigne's Essays written
1584 Mayburys in London
1588 England defeated the Spanish Armada Mayburys in Shropshire
1590 Compound microscope invented
1596 Water closet developed
1598 Systematic parish registers begin in parchment books with transcription of older records Mayburys in Derbyshire
1600 East India Company chartered Mayberys in Warwick
1603 Death of Queen Elizabeth I; James I became King John Maybury's wife, Alice, buried in Staffordshire
John Maybury (1570) working in Monmouthshire
1605 Gunpowder Plot John Maybury (1570) working in Hampshire
1607 English found Jamestown in the Colony of Virginia Mayburys in Shropshire
1612 Galileo viewed the craters of the Moon
1616 Death of William Shakespeare
1617/18 John Maybury buried at Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
1620 Pilgrims land at Plymouth
1621 Dutch West India Company founded
1624 Death of James I; Charles I became King; New Amsterdam founded
1626 Mayburys in Churchtowne, Lancashire
1629 Massachusetts Bay Company Chartered
1632 Meberys in Worcester
1634 First Parish Registers kept in Ireland
1636 Harvard College founded Mabres in Somerset
1640 Bay Psalm Book published
1642 Outbreak of civil wars in England, continued until 1651
1649 King Charles executed
1653 Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector
1656 Mayburys in Herefordshire
1657 John Maybury "forgeman" emigrated from Lancashire to Londonderry, Ireland
1658 Death of Oliver Cromwell; his son, Richard became Lord Protector
1660 Restoration of the Monarchy to Charles II; Navigation Act of 1660
1663 Religious Liberty in Rhode Island
1666 Great Fire of London
1671 William Maybury "hammerman" hired by Sir William Petty to work in County Kerry, Ireland
1676 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
1679 Francis Maybury in Henrico County, Virginia
1685 Death Charles II; James II became King;
Birth of Johann Sebastian Bach
Francis Maybury married Elizabeth Gilliam in Henrico County, Virginia
1688-89 Siege of Derry Richard Mayberry "one of the brave defenders at the siege of Derry"
1689 William and Mary made King and Queen
1692 William and Mary College founded Mayberrys in Gloucester
1696 First practical steam engine
1701 Francis Maybury in Virginia owned a nine year old Indian slave (later owned others)
1702 Death of William III; Anne became Queen
1703 John Wesley born
1712 Francis Maybury died in Surry County, Virginia
1714 Death of Queen Anne; George I became King
1716 Thomas Maybury I "ironmaster" appears in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1719 Robinson Crusoe published Mayburys in Brecon
1727 Death of George I; George II became King
1730 William Mayberry to Massachusetts from Londonderry, Ireland
1734 Francis Mayberry "hammerman" working at Principio Furnace in Maryland
1735-37 John and Charles Wesley visited Georgia
1736 Methodist Movement in London
1742 Handel's "Messiah" Thomas Maybury I "ironmaster" builds Vestal Furnace in Frederick County, Virginia
1747 Thomas Maybury II "ironmaster" died in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
1748 Ben Franklin electrical experiments
1750 Frederick Mayberry arrived in New Jersey from Germany (tradition)
1752 England adopted the Georgian Calendar
1754-63 French and Indian Wars
1760 Death of George II; George III became King
1769 First Steam Engine
1770 Ludwig Van Beethoven born
1774 First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia
1776 Declaration of Independence signed
1775-83 War for American Independence Col. Thomas Mayberry contracts with Continental Congress to make iron for Washington's army
1781 Articles of Confederation ratified
1784 Episcopal Church founded
Methodist Church founded
1786-87 Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts
1788 George Mayberry "ironmaster" in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley
1789 George Washington became first United States President;
Beginning of French Revolution
1790 First United States Census
1791 Justinian Mayberry in Frederick County, Maryland
1797 John Adams became 2nd U.S. President
1801 Thomas Jefferson became President Frederick Mayberry died in Bedford County, Virginia
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1809 James Madison became President
