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Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 10:49:59 -0400
From:  Sherree Burr <[email protected]
Subject: Two Nicholson Lines


1. Robert Nicholson , born 1703 in Irthington, England; died 1790.
Children of Robert Nicholson were as follows:
2 i John Nicholson

2. John Nicholson, born 1731 in Irthington, England. He married Mary.
Children of John Nicholson and Mary were as follows:
3 i Mary Nicholson

3. Mary Nicholson, born 1766 in Irthington, England; died 1838. She married
in 1784, Nathaniel Pears.
Children of Mary Nicholson and Nathaniel Pears were as follows:
4 i Henry Pears , born 1801 in Walton, England; died 1886 in
Williamgill, England.


Actually Henry Pears Daughter is Eliza Pears who married into my Line 2
(John Nicholson Line 2 Person 3).  No evidence yet that this was an illegal
marriage in todays terms but it makes you wonder.



1. James Nicholson  married in 1805 in Lazonby, England, Ann Batey.
Children of James Nicholson and Ann Batey were as follows:
2 i James Nicholson
Margaret Baty
Robert Batty

2. James Nicholson, born 1813 in Castle Sowerby, England. He married in
1835 in St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle, England, Mary Warburton.
Children of James Nicholson and Mary Warburton were as follows:
3 i John Nicholson
Robert Beattie
Christopher H Punshon
Mary Clementina
Margaret Ann

3. John Nicholson, born 1840 in Carlisle, England; died 1910 in Dauphin,
MB, CA. He married in 1867 in Carlisle, England, Eliza Pears.
Children of John Nicholson and Eliza Pears were as follows:
4 i Henry Pears Nicholson (H.P.)
James Beattie Nicholson
Charles Thompson Lorne
Married Annie James in 1873, children were:
George Frederick
John Edward James
Married margarita Luista Alton in 1877, children were:
George Alton
Sidney Owen
John R. Warbuton
Amy M Eliza
Frederic Vernon
Margarita Catherine
Thomas Alder
Hepworth Conrad
Frank E Alton
Charlotte Amelia
Ellis Wigfield
Charlotte Amelia
Elizabeth Clementine
Arthur Stanley

4. Henry Pears4 Nicholson (H.P.), born 1868 in Carlisle, England; died 1933
in Dauphin, MB, CA. He married in 1894, Margaret Hall 
Children of Henry Pears Nicholson (H.P.) and Margaret Hall were as follows:
i John Henry Eric Nicholson
ii Lorne Nicholson 
iii Elizabeth Nicholson 
iv Sydney Nicholson 
v Harry Nicholson 
vi Rita Nicholson 


Anyone Else have these ancestors?

Sherree Burr

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