Earl of Hillsborough Passenger List

Earl of Hillsborough "Passenger List" (1767)

This is not a passenger list, per se, but rather a record of only those people who arrived on the Earl of Hillsborough and subsequently petitioned the South Carolina government for bounty land or passage.


Council Journal 33, Pages 41-50

Meeting of 27th. February 1767

His Excellency informed the Board that a vessel with poor Irish protestants had lately arrived here on the encouragement of the Bounty given by the Act of the General Assembly passed the 25th July 1761 and that he had now directed them to attend and they being called into the Council Chamber they presented the following Petitions for Warrants of Survey for Land on the Bounty VIZ'T

[In the following list, the number after the name indicates the number of acres of land petitioned for by that person.]

John Montgomery--300

Andrew Youart--300

John Kennedy--150

Alexander McBride--300

James Youart--250

Arthur Watts--100

Thomas Watts--400

John Lindsey--250

Andrew Youart--150

Robert Boggs--200

William Little--100

Thomas Ross--100

Jane Ross--100

William Ross--150

John Mordack--350

John Jones--250

William Anderson--200

Henry Linden--150

John Wright--200

Isabella Lindsey--100

Samuel Lindsey--100

John Wright--200

James Ellis--150

Catherine McAdam--250

David Willey--150

Moses Bradford--100

Thomas Bradford--150

John Bradford--150

Neal Raverty--250

Fanny Bennison--100

Agnes Crosier--150

James Crosier--100

Mary Crosier--100

Thomas Crosier--100

Sarah Crosier--100

James Miscampble--250

John Miscampble--100

Elizabeth Kirkwood--250

Robert Young--100

Elizabeth Young--100

Samuel Young--100

Margaret Gray--200

Jane Gray--100

Archibald Porter--100

Alexander Porter--100

Willialm Baillie--100

James Patterson--100

Edward Herthrington--100

George McCulloch--100

Thomas Nellson--100

Samuel Dickson--100

Patrick Bell--100

James Heron--100

Robert Beath--100

Alexander Robinson--100

Mary Brown--100

William McGuire--100

John Cameron--250

Samuel Leard--300

Mathew Shanks--150

David Pressley--350

William Hanvey--250

John McFarlan--350

George McComb--150

Christopher Russell--250

William Thomson--150

Robert McCrachen--150

James Wood--150

Robert Reid--500

James Mordack--200

William Sloan--200

Alexander Forster--150

John Anderson--300

Thomas Humphreys--200

Mary Humphreys--100

Jane Humphreys--100

John Humphreys--100

John Patterson--100

Josias Patterson--100

James Patterson--250

James Major--300

John Major--100

William Major--100

Thomas Lindsey--400

John Bennison--200

William Bennison--100

George Johnston--100

Samuel Boggs--100

William Gibson--100

Henry Montgomery--100

James Greer--100

Thomas Dickson--100

James Moore--100

John Sims--100

Thomas Turner--100

James Graham--100

Samuel Arnot--100

John Ingram--100

Mary Harvey--100

Samuel Bruce--100

William Purse--100

John Hughes--100

James McWilliams--100

John McElwean--100

Samuel Foster--100

William Robinson--100

John Gibson--100

Hugh Porter--100

Agnes Bradford--100

Samuel Lindsay--100

John Young--100

Andrew Crosier--100

Andrew Reed--100

Hugh McCormack--100

 In Boonesborough or Belfast Township.

ORDERED, that the Secretary do prepare Warrants of Survey on the Bounty agreeable to the prayers of their petitions and that the public Treasurer do pay the Bounties given by the said Act to Messrs. Torrans and Pouag and Mr. Robert Bath for the owners of the ship Hillsborough in consideration for their passages to the said province agreeable to the directions of the said Act.

The following persons also presented petitions setting forth that they were protestants and had come into this Province in the said ship Earl of Hillsborough on the encouragement of the said Act and therefore prayed to be allowed the Bounty given by the same. [Name and age given.]

Marg't Kennedy--35

Mary Yourat--30

James McCradam--13

John Cameron--8

Marg't Cameron--5

Mary Miscampble--30

James Miscampble--15

Robert Miscampble--9

Robert Kirkwood--15

James Kirkwood--13

Mary McBride--33

James McBride--8

Andrew McBridge [sic]--3

Elizabeth Boggs--33

Elizabeth Boggs--10

Jannett Young--45

Robert Bath--17

Samuel Young--7

Martha Forster--21

Elizabeth Youart--25

Samuel Youart--2

Mary Youart--6

Rachel Montgomery--30

Samuel Montgomery--13

William Montgomery--12

Latitia Montgomery--9

Rachel Youart--60

Sarah Bennison--45

George Bennison--14

Agnes Lindsey--35

John Lindsey--7

Robert Lindsey--5

Elizabeth Lindsey--3

Sarah Watts--35

James Watts--14

Jellie Camron--46

James Camron--13

Margaret Camron--17

Agnes Humphries--40

Agnes Humphries--11

Jane Patterson--40

Alexander Patterson--14

Agnes Patterson--13

Margaret Laird--36

John Laird--6

Mary Laird--4

Samuel Laird--2

James Shanks--3

Ester Plessley--36

Samuel Plessley--11

David Pressley--6

Agnes Pressley--4

Sarah Hanvey--26

Jane Hanvey--3

Rose McParlin--36

Archibald McParlin--7

Jane McParlin--5

George McParlin--3

Margaret Watts--12

Andrew Watts--6

Thomas Watts--4

Margaret Murdagh--35

Joseph Murdagh--7

Mary Murdagh--6

Elizabeth Murdagh--3

Marther Ross--25

Margaret Willey--25

Catherine McCadam--26

John McCadam--10

Catherine McCadam--7

James McCadam--2

Isabell Ellis--25

Arabella Linder--21

Alexander Anderson--8

Mary Anderson--6

John Anderson--1

Agnes Jones--35

James Johns--13

John Jones--7

Jannet Reid--4

William Reid--12

Mary Reid--8

Sarah Reid--5

Hannah Reid--3

Agnes Murdagh--25

Jannett Murdack--4

Margaret Wright--26

Agnes Slone--29

Thomas Slone--3

Ann Branford--58

Mary Raverty--45

Margaret Raverty--10

Malcolm Raverty--8

Rebecca McCombe--21

Eliz'h Major--35

David Major--13

Mary Major--15

Jane Russell--34

Ester Major--7

Mary Russel--8

Martha Russel--3

Eliz'h Lindsay--35

Agnes Lindsay--13

Eliz'h Lindsay--4

Thomas Lindsay--1

James Lindsay--3

Elizabeth Thomson--25

Jane McCrahen--30

Jane Wood--30

Isabell Wood--25

William Anderson--6

Elizabeth Anderson--2

Elizabeth Porter--25

Margaret Gray--14

James Patterson--25

The Petitioners set forth that they were protestants and that they had lately arrived in this Province on the encouragement of the Bounty given by the Act of the General Assembly of this Province passed the 25th. July 1761 and therefore praying the same and they having severally produced Certificates required by the Act

IT WAS ORDERED that the public Treasurer do pay the several Bounties to Messrs. Torrans and Pouag and Bath in Consideration for their passages in the said Ship.


Source: A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773, by Janie Revill, 1939, Columbia, South Carolina. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1974, 1981, 1996. Transcribed for the Long Cane Webpage by Lynne Bernard.

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