Charity C. (Baskett) Sharp

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed.
by William Henry Perrin,  O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882.  p. 780.
[Nicholas County]  [Headquarters Precinct]

JOHN W. SHARP, farmer, P. O. Headquarters; was born in Fayette County, March 11, 1803, and is a son of John T. and Sophia (Nicholson) Sharp, both natives of Sussex Co., Del.  The former was born March 26, 1773. His wife,
Sophia, was born Jan. 6, 1774.  They were among the first to enter upon pioneer life in Kentucky and settled in Fayette in 1801, where they remained six years, then moved to Nicholas County and were the first settlers on the farm now owned by Benjamin Thomas.  A few years later they again sought a new home, this time in St. Louis County, Mo., where Mr.
Sharp died, Aug. 3d, 1840.  His wife survived him six years and died Nov. 4th, 1847.  The result of their union was nine children, of whom John W. our subject, was the fifth, and is now the only one living.  He was left in Kentucky by his parents without a relative or friend, and nothing but his hands with which to enter upon the battle of life.  His education was
very limited, he never having the opportunity to attend school to exceed six months, but being possessed with a stout heart and an energetic spirit, he determined to make his own way in the world.  He engaged with Mr. Daniel Thompson as a farm hand, receiving a compensation of ten dollars per month.  His persistent energy and strict performance of his duties won him many friends, and when but 19 years of age he was elected to a captaincy in the State Militia.  He was married in Nicholas County, March 29, 1832, to Miss Lucy F. Collier, who was born in Charlotte County, Virginia, May 30, 1811.  She bore him six children, viz: Elizabeth M., born Dec. 25, 1832.  She now lives in Virden, Ill.  She was married Feb.
12, 1850, to Willis Sims, who died in 1880.  Ann E. was born Nov. 1, 1834, and married in 1854 to Lafayette Rollen, now living in Virden, Ill. John W., born May 28, 1839, died Oct. 30, 1861.  Thomas M. born Jan. 5, 1842, a farmer, now living in Nicholas County.  He has held the offices of Constable and Magistrate for a number of years.  He was married Sept.15, 1868, to Miss Louisa E. Smith, who was born Feb. 3, 1844.  They have two children, viz: Carrie and Maud.  Charles W., born July 17, 1844.   Ellen M. born Sept. 2, 1848, and died Nov. 17, 1850. Mrs. Sharp died Jun 20, 1851.  She was a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Williams) Collier, both natives of Charlotte County, Virginia.  Mr. Sharp was married again Dec. 1, 1857, to Miss Charity C. Baskett, who was born in Nicholas County, Nov. 11, 1827.  They have three children, viz: Hamlet C., born Dec. 31, 1858.  (See history.)  Lucy F., born May 26, 1860.  She is a lady of marked ability as a scholar and in art, having produced several works deserving of merit.  James Mc., born August 12, 1864.  He is still at home assisting his father on the farm.  Mrs. Sharp was a daughter of Jesse and Charlotte (Williams) Baskett.   He was born in Virginia, March 30, 1768 and died in March 1833.  His wife, Charlotte, was born in Maryland, July 28, 1785, and died Oct. 30, 1881.  Mr. Sharp soon after his first marriage moved upon the farm he now owns, and a part of which he purchased in 1840, since which time he has continued to add to his possession, until he now owns a farm containing 231 acres, which, "as a practical farmer" he keeps in a high state of cultivation.  He has served
the county for a number of years in different offices, viz: Constable, Magistrate, Coroner and County Commissioner, and was appointed by the Government as Gauger and Storekeeper, which he subsequently resigned in favor of his son.  In 1838, the Whig party substantiated the appreciation of his abilities, and the high esteem in which he was regarded by the
people, by electing him to a seat in the Legislature, the duties of which he performed with marked ability, zeal and integrity.  On account of his business qualifications, he has been employed numerous times, by large stock dealers to make shipments for them to different parts of the country.  He is a man of noble impulses, generous spirit, and noted for his hospitality; is a prominent member of the Masonic Order, and a charter member of the Orient Lodge at Headquarters.  He has always been a prominent Republican and the proudest feature of his political career is the fact that he never asked for an office without receiving it.

Sharp Nicholson Thompson Collier Sims Rollen Smith Williams
Thomas Baskett
Fayette-KY Charlotte-VA Sussex-DE St._ Louis-MO IL VA MD

History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 517. [Bourbon County] [Millersburg Precinct]

HAMLET C. SHARP, Gauger; P. O. Millersburg; was born in Nicholas County, Ky., Dec, 31, 1858, to John W. and Charity C. (Baskett) Sharp. Hamlet began his education in the common schools of Nicholas County, and completed with a three-year's course in the Wesleyan College at Millersburg. He was appointed Government storekeeper Jan. 1, 1879, and Gauger in March, 1881, which position he still retains. He was married in Bourbon County, April 20, 1881, to Miss Belle G. Greene, who was born June 6, 1862, to Robt. P. and Molly E. (Current) Greene, both natives of Bourbon County, the former born in 1837, the latter in 1847. On Dec. 1, 1881, Mr. Sharp entered into partnership with Jas. M. Collier, at Millersburg, and in addition to attending to the duties of Gauger, is now engaged in selling lumber, coal, salt and lime. Owing to his abilities as a business man he has assisted in building up a large and steadily increasing business. He is a very energetic and enterprising business man, and well worthy of the high esteem in which he is held by the community. In politics he is a Republican.

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