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"A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Dalby surname and variations (e.g., Dolby, Dalbey, Dalbie, Dalbee, Dolbie, Dolbey in any place and at any time. Additional information
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 North Carolina Bible & Church Records, 1700-1900- 
 Records of MICAJAH  BULLOCK   [ Pryor, Dalby, Bullock]

Warren Knight Dalby Family  
Submitted by "Bruce Clift"

DALBY FAMILY HISTORY written by Norman Leonard
Introduction to DFH (part 1)
Submitted by:  Shannon Daley

"Chancery Court Records of Bedford Co., TN" by T R Marsh
Will of Knight Dolby (often recorded as Dalby):
Submitted by: Elizabeth Deihl

Census Records: Indiana, 1860
Dalby - Dolby

1688 Thomas Dalby Henrico Co., VA school master



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