Quaker Nicholson's??

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[Nicholsonfam] QUAKER MM"s (NC/SC/IN) & surname info

Did anyone know there were Quaker Nicholson's??

Yes, I've done a good bit on those lines. There were also Quaker NICHOLSONs in NJ who moved down into Iredell, Wilkes and Yadkin Co., NC, as well as Quaker NICHOLSONs in Maryland. The Perquimons/Pasqultank group actually is from the Massachusetts group. The mother of those early NICHOLSONs became Quaker along with some children during the first Fox crusade, I believe, and was severely/physically punished for her faith. As a result, the family scattered, with some ending up in Perquimons/Pasquotank, NC, and some going back to England. I corresponded a couple of years ago with one the English returnee descendants and he said some were still Quaker. Some of the group who went back to England sated only a few years and then returned to the colonies. I've forgotten exactly where they settled those first years.

There are also Irish Quakers with the NICHOLSON name.


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Gerri, I live in NC and have collected some Nicholson info connected with Starr--Yadkin or Wilkes Co. area, I believe. These NICHOLSONS, if I remember correctly, were Quakers when they came to NC--possibly from NJ. Memeory is faulty tonight. There is a Starr peak in one of those counties and there was some contention about which family owned the mountain. There was actually a person with the name Star Nicholson, And then there's Clingman Dome in the area too, I believe. Don't take this as gospel but the tidbits were somewhat different and I did think this might be my Nicholson line for a time.

Anne Crocker Durham, NC

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Subject: [Nicholsonfam] NICHOLSONs in NC that may be of interest, part 1

Same source, pp523ff #752


The earliest know ancestor of the NICHOLSON family is John NICHOLSON, who was born May 9, 1757 at Princeton, NJ. John died on August 2, 1938 [sic!] in Stokes County, North Carolina. John NICHOLSON married Mary McCOMB first about 1781 in NJ. She died, and he married second on October 24, 1785 in Somerset County, NJ, Catharine STEPHENSON (STEVENSON), who was born September 15, 1766, in NJ and died June 9, 1843, in Stokes (now Forsyth) County, NC. Both John and Catharine are buried at the Muddy Creek Graveyard in marked graves. After the Revolutionary War was over, John, together with James, his son by his first wife, and Catherine [sic!] his second wife, traveled south until they reached NC. He selected asite for his home about six miles from Kernersville. John was a mill wright and a farmer. The children of John NICHOLSON and Catharine STEPHENSON NICHOLSON were: 1 John NICHOLSON, Jr, born Mar 18, 1787, in Stokes Co., NC, died Aug. 9, 1868, in Iredell Co., NC, married on Jul 7, 1811, Mary FULTZ, born Nov. 27, 1788, in Stokes Co., and died Sep. 12, 1870, in Iredell Co. (see John NICHOLSON, Jr., Family Bible) 2 Mary NICHOLSON, born Sep 19, 1788, in Stokes Co., NC, married John WALKER. 3 Elizabeth NICHOLSON, born Apr. 19, 1790, in Stokes Co., NC, married Amasa BEESON.. 4 Rebecca NICHOLSON, born Apr. 19, 1793, in Stokes Co., NC, married Mathias CLAMPITT, who died in 1862. 5 George NICHOLSON, born Aug 11, 1793, in Stokes Co., NC, died Jul., 23, 1802, in Stokes Co. 6 Moses NICHOLSON, born Nov. 23, 1799, in Stokes Co, NC, married a BARNES. 7 Anderson NICHOLSON, born Nov., 22, 1801, in Stokes Co., married Grace, daughter of M.P. NICHOLSON. He married second, Mary J. HUTCHENS, who died at age 80 on Aug. 28, 1910. 8 Catherine NICHOLSON, born Jun. 16, 1804, married a WALKER. 9 Phoebe NICHOLSON, born Nov. 13, 1806. 10 Hannah NICHOLSON, born Sep. 10, 1811, in Stokes Co., NC, married John IDOL of Guilford Co., NC.

James, the oldest son of John NICHOLSON and Mary MACOMB, went to Iredell Co., NC, in 1813. There he bought land. James was a millwright and he kept busy establishing mills. His brother, Moses, also lived in Iredell Co. about six years before moving to Missouri. John NICHOLSON, Jr., and his familymoved to Iredell Co. in 1828, and he bought land on Hunting Creek togehter with his brother, James, from a Mr. WELCH. The land had a mill [known until recently as NICHOLSON's mill] which they then operated. The children of John NICHOLSON, Jr., and wife Mary FULTZ NICHOLSON, daughter of John Henry FULTZ (born Aug. 14, 1766, died Feb 6, 1829) were: ...James Stevenson NICHOLS b ..1812 d 1882 in Hamkins Co., TN m Matilda Ann TAYLOR, b 1823 Grainger Co. TN. James wrote hymn 'Whiter than Snow".......

Note from Anne Crocker: I must stop now. Articles go on for two more fine print pages.


