The Neely's of Neely's Bend

The Neely's of Neely's Bend

The Neely's of Neely's Bend - Davidson Co., Tennessee, compiled by Mary Ellen Martin Walker
Pleasant View & Environs Cheatham & Robertson Co., Tennessee 1781-1981 also by Mrs Walker.

“Pleasant View and Environs, Cheatham and Robertson County, Tennessee 1787-1981”

The Neely Family  From the Neely  on CompuServe  forum       
by Sandra Neely Peterson,    E-Mail Address   [email protected]
See the complete (so far) study of the Neely's! It's on CompuServe. GO ENCOUNTERS and search under "Texas Connection." Or, you can GO ROOTS and search the Library using my UID# 74644,526.

For those of you who don't have CompuServe Access I have the file here, it isn't accessable without CompuServe so I had a friend send me the file.

S_Peterson   homepage by Sandra Neely Peterson, descendent of William and Margaret (Patterson) Neely,

I began the search for my ancestors in July of 1995 and have really learned quite a bit about my Father's Parental side of the family. My fourth Great Grandfather was William Neely who came from North Carolina to the Cumberland River in 1779 with Captain James Robertson and his party of Settlers, which was a much talked about historic event. William was the first white man to be killed at Fort Nashborough - Neely's Bend, now called Nashville, Tennessee.

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