My Genealogy Pages
My Genealogy Pages
Lynn Airheart Brandvold

The major surnames you will find on this site are: Airheart, Airhart, Earhart, Erhard, Carey, Cary, Carr, Cottrell, David, Davies, Davis, Elliot, Evans, Howard, Lorenz, Lawrence, Mayer, Meyer, Moore, Ramsaur, Ramsour, Ramsower, Robbecke, and Vincent. Check for them in the index. If you find some of your ancestors on these pages please let me know. Or if you find an error or can add information, please let me know that also.   Thank you, Lynn.

                                                                                                            My Dad and I about 1944


These pages are dedicated to the memory of my dad, Paul Evans Airheart. He was born November 14, 1910 in the Methodist-Episcopal parsonage in Heppner, Oregon, a preacher's kid. Times were hard when he was growing up. A minister was provided with a home in those days but very little in the way of a salary. Sometimes his dad was paid with produce or a chicken or eggs. But money was very scarce.

Dad was emphatically a family man, a husband, and a father. He loved nothing more than spending hours with my mother, brother and me and he spent a great deal of that time just quietly sitting on the edge of the action. Many times playing with friends out on the diving raft at the lake where we had a cottage, I would glance toward shore and there would be Dad sitting down by the lake on a white wooden bench he had made, just quietly enjoying the fun we were having. Later, when grandchildren and their friends were playing in the water, and the wooden bench was long gone, he could be found on the patio or the pontoon boat quietly watching the fun.

Dad died over 20 years ago. I still miss his quiet presence and support. But I shall be forever grateful that there was time for my mom, brother and myself to gather at his bedside to talk over old times and say good bye. When he died I inherited his genealogy file. He had been working for about thirty years, sending off letters and patiently waiting for replies. He had found a 2nd cousin and through her his grandparents' and great grandparents' graves in Texas. He used to talk about what he was doing and I wish now that I had paid more attention. But I picked up where he left off and thanks to the Internet have pushed his family back two more generations. I wish I could tell him, I know he would be so pleased.


I also have my gedcom posted on Rootsweb's World Connect which can be accessed at Airheart Connections. The gedcom is easier to update than these web pages so sometimes more recent information can be found there.
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