Here is some more on Stillwater...

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Here is some more on Stillwater...

1812. From Short Creek, Simeon Taylor, wife and daughter, Henry Stanton, wife and two sons, Eaton Hays, Robert Burnett, wife, three sons and three daughters. From Plainfield, Joseph Nicholson's minor daughter and two sons, Elizabeth Nicholson and five minor children, Josiah and Alice Rogers, two sons and three daughters, Matthew Wood, one daughter and two sons, Isaac Wood and Abraham Wood. From Chester county, Pa., Josiah Pennington. Samuel Berry, wife and two daughters from Concord, Ohio; and Reuben Edgerton, from Deer creek monthly meeting. 1813. Joseph Albertson, wife and daughter, from Plymouth (now Smithfield , Ohio); Sally Morris, from Salem, Ohio; Jonathan Fawcett, William Webster, from Plainfield; Joshua Scott, four sons and three daughters, from Short Creek; Stephen Burnet, from Restone; Zachariah Bailey, Dinwiddie county, Virginia; Achsa Patterson, from Northampton county, North Carolina; Rebecca Vore, from Exeter, Pa. 1814. James Barnes from Plainfield. This James Barnes must have been th e founder of Barnesville, as he20 was a Friend, and no earlier certificate for one of that name appears on the records of this meeting. Jacob Patterson, from Darby creek; Zadoc Boswell, from Symonds creek, North Carolina; Abisha Thomas from Plainfiel d; Anna Webster, Edward Hatton, from Cenre, Pa.; Hannah Miles, Jr., Thomas Smith, wife and four sons, from Hopewell, Virginia; Susanna Plummer, four sons and two daughters, from Pipe creek; Wm. Morris, wife, five sons and four daughters, from Salem. 1815. Nellie Frazier, her son and two daughters, William Frazier, from Concord; Mary Patterson, from Short creek; Joseph Bishop, from Concord; Thomas Osborn, wife and son, from Surrey county, North Carolina; Samuel Sharpless, from Concord; Hugh Judge and wife, Susannah, Rebecca G. Judge and Phoebe Judge, from Indian Spring, Maryland; Mary Satterthwaite, from Chesterfield, New Jersey; Ann Peebles, from North Carolina; Daniel Wilson , from Concord, Pa.; Joseph Edgerton, wife, four daughters and one son, fro m North Carolina; Robert Miller, from Plainfield. 1816. John Webster, wife and son, from Plainfield; Samuel Embre, wife, s ix sons and a daughter and Lydia Embre, from Short creek; Joseph Jones and Mary, his wife, Aaron Morris, George Parker, wife and son, from Columbian a county, Ohio; Jonathan Bogue, wife and two daughters, Caleb Engle, one so n and five daughters, from Plainfield; Issacher Scholfield, wife, two sons and two daughters, from Indian Spring, Maryland; (these moved from Washington City;) Andrew Sholfield, a minor, from Indian Spring, Maryland ; Hiram Bailey, from Centre, Ohio; Hannah Stanton and two daughters, Mary Wilson from Concord; Israel Briggs, wife and two daughters, from Salem; Hannah Romine, from Hopewell, Virginia; Isaac Brown, from Maryland; Enoch Harlon, Hannah, his wife, six sons and a daughter, Harriet Harlan, from Chester county, Pa. 1817. Job Newby, from Short creek; Wm. Mott, Marlboro and William Massey , from Goshen, Pa.; Jordan Newsome, Prudence Newsome, from North Carolina; Robert Hodgin, wife and seven children, from Mill creek; William Dewees, wife and three children, Cidney Hoops, from Pennsylvania; Borden Stanton, wife and four children, from Concord; William Harry, from Kennet, Pa., Susannah Jolly and daughter, from Plymouth, Daniel Strahl, Mordecai Yarnall, wife and two daughters, form Short creek; Mary Morris and Nathan Morris, from Salem; Rebecca Fisher, from Plainfield.



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