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Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 1

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Perquimans County, North Carolina 20 page xv

The earliest existing records of a monthly meeting in Perquimans County b egin with 1680. In that year Christopher Nicholson and Ann Atwood were married in a meeting held at the house of Francis Toms. Witnesses to this marriage included Charles Prows, William Bundy, Jona. Phelps, Joseph Scott, John Peirces, James Hogg, Henry Prows, James Hill, Francis Toms, Henry White, Hannah Hill, Mary Peirce, Dorothy Prows, Ann Prows and Priscile Toms. In the following year Henry White and Damaris Morison were left at liberty to proceed in marriage by 93a monthly meeting held at the house of Henry Prows in Little River.94 In 1683 William Bundy and Mary Peirce published their intention of marriage at a quarterly meeting held at the house of Christopher Nicholson. They were married 15th of 10th month at the house of Mary Peirce. Witnesses include d Jno. Thuspane(?), Christo. Nicholson, William Bundy, Hannah Phelps, Ann Wilson, John Johnson, Joseph Scott, Mary Bundy, Hannah Hill, Mary Scott, Ann Nicholson, Jno. Nicholson, Jona. Phelps, Joshua Scott and Robert Wilson. On the 19th of 8th month, 1687, John Belman and Sarah Wilson were married at the house of Jona. Phelps. Witnesses included Hannah Hill, Hannah Phelps, Johannah Jenkins, Elizabeth White, Robert Beasley, Isaac Wilson, Jona. Phelps, Ann Wilson, Robert Wilson and William Bundy. Five or six other marriages which are recorded were accomplished prior to 1700. Prior to 1690, most of the meetings appear to have been held at the houses of Jonathan Phelps and Christopher Nicholson. Between 1690 and 1700 they were more frequently held at the house of Francis Toms. Dr. Weeks (93Southern Quakers and Slavery,94 page 47)  concludes that in 1700 there were two monthly meetings and a quarterly meeting in Perquimans County. One of the monthly meetings, he says, was held at the  house of Francis Toms, the other at the house of Jonathan Phelps. In 1698 it was agreed by the quarterly meeting that the last seventh day of 7th month in every year should be yearly meeting at the house of Francis Toms, the elder. In 1717 week day meetings were directed to be held at the houses of Timothy Clare and Samuel Nickolson. The Upper Meeting House and the Lower Meeting House are mentioned as places of worship as early as 1720. In 1725 a first day meeting was ordered established on the Southwest side of the Perquimans River, to be held alternately at the houses of Gabriel Newby and Thomas Pearce.20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------