Abstracts from Raleigh, NC newspapers

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Subject: Abstracts from Raleigh, NC newspapers

From Vol. I, Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, NC, Newspapers 1799-1819,
comp. by Lois Smathers Neal, 1979

Entry # 3508 NICHOLSON: Died in Fayetteville, on the 16th inst......Mr Archibald NICHOLSON, merchant. RR Fri 20 Aug 1813, 3:5.

3509 NICHOLSON: Died Communicated....on Fridaya athe 5th inst., that justly esteedmed and worthy citizen, George NICHOLSON, Esq., of Warren County...wife and seven children..... RR Fri 12 June 1818, 3:5.

3510 NICHOLSON: Death Notice: A person whose name is NICHOLSON HARRIS, who formerly lived near Halifax, NC, or his surviving progeny, upon application near the Natchez on the Mississippi, will get part of the Estate of James NICHOLSON, deceased. Josiah CANTEY, Camden, SC, Jan 20 1802. NCM Tues, 2 Feb 1802, 3:4.

3511 NICHOLSON: Married on the 11th ult., Capt. James M. NICHOLSON, of Halifax county, to Miss Mary J. ARRINGTON, dau of Col. William ARRINGTON, of Nash county. RR Mon, 12 Jan 1807, 3:5.

3512 NICHOLSON: Died lately at his seat in Nash county, Capt. James M. NICHOLSON. TM Thurs 4 May 1809, 3:4./ RR Thurs, 4 May 1809, 3:5.

3513 NICHOLSON: Died in Richmond county, on the 4th inst., Miss Jennet NICHOLSON, dau of Alex. NICHOLSON. RaNCSw Fri, 4 Aug 18115, 3:4.

3514 NICHOLSON: Married in [Richmond] county, Mr. John NICHOLSON to Miss Flora GORDON, both of same county. RR Mon, 9 Dec 1805, 3:5.

3515 NICHOLSON: Married on the 5th inst., Mr. John NICHOLSON, of Wilmington, to Miss Ann M'MILLAN, of Bladen county, RR Thurs, 19 Nov 1807, 3:4./ TM Thurs, 19 Nov 1807, 3:2.

3516 NICHOLSON: Died in Bladen county, on the 5th inst., Capt. John NICHOLSON, of the sea fencibles. RR Fri, 22 Apr 1814, 3:5.

3517 NICHOLSON: Died on Saturday night, the 13th ult., at her fatheris house, a few miles from Warrenton, Miss Mildred C. NICHOLSON....15th year of her age.....RR Thurs, 1 Feb 1810, 3:5./ [very dim] RaNCSw Thurs, 25 Jan 1810, 15:4.

3518 NICHOLSON: Died at Wilmington....on the [12th], Mrs. Nancy NICHOLSON, wife of Mr. Wm. NICHOLSON....aged 28. RR Fri, 22 Sep 1815, 3:5.

3519 NICHOLSON: Died at Petersburg, Mr. William NICHOLSON. RR Tues, 4 Feb 1800, 3:5. 3516

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