Alabama Records Vol. 110 Madison Co Page 317 Original Bill dated 1 Sept 1838, filed in Marshall Co William Nicholson, Walter Nicholson, Ira Nicholson, Pendleton and Sarah Nicholson vs Edward Gunter, Lewis Cunningham, John R. Nicholson, Nelson R. Harlin and wife Jane R., Isaac Nicholson, Martha Nicholson, David Nicholson and Mary Nicholson. William, Walter, Ira, Pendleton and Sarah Nicholson are all infants under 21, by their guardian James Lanier, and William, by his nest friend James Lanier, show that their father EVAN NICHOLSON departed this life in testate leaving complainants and James Nicholson who has since died his heirs at law. Said father left and estate upon which the orphans court of St. Clair Co. granted administration to Lewis Cunningham. On 17 Nov. 1835 letters of guardianship on complainants and said James were granted by said Orphans Court to John R. Nicholson with Edward Gunter and Nelson R. Harlan his securities. Without settling his accounts, said John R. Nicholson about last March, left the state; said Harlan also left the state. There remains in the hands of said Cunningham a considerable balance to be distributed between complainants and said John R., Jane and her husband the said Harlan, Isaac, Martha, David and Mary, the last four being infants under 21, they being the balance of distributees of said estate. Orators understand Edward Gunter is selling his property and preparing to remove from the state. Amended bill states John R. Nicholson resides in the state of Arkansas, Nelson R. Harlan and wife Jane (formerly Nicholson) reside in Arkansas; EVAN NICHOLSON left at his death the following children; John R. Nicholson, Jane, now wife of said Harlan, James, since died, Isaac, Martha, William, Walter, Ira, Pendleton, Sarah, David, Mary, the nine last under 21. Isaac, Martha and David reside in Arkansas. Edward Gunter now resides in Arkansas...Page 328 lists the 12 children as; John R., Jane, Martha R., William, Isaac E., James V., Walter A., Ira, Sarah C., David E. L., Mary and Warren P. (Is this Pendleton?) May 1842. Death of Edward Gunter who departed this life in the Cherokee Nation suggested. (States he had no relation in Alabama.) May 1844. Death of John R. Nicholson suggested. May 1845. States Pendleton Nicholson has died in testate.

!Evan Nicholson was Husband #1 to Sarah (Sally) Vann daughter of James Vann, Chief. Born Feb 1768. Died 1809 (Shot & killed) at Buffington"s Tavern, Hightower, Ga. James Vann son of Clement Vann and wife Wa-Wli "Mary Christiana". Sally Vann is believed to be wife #2 to Evan Nicholson. 16 Sept 1835 St Clair County. Lewis Cunningham Adm Ex Offico of Evan Nicholson, deceased, will sell property. Source: Alabama Records V. 12 Madison Co. Index to Alabama Wills--1808-1870 Evan Nicholson--St Clair County Deeds B Pg 213--1831-1849 Executors: Sally Nicholson, wife, William R Nicholson, brother, John R Nicholson, son. Reservation Roll-1817-Cherokee Roots Vol I Family Group Sheet - Vann #1-1-3 Cherokee Blood - Henry F Nicholson - #5006. Alabama Records Madison Co Vol 110 - 1 Sept 1838.


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