Edgar Allan Poe born
1812 War with the British
1817 James Monroe became President
1820 Missouri Compromise Richard Mayberry from Ireland to Canada
Death of Col. Thomas Mayberry in Charleston, South Carolina
1825 John Quincy Adams became President
1827 First photographs made
1829 Andrew Jackson became President
1837 Martin Van Buren became President
Abolitionist Controversy
1841 William Henry Harrison became President
First Telegram sent
1845 James K. Polk became President
Annexation of Texas
1846-48 Mexican-American War
1849 Zachary Taylor became President
1850 Zachary Taylor died; Millard Fillmore became President
1853 Franklin Pierce became President John Maybery emigrated from Mommouthshire to Australia
1857 James Buchanan became President
1859 Four Maybury brothers emigrate to Canada from County Kerry, Ireland
1861 Abraham Lincoln became President
1861-65 War Between the States More than 400 Mayburys serve in Union and Confederate forces
Union and Confederate cousins, both named James Patrick Mabry, meet at Andersonville Prison
1863 Emancipation Proclamation
1865 Abraham Lincoln assassinated; Andrew Johnson became President
1869 Ulysses S. Grant became President
First Transcontinental Railroad completed
Rich'd Hawkes. Maybury emigrated to Missouri from County Kerry, Ireland
1877 Rutherford B. Hayes became President
First Telephone (1877)
1881 James A. Garfield became President; assassinated 6 months later
Chester A. Arthur became President
1884 Washington Monument completed
1885 Grover Cleveland became President
1886 James P. Maybury emigrated to Australia from County Kerry, Ireland
1889 Benjamin Harrison became President
1893 Grover Cleveland became President again
1894 First Automobile Patented
1897 William McKinley became President
1898 Spanish-American War
1901 William McKinley assassinated; Theodore Roosevelt became President
1903 Wright brothers' first flight (1903)
1909 William Howard Taft became President
1912 Titanic sinks in Atlantic
1913 Woodrow Wilson became President
1914-18 World War I; U.S. entered in 1917
1921 Warren G. Harding became President
1923 Harding died in office; Calvin Collidge became President
1927 Lindbergh solos the Atlantic
1929 Herbert Hoover became President
Stock Market Crash
1929-39 Great Depression
1932 Lindbergh kidnapping
1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President
New Deal
1939-45 World War II
1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office; Harry S. Truman became President
United States drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
United Nations Charter
1948 State of Israel founded
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1950-53 Korean War
1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower became President
1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy became President
1962 Cuban Missle Crisis
1963 March on Washington (Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech)
John F. Kennedy assassinated; Lyndon B. Johnson became President
1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964
1968 Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy
First Moon Landing
1969 Richard M. Nixon became President
1973 Spiro T. Agnew resigned as Vice President
Gerald R. Ford appointed Vice President
1974 Richard Nixon resigned Presidency in Watergate scandal
Gerald Ford became President
1977 James Earl Carter became President
1981 Ronald Reagan became President
1986-87 Iran-Contra Scandal
1987 The Mabry Family published
1989 George H. W. Bush became President
1991 U.S.S.R. Disolves
Gulf War
1992-95 War in Bosnia
1993 William J. Clinton became President
1997 The Mabry Family (reprint edition)
2000 Controvery over counting of Florida's vote for President
2001 Florida election dispute appealed to Supreme Court;
5-4 vote gives Florida electoral votes and the Presidency to George W. Bush
World Trade Center & Pentagon attacked by Al-Qaeda
2001 United States leads attack in Afghanistan
2003 United States leads attack in Iraq
2004 George W. Bush elected to 2nd term; Afghanistan/Iraq wars continue
2008 Barack Obama elected 44th President
2011 The Mayburys published
2012 Barack Obama elected to 2nd term; War in Iraq ends.

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