The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, NC & SC

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 21:37:35 EST

Subject: Colonial Clergy

Just purchased "The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, NC & SC", by The Reverend Frederick Lewis Weis, orginally published in 1955. In it are entries for 3  FONTAINES.

1. FRANCIS FONTAINE, b. 1697, son of James Fontaine; K.B. for Va., 30 Dec.1720; sett. Manakintown, King William Par. (Powhatan) Va., 1720-1721; sett.St. Margaret's Par. (Caroline) Va.,1721-1722; sett. St. Peter's Par. (New Kent) Va., 1722; sett Yorkhampton Par. (York) Va., 1722-1749; Prof. of Oriental languages, William & Mary Coll., 1729; Hug.-Ep.; d. Yorkhampton Par., 1749.

2. JAMES MAURY FONATINE, son of Francis FONTAINE; student at William & Mary Coll.; ord. in England, 1762, for Petworth Parish; lic. for Va., 10 Oct, 1763; K.B. Va., 8 Dec,1763; sett. Petsworth Par. (Gloucester) Va., 1762-1764,1790-1795; sett. Ware Par. (Gloucester) Va., 1764-1795; sett. Abingdon Par. (Glouscester) Va., ca. 1792; Ep.; d. Ware Parish, Va., 1795.

3. PETER FONTAINE, b. 1691, son of James Fontaine; K.B. for Va., 30 Mar. 1716; sett. James City Par. (James City) Va., 1716-1720; Martin's Brandon Par. (Charles City) Va., 1716-1720; Wallingford Par. (Charles City) Va., 1716-1720; Weyanoake Par. (Charles City) Va., 1716-1720; King William Par. (Henrico ) Va., 1719-1720; sett. Westover Par. (Charles City) Va., 1720-1757; Chaplain, Col. Byrd's Commission to survey the Va.-N.C. line, 1728-1729; Hug.-Ep.; d.Westover Parish, Va., July 1757.

I copied these exactly out of the book (unless of course I made a typo). I would be glad to do look-ups.


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