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Part I by Newton Harris Nicholson
Part II by Louise Nicholson Kelley

Publishers Note
This genealogy, being the work of two authors at two widely separated periods of time is necessarily divided into two Parts.  Part I is by Newton Harris Nicholson, who lived in Washington, D.C., for many years and while there had access to various early records concerning the first Nicholson's to
emigrate to America from England.  The information set forth is believed to be authentic and can be substantiated by anyone who is interested.  ["Newton Harris Nicholson was born July 5, 1865 in Clay Co., KY., died at Enid, OK Jan. 4, 1950.  He married in Washington, D.C., on April 6, 1887 to Matilda Jane Moran. Newton left KY at the age of 17.  He studied law in Washington, D.C. He worked for the Department of Interior; in the Bureau of Pensions, and was an investigator.  He worked in offices in Washington D.C., OK with offices in Enid and Muskogee, OK, and in TX . He retired about 1937. He loved to visit among the Indians in Oklahoma. He studied their ways and could speak their language. He could tell you why each Flint arrow head was made a certain way."]


Francis Nicholson was born in London, England, in 1658 and died in London, March 5, 1728.  When he was 12 years of age he entered the Army as an ensign. He came to America as an English soldier,  but the exact date is not known.
He was Governor of Maryland, 1692-1694, and changed the capital from St. Marys to Annapolis. He was Gov. of VA 1694-1699, and in 1696 changed the capital from Jamestown to Williamsburg, and founded William and Mary College. He was later Gov. of NC, with capital at Newbern, then Gov. of New York and Gov. General of Canada.

He commanded the English and Colonial Army that captured Port Royal, Nova Scotia, October 2, 1710 and was Gov. of Nova Scotia October 12, 1712 to August 1717.
He was knighted by King William in 1720.

He was Gov. of SC 1721-1725. He was made Lt. Gov. in 1725 and again Gov. of VA. At this time he became very unpopular and was called a tyrant and "enemy of liberty" for advocating a Union of the Colonies with a Governor General, and that all the Colonies join in mutual protection against the French
and Indians.  When the Colonies strenuously objected, he urged the King to organize the Colonies as a Dominion, with a Viceroy.  When this was refused he resigned. He was the first to envisage the colonies as one government, by a Union of the Colonies for the betterment of all.  This union was effected at a later date by George Washington and his compatriots after the Revolutionary War.

He was a man of high temper, great daring, and inflexible will. He had great ability as a soldier and administrator as shown by his successes in both services. He was noted for his reckless courage, so much so that the Indians thought him a madman.

He returned to London where he died in 1728. Francis Nicholson was married three times and left numerous progeny. We will follow the line of his eldest son.

Richard Nicholson, son of Francis, was born in London, England in 1690, and died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1742.

John Nicholson, son of Richard was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1724, and died at Kanawha, Virginia, 1790. Joseph, son of Richard, was born in 1746 and died on the Ohio River, 1795.

John was a linguist and surveyor, spoke French, German, and several Indian dialects and was an interpreter for Colonel George Washington, on his expedition to Fort Duquesne. After the Revolution, at the request of Washington, he surveyed land for the soldiers along the Kanawha, Ohio, and Rapid Ann (Rapidan) Rivers, for the state of Virginia.

John had three sons:  Richard, Joseph Hopper, and Samuel. Joseph Hopper was a lawyer, and became Judge in Baltimore, and was prominent at the time of the war of 1812-1815, and to him is accredited the adaptation of an old English air to Francis Scott Key's poem, "The Star Spangled Banner."

Richard and Samuel were soldiers and surveyors and both fought in the War of the Revolution. Richard was born in 1752 and was married to Margaret DuBois, and settled on the French Broad River, in what is now Cocke County, Tennessee, and later came to Kentucky and settled on Big Goose Creek, in what is
now Clay County.  He died there about 1820, and is buried in Bundy Graveyard on Horse Creek in Clay County.

Samuel settled on the Kentucky River where he died at Three Forks, but date not learned.  Richard served in the Maryland Line (Regulars) in the war and was one of the men chosen to storm Paulus Hook, October 7, 1778, where he was severely wounded.

Richard's sons were Elijah, Joseph, Thomas, and Richard Henry.  Richard Henry was killed at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, March 6, 1836, a companion of Davey Crockett.

Thomas settled on the Cumberland River, near Cumberland Falls.

Joseph located in Clay County, Kentucky, and was one of the early sheriffs of the county, and later moved to Zanesville, Ohio, and died there in 1860.

Elijah was married to Martha Patricia (Pattie) Driscoll in Cocke County,

Tennessee, in 1824.  He left Cocke County in 1835, and came to Laurel County, Kentucky (which adjoins Clay County) where he died about 1867.

Leonidas Nicholson, [son of Elijah], was born in Cocke County, Tennessee, January 6, 1826. He married Salina Catherine Harris of Lee County, Virginis, January 25, 1849. Salina Catherine was born March 9, 1831 and died March 25, 1907. Leonidas died in Clay County, Kentucky, August 2, 1904. Their
children were:

John Kirke, born March 17, 1850, died at Sayre, Oklahoma, September, 1926
Margaret Emeline, born June 15, 1851, died August 5, 1905
Patrick Henry, born September, 1852, died in childhood in 1853.
George Cole, born September 3, 1854, died February 1, 1941.
Peyton Randolph, born January 1856, died in childhood in 1860.
Wilmington Nicholson, born August 3, 1857, died May 4, 1926.
Sarepta, born July 30, 1859, died March 20, 1946.
Mary Cole, born February 14, 1861, died July 9, 1922.
James Franklin, born November 13, 1863, died 1879.
Newton Harris, born July 5, 1865, died at Enid, Oklahoma, January 4, 1950.
David Crockett, born September 17, 1867, died May 22, 1947.
Barbara Belle, bon September 7, 1869, died November 2, 1934.
Lucy Catherine, born June 4, 1871, died December 31, 1944.
Lorenzo Toulman, born September 10, 1873, died December 5, 1941.
Joseph Evan, born March 27, 1875, died December 7, 1907.

(There's more, unless someone yells calf-rope)  June

Part II  gives more information about Elijah Nicholson  who was born about 1800.  He had four sons and four daughters:  Joshua Nicholson, David Nicholson, William Henry Nicholson, Leonidas Baker Nicholson; and Mary Young Nicholson (Cole), Martha Nicholson (Gregory), Susan Sarah Nicholson
(Durham), and Martha Emaline Nicholson (Owen), and their families.


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