Lovett Lovitt Genealogy Spaceship Theory


My theory offers a simple explanation of problems all genealogists encounter. My husband (a VERY non-genealogist) thinks this theory would save a great deal of time and effort, and would make genealogy more interesting to read. (I am NOT responsible for his opinions!) Here is an example:

My ancestor, Daniel Lovet, was reportedly born 15 May 1769, possibly enroute to this planet, although perhaps it was his parents who were beamed down from the spaceship (this part isn't real clear yet). His parents either remained aboard, or were beamed back aboard, for no earthly record has been found of them. At any rate, after Daniel's marriage to Mary James on 11 Sep 1794 in Allegeny Co, MD, he spent the remainder of his lifetime on this planet. Their oldest son, John, married Anna Price (1821, OH) and had three sons by 1827. Since no other record of Anna's birth, life or death can be found, it is obvious that not only was she beamed down from a spaceship, but her mission was completed sometime in 1827 and she was therefore beamed back aboard. John, on the other hand, spent his entire lifetime on this planet.

It is not certain if more than one spaceship is involved in this process.

Of course, we can also keep digging through those musty old records....

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