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Subject: NICHOLSONs in NC that may be of interest, part 2

The corners of the NC area of Yadkin, Forsythe, Guilford, and norther Iredell have many descendants of these settlers. Some moved southward towards the larger towns of Statesville (Iredell Co.) and Charlotte; others slightly east to Winston-Salem, others westward into the mountain areas, including Wilkes Co., NC. HOWEVER, there were at least three other NICHOLSON clans in the Guilford/Randolph/Rowan and slighty east Orange/Chatham Co., NC, areas. Some of these were Quakers from the Christopher NICHOLSON (Pasquotank/Perquimons, NC, but from earlier 1630's Massachusetts family). The Orange Co. area group was from the large VA Robert/Richard NICHOLSON family tha came over again in 1630's.

This below looks like your group, Gerri!

The Rowan Co. group (Samuel had land by 1767; sons Sam Jr., Abel, William were adults by 1797 pollling --This from book & #34;
Some Pioneers from Wilkes County, North Carolina & # 34; compiled by Mrs. W.O. Absher
(recent--I don't have the date, however.)

I am not clear at the moment [would have to check records] where they came from, if I do know. They seem to have connections with the Yadkin/Stokes/Iredell group but they came south earlier.

Every one of the sons had a William. The family intermarried with the SALE family, which was in turn married to MARTINs, WALKERs, and BAGBYs. Their land in Wilkes Co. in 1792 was on the & #34;road that led from the Old Store to Samuel NICHOLSON's to the Meeting House at the road between Fishing Creek and Cub Creek & #34;. his book is good. It cites deeds and wills. But I don't see an immediate connection or direct lines to your Star NICHOLSON. I know I have some other tidbits on this family--but my genealogy break for the day is over.

That leaves my group out, fellow researchers and NICHOLSON cousins. Any help appreciated! I have John, George, Joseph, and Cuthbert NICHOLSON in Charlottetown, Mecklenburg with land on the NC/SC line by 1767. Don't know where they came from. cuthbert and wife died and are buried in Steele Creek Pres. there; George I don't know about. Some offspring stayed in the area--I don't have those lines clearly; I think John Jr married Rachel LEWIS ca 1797 or 1800 and some one recently suggested they were descended from a son of this pair who moved to TN. I'd like to hear more about that. Joseph and wife Lillias JACK later moved to Green Co., GA. My John and most of his children moved to Wilks/Oglethorpe, GA, and were allied with BAGBYs and WALKERs there.

But then we all know these NICHOLSON all use the same names and marry familiar names!

In sum: Most stayed in NC. Moses P., son of Anderson NICHOLSON above, fled with brother John to Indiana (Coatsville, Mooresville) during the war, but returned and by the 1870s was in Yadkin Co. near Flint Hill. I believe I've read somewhere that John stayed. Famiy was Quaker, mill wrights and carpenters.

#753 on Anderson and his offspring was written by Mary Eliza NICHOLSON; the first article on John NICHOLSON was by the editor of the Heritage book, Frances Harding Casstevens.

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Subject: [Nicholsonfam] Re: NICHOLSON FAMILY, Yadkin Co, NC MO

From the Heritage of Yadkin County [NC], 1981, p 270 f #314

The BAGBY Family Abner Bagby was a very religious man, a strong Methodist, he did something about it. He was instrumental in establishing a church of that faith in this area. The Church called "Union" ..... Abner owned "the peak" and much of the Billy EDWARDS land, but he and his family lived in what could have been the first condominium. The partitions of this rambling log structure were so arranged as to allow two families to live comfortably apart in it. Abner's deed to the "peak" land is given here in detail: [Cuts in deed are here as in the Heritage Book] "12th day of May, 1871, between William S. NICKOLSON, Rebecca NICKOLSON, his wife...Gentry County, Missouri, party 1st part....Abner BAGBY....County Yadkin, NC.......2nd part Witnesseth,.....1st pt....consideration.....three hundred and fifty dollars paid by party of 2nd part receipt acknowledged, doth grant, baran and sell, convey and confirm to party of the 2nd part, the following described lands beginning....known as the 'peak tract'." W. S. NICKOLSON Rebecca NICKOLSON (See Deed Book G, pp. 287-288, Gentry Co., MO)

After Abner bought the peak tract, he rented it to Merideth HEMRIC, who lived there, made his home there and worked the land as if it were his own......Meridth and his whole family left the peak and moved to Winston [-Salem, NC] ... While the HEMRIC family lived on the peak, mr BAGBY, thinking how dangerous the open well (Star NICHOLSON"S) was, he prevailed on the HEMRIC's to fill it up. It was 80 feet deep...

There follows a listing of the BAGBY children and their moves and marriages, none that I see quickly to NICHOLSON..

I have some other source I can't find at the moment that calls this peak Star Peak (I started to type 2 r's. I have see both a STARR and the ubiquitous STARBUCK family in this heavily Quaker area.)

I suggest you check Quaker records. Since a lot of the Quakers from this area went to the midwest, some of the NC meeting house records are catalogued in the Ohio or Indiana records.

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