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I am just beginning my research on this family surname and this site is always under construction,  As I find new information I will be adding to it.

I started doing genealogy in 1997 by doing my step-fathers [he raised me] family. Then I started working on my mothers side of the family tree. After doing all I could do with her lines I realized that mine wasn't complete & wouldn't be until I found my birth father.

Wendell George Drury. 10/19/1924 Lyons Rice Co., Kansas

   In Jan 2000 I began in earnest to find my birth father whom I don't remember, since I was 1 1/2 yrs old when my mother divorced him. So I asked my cousin's husband who is a insurance investigator if he could help & he found this in Jan 2000 the town & address in CO. At the time I didn't think it was right, but have since then  found out that it was his last residence.

Wendell George  DRURY Family Photos
1639 Beeler Street, 104, Aurora, Colorado, 80010
SSAN: 493-18-3611 Issued in Missouri 
between 1936 and 1951

After receiving this in I went to the SSI Death index on the net & found my grandfather Paul Drury, sent for his application which included his parents names, then went to the LDS library in Santa Monica CA, found the whole family in the 1900 & 1920 census of Rice county Kansas. Finally with the use of the LDS web search I found my great great great-grandfather & his ancestors back to 1616 England.  I am the 12th generation great grand daughter of George Hugh DRURY

On Sept 4th 2000. I found a person to do a CD look up for Illinois who came back with my great-grand parents marriage date. George Milton Drury & Elizabeth E. Drain married 10/22/1884, Wedding photo.

I posted it on the Drury forum & got a very quick response from a cousin by marriage who had their wedding photo & she lived in Lompoc CA , 2 hours from me, her sister -in -law had it in San Diego CA. Then she started sending me info., from my grandfather Paul's brothers family. Then I'm thinking I found all this why can't I find my father whose last know address was Oxnard CA, which is Abt. 2 hrs west of me. So I posted a message on the Ventura, SOCAL-L@rootsweb.com  & CAROOTS-L@rootsweb.com  mailing lists & this was sent to me.
Same address as you listed, here are the two entries I found for Mark.

DRURY, MARK B   location hidden for privacy

This is when I started to drag my feet, what if he doesn't know about me & if he does would he want to see me!! Then a cousin in Lompoc CA  called him Sat [9/23/2000] morning, talked to him, then called me & told me about a lot of info., that he has & that he's been looking for me for 10 yrs, but didn't know about the name change or that I had moved out of the Los Angeles area . The Mark B. Drury is my half brother, if his older brothers had lived I would have 3 half brothers. 
We found my birth father but he's gone already, he died in 1994 in Colorado. I called Mark Saturday evening & we talked for a hour & a half, then he called sun night & we talked for 31/2 hrs. Boy the poor kid has had it ruff. 

Together at last, we met for the 1st time 10/28/2000

So now I have closure on my birth father & a new brother.
I guess I was the lucky one that I didn't have him as a father. 

NOTES: Photos of my father  in 1945. New Photos
Wendell Drury d. 4/11/1994 in Aurora, CO retired Navy 1966, retired Navy reserves 1975. died massive stroke. buried; Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver CO. 4/16/1994 m. Beverly Anne Pennington June 1950 in WA., separated in 1969, divorced 1972 in Oxnard, CA.

David Drury b. 04/09/ 1952 d. 1988 in Portland, OR, 

Kevin Neil Drury b. 3/23/1954 d; 3/23/ 1954

Mark B. Drury b. 7-19-1956 in San Diego, CA. has been married and divorced twice, no children, self employed landscaper and notary public.

Mary Helen Roby m. Paul Drury, m. John Sweasey, m. John Quinn.

Mark has Paul & Helen Drury's marriage license, old Drury family bible, photo albums.

Paul Drury received a political pardon from prison through a Phillip Daniel Mulligan ( Uncle of Beverley Pennington Drury) He took the rap for a mother that killed her baby.

Our line of descent with dates.

  Hugh Drury - Lydia Rice
      John Drury - Mary Weare

        Thomas Drury - Rachel Rice

           Caleb Drury - Elizabeth Eames

             Josiah Drury - Hannah Barron

               Moses Drury - Katy Caty Adams

                 Josiah Drury - Margaret Ayers

                   George H. Drury - Lucy Ann Butler

                     George M. Drury - Elizabeth Drain

                        Paul Drury - Mary Helen Roby

                         Wendell George Drury - Reva Annelle Dalbey

                                     then me. Pauline

                                Wendell George Drury-Beverley Pennington

                                     David Paul, Kevin Neil,  Mark B. Drury

Tyler A. Babcock Memorial  
My grandson 


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